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<ul><li><p>Jackson Custom Shop </p><p>Select Options Menu </p><p>Pricing Effective Jan, 2014 </p><p>All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. </p><p>TERMS AND CONDITIONS </p><p>Please note that cancellations and specification changes cannot be made once an order has been approved and confirmed with signature. </p><p> Final approvals, price verifications and estimated delivery dates must be </p><p>verified by Jackson Custom Shop sales personnel. </p><p>2014 FMIC. All rights reserved. </p><p>Jackson Custom Shop guitars are built with precision, passion and pride by the Jackson Custom Shop team in Corona, Calif. </p><p> All custom guitar prices include case. </p><p> How to Use This Guide: </p><p> 1) Select a Base Model </p><p> 2) Check boxes next to option price. </p><p> 3) Submit to Jackson Custom Shop sales </p><p>for approval &amp; price verification </p><p>________________________________________________ Customer Signature </p><p>Please review all specifications before signing. </p><p> B O D Y </p><p> Body Style MSRP </p><p> Dinky DK1 $2,916.65 Dinky DK1 FMT $3,333.32 Soloist SL1 $3,472.21 Soloist SL2H $3,333.32 Soloist SL2H FMT $3,749.99 Soloist SL2HT $3,333.32 Soloist SL2HT FMT $3,749.99 Randy Rhoads RR1 $3,472.21 Randy Rhoads RR1T $3,472.21 Randy Rhoads RR-24 fret $3,672.21 Kelly KE2 $3,472.21 King V KV2 $3,611.10 Warrior WR1 $3,333.32 WR1 Warrior FMT $3,749.99 Pickup Configuration MSRP Standard Pickup Configuration N/C 1 Hum $50 2 Hum (standard) N/C H-S-S (SL1 standard) $50 1 Hum &amp; 1 SC $50 </p><p> Left Hand MSRP </p><p>Left Hand (SL, RR, KV models only ) </p><p>$500 </p><p> Recess MSRP Standard Tremolo Recess N/C Non Tremolo Recess N/C </p><p> Battery Cavity MSRP None N/C 9 Volt battery cavity route $50 Body Wood MSRP Alder (standard) N/C Mahogany $250 Body Top Options MSRP 1/8" Flame maple top $400 1/8" Quilted maple top $450 </p><p> N E C K </p><p> Neck Wood MSRP Quarter Sawn Maple (standard) N/C Mahogany $100 </p><p> Headstock type MSRP Standard Jackson (6 inline) N/C Reverse Jackson (6 inline) $300 AT1 3+3 $300 Reverse AT1 3+3 (like Broderick) $300 </p><p> Truss Rod MSRP Standard N/C Graphite Reinforced $150 </p><p> Fingerboard Wood MSRP Ebony (standard) N/C Maple $100 Flame Maple $200 Birdseye Maple $175 Rosewood $50 </p><p> Inlay MSRP Shark Fin Regular (standard) N/C Shark Fin - Single @ 12th N/C Dots N/C None N/C </p><p> Inlay Color MSRP Pearl (standard) N/C White N/C Black N/C Abalone $50 </p><p> Logo Type MSRP 1990's (standard) N/C 1980's N/C </p><p> Size: 100% 80% 60% </p><p> Color: Blk Wht Gold Red </p><p> Pearl Overlay (90's) * N/C Abalone Overlay (90's) * N/C Outline Black * N/C Outline White * N/C </p><p> * available in 100% logo size only </p><p> Fret Wire MSRP Jumbo (standard) N/C Medium N/C Jumbo Stainless Frets $300 </p><p> Neck &amp; Head Binding MSRP None N/C Ivoroid (standard) N/C Black $100 White (Urethane finish) $100 </p><p> H A R D W A R E </p><p> Hardware Color MSRP Black N/C Chrome N/C Gold Plated $300 </p><p> Tuners MSRP Gotoh (standard) N/C Schaller non-locking $50 Schaller Locking $75 </p><p> Bridges MSRP Floyd Rose Original N/C </p><p>Tune-o-matic (not available DK model) </p><p>N/C </p><p> Nut Material MSRP Locking Floyd Rose N/C Bone N/C Graphite N/C </p><p> Strap Button MSRP Standard Jackson 17mm N/C DunlopDual Design $50 Schaller Locking $50 </p><p> Truss Rod Cover MSRP None N/C Blk-Wht-Blk (Standard) N/C Jackson Custom Shop (black) $75 </p><p> Pickguard Options (RR1 only) MSRP </p><p> RR1 pickguard available with standard control layout only. </p><p> None (rear route electronics) $150 Black N/C Chrome N/C Gold N/C </p><p> C O N T R O L S </p><p>Control Layout Options MSRP </p><p>RR1 custom controls requests require no pickguard option </p><p> Standard Control Layout N/C 1 Vol only (1 Hum) $50 Volume placement 1/2" back $80 Mini Kill switch (black only) $80 EVH low-friction volume pot $20 EVH High-friction tone pot $20 </p><p> Pickup Selector Options MSRP 3-Way Toggle (standard) N/C 3-Way Blade N/C 5-Way Blade (SL1 standard) N/C Pickup Rings MSRP None (clean mount) N/C Black (standard) N/C Chrome $30 Gold plated $30 </p><p> S E T - U P </p><p> Tuning Options MSRP </p><p> Standard A440 - E A D G B E N/C Drop D - D A D G B E N/C E Flat (1/2 step) EADGBE N/C D Tuning (full step) - D G C F A D N/C Drop C - C G C F A D N/C </p><p> Strings MSRP </p><p> 9 to 42 (Standard) N/C 9 to 46 N/C 10 to 46 N/C 10 to 52 N/C 11 to 48 N/C 11 to 52 N/C 12 to 56 N/C </p><p> P I C K U P S </p><p>Pricing listed below is per pickup. Charges apply only to changes from the Base </p><p>Model spec pickups. </p><p> Duncan Humbucker Pickups MSRP Duncan SH-1n '59 $75 Duncan SH-2n Jazz $75 Duncan SH-4n JB nk $75 Duncan TB-4 JB $75 Duncan SH-5 Custom nk $75 Duncan TB-5 Custom $75 Duncan SH-6 Distortion nk $75 Duncan TB-6 Distortion $75 Duncan SH-8n Invader nk $75 Duncan SH-8b Invader bridge $75 Duncan SH-10n Full Shred nk $75 Duncan TB-10 Full Shred $75 Duncan SH-PG1n Pearly Gates $75 Duncan TB-PG1b Pearly Gates $75 Duncan SH-11 Custom nk $75 Duncan TB-11 Custom brg $75 Duncan SH-12 Screamin' Demon $75 Duncan TB-12 Screamin' Demon $75 Duncan SH-14 Custom 5 nk $75 Duncan TB-14 Custom 5 $75 </p><p> DiMarzio DP-100 Super Dist. $75 DiMarzio DP-151 PAF Pro $75 DiMarzio DP-152 Super 3 $75 DiMarzio DP-155 Tone Zone $75 DiMarzio DP-158 Evolution Nk $75 DiMarzio DP-159 Evolution Brg $75 DiMarzio DP-181 Fast Track 1 $75 DiMarzio DP-192 Air Zone $75 DiMarzio DP-193 Air Norton $75 </p><p> EVH Wolfgang Bridge $90 EVH Wolfgang Neck $90 EVH Wolfgang Brg - Chrome $90 EVH Wolfgang Nk- Chrome $90 </p><p> Active Pickups MSRP Active-EMG-81 $100 Active-EMG-81X $175 Active-EMG-85 $100 Active-EMG-85X $175 Active-EMG-60 $100 Active-EMG-60X $175 Active-Duncan AHB-1 Blackouts $100 </p><p> Single Coil Pickups MSRP Duncan STK-S1 Classic Stack $75 Duncan SCR-1 Cool Rails $75 Duncan SHR-1 Hot Rails $75 Duncan SLSD-1n Lil Screamn Demon $75 Duncan SSL-3 Hot Strat $75 Duncan STR-3 Qtr Lb Tele Rhythm $75 Duncan STL-3 Qtr Lb Tele Lead $75 Duncan ST59-1b Little 59 Tele $75 DiMarzio DP-110 FS-1 $75 DiMarzio DP-116 HS-2 $75 DiMarzio DP-117 HS-3 $75 DiMarzio DP-218 Super Dist. $75 DiMarzio DP-189 Tone Zone S $75 </p></li><li><p> FINISH OPTIONS </p><p> Body Finish MSRP </p><p> Urethane $240 Polyester (standard) N/C Matte / Satin $240 Natural (Oil) $160 Natural (Clear Gloss) N/C </p><p> Neck finish MSRP Match Body Paint (standard) $0 Oiled Natural $160 </p><p> Headcap finish MSRP Black Painted (standard) N/C Match Body Paint Solid N/C Match Body Paint (Maple Cap) $100 Oiled Natural N/C </p><p> COLOR OPTIONS </p><p> Color options listed below are available </p><p>'stock' only </p><p>Colors, Graphics and Artwork requests that require additional reference material </p><p>are available Masterbuilt only. </p><p>*Available in Urethane finish only </p><p>Solid Color MSRP </p><p> Arctic White * N/C Aztec Gold N/C Black N/C Black Cherry N/C Black Forest N/C Black Metallic N/C Blue Ice Metallic N/C Burgundy Mist Metallic N/C Candy Apple Red N/C Candy Green N/C Candy Tangerine N/C Charcoal Frost Metallic N/C Chrome Red N/C Chrome Silver N/C Cobalt Blue Metallic N/C Copper N/C Dakota Red N/C Daphne Blue N/C Dark Racing Green N/C Desert Sand N/C Ferrari Red N/C Fiesta Red N/C Firebird Red N/C Frost Gold N/C Graffiti Yellow N/C Gun Metal Grey N/C Inca Silver N/C Lake Placid Blue N/C Lime Green Metallic N/C Lucerne Aqua Firemist N/C Mercedes Blue N/C Midnight Blue N/C Midnight Purple N/C Midnight Wine N/C Ocean Turquoise N/C Olympic White* N/C Orion Silver N/C Pewter N/C Platinum Pink (80's Bubblegum) N/C Purple Metallic N/C Quicksilver N/C Sage Green Metallic N/C </p><p> Sea Foam Green N/C Shell Pink N/C Sherwood Green N/C Shoreline Gold N/C Snow White* N/C Sonic Blue N/C Surf Green N/C Teal Green Metallic N/C Tennessee Orange N/C Vanilla Shake* N/C Violet N/C </p><p> Transparent Colors MSRP Amber Trans N/C Bing Cherry Trans N/C Caramel Trans N/C </p><p> Chlorine Trans N/C Cobalt Blue Trans N/C Crimson Red Trans N/C Ebony Trans N/C Emerald Green Trans N/C Sapphire Blue Trans N/C Solar Trans N/C Sunset Orange Trans N/C Trans Black N/C Trans Blue N/C Trans Green N/C Trans Purple N/C Trans Red N/C Root Beer Trans N/C Walnut N/C </p><p> Sparkle Colors MSRP </p><p> Silver Sparkle $520 Gold Sparkle $520 Green Sparkle $520 Purple Sparkle $520 Red Sparkle $520 Blue Sparkle $520 </p><p> Burst Colors MSRP </p><p> 2 Color Sunburst $100 3 Color Sunburst $100 Aged Cherry Sunburst $100 Amber Sunburst $100 Amber Lager Burst $100 Antique Burst $100 Brown Sunburst $100 Burnt Cherry Sunburst $100 Cherry Sunburst $100 Chocolate 3-Tone Sunburst $100 Crimson Burst $100 Desert Sunset $100 Honey Burst $100 Sienna Sunburst $100 Tobacco Burst $100 Trans Black Burst $100 Trans Blue Burst $100 Trans Green Burst $100 Trans Purple Burst $100 Trans Red Burst $100 </p><p>M A S T E R B U I L T O N L Y O P T I O N S </p><p> Masterbuilt Fee $1,700 </p><p>The specifications listed below, and certain options not found on this </p><p>worksheet may require the involvement of a Masterbuilder. </p><p>Masterbuilt requests are subject to review and approval by Jackson Custom Shop sales personnel. </p><p>Please contact an Authorized Jackson Custom Shop dealer for additional </p><p>information. </p><p> Additional Body Styles * </p><p>Price includes Masterbuilt charge MSRP </p><p> Soloist Archtop SLAT $6,550 Soloist SLS $6,000 Demon $6,000 Concert Bass $6,000 King Kelly $6,000 Roswell $6,500 Other Body Shape (specify) Call </p><p>Custom / Exotic Wood * </p><p> Custom and exotic woods are subject to availability, please call for pricing. </p><p>Specify Wood type _____________ </p><p> Body Carve Options MSRP Custom Pickup Configuration N/C 7 String Guitar $900 8 String Guitar $900 Carved Top / Arch Top $700 Extreme Shape $900 Flat Top / Slab body $300 Heel Cut $300 Scallop Horn $300 Input &amp; Control Placement $300 </p><p> Custom Inlay MSRP Shark Fin Extreme $300 Sharkeye Block $300 Crop Circles $275 Trapezoid $250 Bow Ties $300 Crosses $275 Custom Inlay (provide sample) Call </p><p> Binding Options MSRP Body Binding (specify) Call Custom Color Binding (specify) Call Binding Over Frets $240 </p><p> Neck Carve Options MSRP Fret Scallop Call Custom Neck Back Shape Call 24.75" Scale Length $400 Multi-Piece Laminated neck Call </p><p> Bridges MSRP Floyd Rose Titanium $900 Floyd Rose Lo Pro $180 Wilkinson Tremolo $180 Kahler Tremolo $350 </p><p> Custom Paint Options MSRP Painted Body Bevels $200 Painted Pinstripes (per side) $200 Custom Graphic (provide sample) Call Color Match (provide sample) Call </p><p>Additional Notes M A S T E R B U I L T O N L Y </p><p> Contact Information </p></li></ul>