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  • With the January sales in full swing, we waved goodbye to a manic year and welcomed in the new one with open arms.

    2015 was a year of exciting change and hard work, but on the flipside also included going back in time to the roaring twenties for our themed Award

    ceremony in a derelict 1920s bank; Trips a plenty including 4 extra spaces to Rio and Iguanas checking in to Ibiza, Guyana and Cuba to name a few; Team bonding & Banter at the support day camping and finally recognising YOU guys

    as the best in the business!

    2016 really is the year for us to further develop and hone the skills we have and get us to where we want to be. With the roadshow on the way, start thinking how YOU can make

    this happen!

  • If you want to go anywhere exotic, you have to have a passport, and this year will see the launch of the Development Passport to help each and every Iguana family member get to where they want to be. It contains all the information of how Las Iguanas can support you in your development and allows you to record the various stages of your developmental journey.

    Team Iguanas

    Happy New Year to all.

    Firstly, what a fantastic end to 2015! There were so many records broken over the festive season, in fact there are just too many to mention. We saw record week sales, record day sales, record bookings...etc. We also raised more money than ever before for your se-lected charities and delivered a massive amount of Christmas presents.... Well done to everyone for your huge efforts

    To say 2015 has been somewhat of a crazy year is a huge understatement. Which included lots of new restaurant openings and joining the Casual Dining Group.... Oh and changing the TIPS policy!

    I would like to thank you all for your magnificent

    support during 2015. I personally couldn't have done it without all of you and your incredible dedication and commitment to the business. I couldn't imagine ever working with a better "army" of amazing people.

    I really can't name individuals this month for their stand out hospitality performances as everyone has done such a sterling job of giving our guests the best Christ-mas ever... So I take my hat off (to reveal my bald head) and salute you all.

    Now, I would like to say 2016 is going to be a breeze in comparison, but we should all know better than that by now. We want to now drive forward and create as many new opportunities and new jobs for people this year by opening as many restaurants as we can without ever compromising on what makes us great... great food, great drink, great standards and most of all hiring great people joining.

    We have so many exciting new locations signed up and I'm sure we will shoot the lights out on each and everyone of them with your support.

    Lastly, it's not long now till the big awards ceremony, which Danny is working on. So start thinking who has

    made a great impact on your site in 2015 in readiness to vote. I promise we will make this years bigger and bet-

    ter so get ready! (No pressure Danny)



  • Kirsty Reaney and the rest of the guys from Birmingham Resorts World served up some Latin loveliness to Bradley Walsh, Paul OGrady and Dick and Dom, who just happened to be passing by in early December.

    As the force awakened, Aaron Williams got involved in an Intergalactic Jeremy Kyle moment trying to work out who Darth Vader fathered.

    Master Bartender Dan Jones ran a cocktail master class for three lucky ladies at the Cheshire Oaks restaurant, adding a little something extra to their nights proceedings.

    Word is they loved it so much that they're planning on coming back as a group of about ten

    strong to shake what their mumma gave em!

    Big shout to the Cheshire Oaks gang and of course Dan, who Mike Yoxall advised really looked after the girls and made their night.

    The Oaks crew are now planning to advertise these classes on social media soon and get interest for more bookings too.

  • All across the estate Iguanas were preparing for Christmas and along with the choco hampers we sent out to everyone there were plenty of festive jumpers out in force for Christmas Jumper day.

    A big shout to Cheshire Oaks and Abbie Rigby for sorting out a photo frame and box of tricks for their Xmas parties to enjoy some photo booth fun and also Trafford who received a big hamper from one of their regulars

  • Guys, the race is DONE!

    You have all served your hearts out and tour-guided our customers through our exotic menu. All this for the chance to be taken back to our origins and sample first hand authentic Latin American hospitality, whist experiencing the best of Brazilian culture that Rio De Janeiro has to offer.

    The winners have lived and breathed the core elements of what makes us Las Iguanas and this has been demonstrated in some unbelievable scores throughout the year.

    Firstly a huge shout-out to EXETER who unfortunately could only win one round of the race, (as per

    T&Cs), but who have led the pack from start to finish, so well done you guys!

    A huge shout out to the other winners; SWANSEA & MILTON KEYNES, who also get 4 places each, allowing one Iguana per department from their restaurant on the trip and not forgetting the 2 heroes from last years Awards ceremony - Support Chef of the Year - ALI ARAB and Support Manager of the Year - ALEXA STINGA, well done you.

    P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 P9 Average

    Exeter 100.00% 99.40% 100.00% 98.10% 95.90% 91.30% 97.45%

    Deansgate 97.39% 94.40% 98.30% 100.00% 93.60% 90.00% 95.61%

    Swansea 98.16% 85.00% 99.60% 90% 99.30% 99.70% 95.29%

    Nottingham 99.39% 89.70% 99.30% 96.40% 91.70% 90.00% 94.41%

    Spitalfields 89.86% 87.80% 98.60% 89.00% 97.70% 99.60% 93.76%

    Sheffield 73.86% 99.40% 98.20% 94.80% 99.80% 96.40% 93.74%

    Plymouth 87.68% 100.00% 95.40% 96.60% 99.80% 82.70% 93.70%

    MK 90.13% 97.90% 99.30% 97.80% 97.90% 79.10% 93.69%

    Lakeside 95.08% 98.20% 93.30% 93.40% 86.30% 89.30% 92.60%

    Wembley 81.00% 86.00% 100.00% 98.40% 95.10% 92.30% 92.13%

  • Firstly a huge shout out to Chrysa from Bristol Cribbs Causeway restaurant who only a few weeks ago saved someones life!! The gentleman was choking on a steak churrasco and was going blue, but with lightening reactions she managed to dislodge the steak from his throat! Awesome work!

    Next up is Balraj Singh Johal from Nottingham, who Matt Fraser advised always gets great feedback from guests, but recently

    acquired 2 new guests that visit to see him. On their first visit they asked where he had worked previously and where he had been

    trained?! It turns out they are involved with Michelin star restaurants and thought hed previously worked in a high end venue and been trained there!!! They certainly know a thing or two about hospitality, especially as their daughter is a FOH manager and their son is a Michelin star chef,.

    They love our food, but love Bals service even more and on their second visit when he was due to finish his shift he stayed late

    specifically to serve them what a guy!

    As the front page picture shows, it was a big month for charity because we reignited our annual partnership with the toy store the Entertainer.

    For every booking of 10 or more across the business over the Xmas period we

    gave 5, along with a matched donation from the Entertainer. This went towards toys and games for our restaurants chosen childrens charities across the UK.

    As I reported last month, Charlotte Ellins, Alex Folwell, Sara Roberts, Christina Placidi, Lucy Percy, Gemma Holmes, Steve Gilbert, Nick Buckley and Edyta

    Pietka ran 5k through London dressed as Santa and raised 2012 for Brainwave - supporting children with a range of con-ditions and developmental needs.

  • Anne-Marie Marsay GM - Braintree Kyle Wilson SC - Newport Dimosthenis Bakatselos SC - Leamington Spa Holly Grice DM- Birmingham RW Sunil Shetty SSC - Milton Keynes Clifford Dourado JSC - RFH

    General Manager Aberdeen General Manager Exeter General Manager Reading Deputy Manager Cambridge Deputy Manager/Assistant Cardiff Assistant Manager Torquay Assistant Manager Cambridge Bar Manager Stratford General Manager Brunswick Square Deputy Manager Brunswick Square Assistant Manager Brunswick Square General Manager York Deputy Manager York Assistant Manager York Deputy Manager Basingstoke Assistant Manager Basingstoke Deputy Manager Harrogate Deputy Manager Newcastle Quays Head Chef Oxford Head Chef Glasgow Head Chef Blackpool Sous Chef Newport Sous Chef/Junior Sous Chef Glasgow Senior SC/Sous/Jnr Sous Chef Edinburgh Sous Chef/Jnr Sous Chef Birmingham RW Sous Chef Lakeside Sous Chef Norwich Junior Sous Chef Blackpool Junior Sous Chef Newport Junior Sous Chef Leamington Spa Junior Sous Chef Mermaid Quay Junior Sous Chef Spitalfields Junior Sous Chef/Sous Chef Newcastle Junior Sous Chef/Sous Chef Meadowhall Head Chef Brunswick Square

    Junior Sous Chef Mermaid Quay Junior Sous Chef Spitalfields Junior Sous Chef/Sous Chef Newcastle Junior Sous Chef/Sous Chef Meadowhall Head Chef Brunswick Square Junior Sous Chef Brunswick Square Junior Sous Chef Braintree Junior Sous Chef Braintree Head Chef York Sous Chef York Junior Sous Chef York Head Chef Harrogate Sous Chef Harrogate Head Chef Newcastle Quays Sous Chef Newcastle Quays Sous Chef Harrogate Sous Chef Newcastle Quays

    Newcastle Quays



    Brighton Marina

  • Mos and Lucy