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  • Jackson Custom Shop

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    Pricing Effective Jan, 2014

    All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.


    Please note that cancellations and specification changes cannot be made once an order has been approved and confirmed with signature.

    Final approvals, price verifications and estimated delivery dates must be

    verified by Jackson Custom Shop sales personnel.

    2014 FMIC. All rights reserved.

    Jackson Custom Shop guitars are built with precision, passion and pride by the Jackson Custom Shop team in Corona, Calif.

    All custom guitar prices include case.

    How to Use This Guide:

    1) Select a Base Model

    2) Check boxes next to option price.

    3) Submit to Jackson Custom Shop sales

    for approval & price verification

    ________________________________________________ Customer Signature

    Please review all specifications before signing.

    B O D Y

    Body Style MSRP

    Dinky DK1 $2,916.65 Dinky DK1 FMT $3,333.32 Soloist SL1 $3,472.21 Soloist SL2H $3,333.32 Soloist SL2H FMT $3,749.99 Soloist SL2HT $3,333.32 Soloist SL2HT FMT $3,749.99 Randy Rhoads RR1 $3,472.21 Randy Rhoads RR1T $3,472.21 Randy Rhoads RR-24 fret $3,672.21 Kelly KE2 $3,472.21 King V KV2 $3,611.10 Warrior WR1 $3,333.32 WR1 Warrior FMT $3,749.99 Pickup Configuration MSRP Standard Pickup Configuration N/C 1 Hum $50 2 Hum (standard) N/C H-S-S (SL1 standard) $50 1 Hum & 1 SC $50

    Left Hand MSRP

    Left Hand (SL, RR, KV models only )


    Recess MSRP Standard Tremolo Recess N/C Non Tremolo Recess N/C

    Battery Cavity MSRP None N/C 9 Volt battery cavity route $50 Body Wood MSRP Alder (standard) N/C Mahogany $250 Body Top Options MSRP 1/8" Flame maple top $400 1/8" Quilted maple top $450

    N E C K

    Neck Wood MSRP Quarter Sawn Maple (standard) N/C Mahogany $100

    Headstock type MSRP Standard Jackson (6 inline) N/C Reverse Jackson (6 inline) $300 AT1 3+3 $300 Reverse AT1 3+3 (like Broderick) $300

    Truss Rod MSRP Standard N/C Graphite Reinforced $150

    Fingerboard Wood MSRP Ebony (standard) N/C Maple $100 Flame Maple $200 Birdseye Maple $175 Rosewood $50

    Inlay MSRP Shark Fin Regular (standard) N/C Shark Fin - Single @ 12th N/C Dots N/C None N/C

    Inlay Color MSRP Pearl (standard) N/C White N/C Black N/C Abalone $50

    Logo Type MSRP 1990's (standard) N/C 1980's N/C

    Size: 100% 80% 60%

    Color: Blk Wht Gold Red

    Pearl Overlay (90's) * N/C Abalone Overlay (90's) * N/C Outline Black * N/C Outline White * N/C

    * available in 100% logo size only

    Fret Wire MSRP Jumbo (standard) N/C Medium N/C Jumbo Stainless Frets $300

    Neck & Head Binding MSRP None N/C Ivoroid (standard) N/C Black $100 White (Urethane finish) $100

    H A R D W A R E

    Hardware Color MSRP Black N/C Chrome N/C Gold Plated $300

    Tuners MSRP Gotoh (standard) N/C Schaller non-locking $50 Schaller Locking $75

    Bridges MSRP Floyd Rose Original N/C

    Tune-o-matic (not available DK model)


    Nut Material MSRP Locking Floyd Rose N/C Bone N/C Graphite N/C

    Strap Button MSRP Standard Jackson 17mm N/C DunlopDual Design $50 Schaller Locking $50

    Truss Rod Cover MSRP None N/C Blk-Wht-Blk (Standard) N/C Jackson Custom Shop (black) $75

    Pickguard Options (RR1 only) MSRP

    RR1 pickguard available with standard control layout only.

    None (rear route electronics) $150 Black N/C Chrome N/C Gold N/C

    C O N T R O L S

    Control Layout Options MSRP

    RR1 custom controls requests require no pickguard option

    Standard Control Layout N/C 1 Vol only (1 Hum) $50 Volume placement 1/2" back $80 Mini Kill switch (black only) $80 EVH low-friction volume pot $20 EVH High-friction tone pot $20

    Pickup Selector Options MSRP 3-Way Toggle (standard) N/C 3-Way Blade N/C 5-Way Blade (SL1 standard) N/C Pickup Rings MSRP None (clean mount) N/C Black (standard) N/C Chrome $30 Gold plated $30

    S E T - U P

    Tuning Options MSRP

    Standard A440 - E A D G B E N/C Drop D - D A D G B E N/C E Flat (1/2 step) EADGBE N/C D Tuning (full step) - D G C F A D N/C Drop C - C G C F A D N/C

    Strings MSRP

    9 to 42 (Standard) N/C 9 to 46 N/C 10 to 46 N/C 10 to 52 N/C 11 to 48 N/C 11 to 52 N/C 12 to 56 N/C

    P I C K U P S

    Pricing listed below is per pickup. Charges apply only to changes from the Base

    Model spec pickups.

    Duncan Humbucker Pickups MSRP Duncan SH-1n '59 $75 Duncan SH-2n Jazz $75 Duncan SH-4n JB nk $75 Duncan TB-4 JB $75 Duncan SH-5 Custom nk $75 Duncan TB-5 Custom $75 Duncan SH-6 Distortion nk $75 Duncan TB-6 Distortion $75 Duncan SH-8n Invader nk $75 Duncan SH-8b Invader bridge $75 Duncan SH-10n Full Shred nk $75 Duncan TB-10 Full Shred $75 Duncan SH-PG1n Pearly Gates $75 Duncan TB-PG1b Pearly Gates $75 Duncan SH-11 Custom nk $75 Duncan TB-11 Custom brg $75 Duncan SH-12 Screamin' Demon $75 Duncan TB-12 Screamin' Demon $75 Duncan SH-14 Custom 5 nk $75 Duncan TB-14 Custom 5 $75

    DiMarzio DP-100 Super Dist. $75 DiMarzio DP-151 PAF Pro $75 DiMarzio DP-152 Super 3 $75 DiMarzio DP-155 Tone Zone $75 DiMarzio DP-158 Evolution Nk $75 DiMarzio DP-159 Evolution Brg $75 DiMarzio DP-181 Fast Track 1 $75 DiMarzio DP-192 Air Zone $75 DiMarzio DP-193 Air Norton $75

    EVH Wolfgang Bridge $90 EVH Wolfgang Neck $90 EVH Wolfgang Brg - Chrome $90 EVH Wolfgang Nk- Chrome $90

    Active Pickups MSRP Active-EMG-81 $100 Active-EMG-81X $175 Active-EMG-85 $100 Active-EMG-85X $175 Active-EMG-60 $100 Active-EMG-60X $175 Active-Duncan AHB-1 Blackouts $100

    Single Coil Pickups MSRP Duncan STK-S1 Classic Stack $75 Duncan SCR-1 Cool Rails $75 Duncan SHR-1 Hot Rails $75 Duncan SLSD-1n Lil Screamn Demon $75 Duncan SSL-3 Hot Strat $75 Duncan STR-3 Qtr Lb Tele Rhythm $75 Duncan STL-3 Qtr Lb Tele Lead $75 Duncan ST59-1b Little 59 Tele $75 DiMarzio DP-110 FS-1 $75 DiMarzio DP-116 HS-2 $75 DiMarzio DP-117 HS-3 $75 DiMarzio DP-218 Super Dist. $75 DiMarzio DP-189 Tone Zone S $75


    Body Finish MSRP

    Urethane $240 Polyester (standard) N/C Matte / Satin $240 Natural (Oil) $160 Natural (Clear Gloss) N/C

    Neck finish MSRP Match Body Paint (standard) $0 Oiled Natural $160

    Headcap finish MSRP Black Painted (standard) N/C Match Body Paint Solid N/C Match Body Paint (Maple Cap) $100 Oiled Natural N/C


    Color options listed below are available

    'stock' only

    Colors, Graphics and Artwork requests that require additional reference material

    are available Masterbuilt only.

    *Available in Urethane finish only

    Solid Color MSRP

    Arctic White * N/C Aztec Gold N/C Black N/C Black Cherry N/C Black Forest N/C Black Metallic N/C Blue Ice Metallic N/C Burgundy Mist Metallic N/C Candy Apple Red N/C Candy Green N/C Candy Tangerine N/C Charcoal Frost Metallic N/C Chrome Red N/C Chrome Silver N/C Cobalt Blue Metallic N/C Copper N/C Dakota Red N/C Daphne Blue N/C Dark Racing Green N/C Desert Sand N/C Ferrari Red N/C Fiesta Red N/C Firebird Red N/C Frost Gold N/C Graffiti Yellow N/C Gun Metal Grey N/C Inca Silver N/C Lake Placid Blue N/C Lime Green Metallic N/C Lucerne Aqua Firemist N/C Mercedes Blue N/C Midnight Blue N/C Midnight Purple N/C Midnight Wine N/C Ocean Turquoise N/C Olympic White* N/C Orion Silver N/C Pewter N/C Platinum Pink (80's Bubblegum) N/C Purple Metallic N/C Quicksilver N/C Sage Green Metallic N/C

    Sea Foam Green N/C Shell Pink N/C Sherwood Green N/C Shoreline Gold N/C Snow White* N/C Sonic Blue N/C Surf Green N/C Teal Green Metallic N/C Tennessee Orange N/C Vanilla Shake* N/C Violet N/C

    Transparent Colors MSRP Amber Trans N/C Bing Cherry Trans N/C Caramel Trans N/C

    Chlorine Trans N/C Cobalt Blue Trans N/C Crimson Red Trans N/C Ebony Trans N/C Emerald Green Trans N/C Sapphire Blue Trans N/C Solar Trans N/C Sunset Orange Trans N/C Trans Black N/C Trans Blue N/C Trans Green N/C Trans Purple N/C Trans Red N/C Root Beer Trans N/C Walnut N/C

    Sparkle Colors MSRP

    Silver Sparkle $520 Gold Sparkle $520 Green Sparkle $520 Purple Sparkle $520 Red Sparkle $520 Blue Sparkle $520

    Burst Colors MSRP

    2 Color Sunburst $100 3 Color Sunburst $100 Aged Cherry Sunburst $100 Amber Sunburst $100 Amber Lager Burst $100 Antique Burst $100 Brown Sunburst $100 Burnt Cherry Sunburst $100 Cherry Sunburst $100 Chocolate 3-Tone Sunburst $100 Crimson Burst $100 Desert Sunset $100 Honey Burst $100 Sienna Sunburst $100 Tobacco Burst $100 Trans Black Burst $100 Trans Blue Burst $100 Trans Green Burst $100 Trans Purple Burst $100 Trans Red Burst $100

    M A S T E R B U I L T O N L Y O P T I O N S

    Masterbuilt Fee $1,700

    The specifications listed below, and certain options not found on this

    worksheet may require the involvement of a Masterbuilder.


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