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  • 8/10/2019 Kala Vedic Astrology Software


    Kala Vedic Astrology Software: A full Windows program at the lowest price ($254.95 includingshipping or $244.95 as download)!

    System Requirements for Running Kala

    40 Megabytes of Hard Disk free space. 16 Megabytes Ram- minimum, 40 Megabytes recommended.

    Windows 95 or later, or Windows NT.

    For the interface of the program you can choose English, German, Hungarian, Spanish orRussian.

    General Features

    Highly Accurate Planetary Calculations

    With Kala Vedic Astrology Software you can calculate the positions of any planet for a10,800 year range, from 5400 BC - 5400 AD

    Using the SWISS EPHEMERIS, the core of which is a compression of NASA's state-of-the-art, JPL-Ephemeris. Licensing the SWISS EPHEMERIS for the use in KLAallows us to offer you the most accurate calculations available to date.

    North, South Indian and Round Charts.

    North and South Indian Charts are available, and Kala has the added advantage of allowing youto switch back and forth between North and South Indian styles with just one keystroke. Thisallows you to easily enjoy looking at charts with your friends who may use a different style than

    you do.Kala also allows you to work with round charts.

    Customizable Screen & Viewing an Infinite Amount of Charts or Tables

    Right clicking on any of the six smaller charts displays a menu with charts, vargas, tables,and ashtakavarga, any of which you can select to your screen.

    Right clicking on the large main chart displays the same menu where you can select anychart or table that is displayed in the center of the main screen.

    You can open as many of these small charts as you want and move them anywhere

    around the screen. You can also do this on the other screens, such as the ashtakavargascreen and shodasavarga screen. This feature allows you to view as many charts or tables,on any screen, as you want.

  • 8/10/2019 Kala Vedic Astrology Software


    Planetary Information Table

    Kala features a scrollable "Planetary Information Table" that is also completely customizable.You can select what data is displayed, the order in which it is displayed, and the width of thecolumns, easily, just by dropping and dragging directly on the table with your mouse.

    Dirah OptionsUpon installation you can if you like choose the options that Dirah Academy Internationaladvices in the course material. This enables you to go much through the installation. Of courseyou can always change some options later. You can also choose another of the available optionssets or choose your own options.

    Dasa Table

    The Dasas are also displayed in a table that allows you to scroll through the dasa, or clickthrough it with your mouse, one level at a time. You can also click and highlight a dasa period sothat you won't loose track of it as you scroll through the Dasa. Dasas are calculated to five levelsand you can easily select one to five levels with just one click of the mouse.

    Transits Chart and TableClicking on the Tr on the Transits chart displays a list with the transiting planets degrees andnakshatras. You can also enter a different transit date.

  • 8/10/2019 Kala Vedic Astrology Software


    AyanamsaKala offers nine ayanamsas: Lahiri, Raman, Sri Yukteswar, Bhasin, Fagan/Bradley,Krishnamurti, Sassanian, Ushashashi, and Galactic Center-0 Sagittarius; you can define yourown or even use the tropical zodiac.

    File ManagerKala uses a simple file management system like that used in Microsoft Windows, this has theadvantage of allowing you to name a file with as many characters as you like as well as makingit easier to manage or delete your files, all without having to learn anything new.

    Built in Atlas

    Kala's Atlas has the latitude and longitude of over 170,000 US cities. An international atlas is also supplied with additional countries added monthly. Most

    importantly and most helpful, Kala's data entry screen allows you to find the city you are

    looking for, even if you are not sure of the spelling. Kala's atlas automatically makes Daylight Saving Time corrections.

    Calculations Performed by Kala

    Ashtakavarga, complete with yoga pindas. Astrological Fertility. Balaadi Avastas with calculated percentage of results. Bhava Charts: Vedic Equal and Sri Pati. Chara Karakas: Atmakaraka, etc. Chandra Kriyas, Chadra Velas, and Chandra Avashtas as per Phaladeepika.

    Combustion of Planets. Dignities. Doomadi Upagrahas. Equal House Bhava Chart. Fatal and Auspicious Degrees. Gulikaadi Upagrahas, from either the beginning or the end of the portion. Hora. Ishta & Kashta. Kakshas. Madhya Lagna. Mandi. Nakshatra, Pada, Nakshatra Lord and Sub-lord. Outer Planets: Pluto, Uranus and Neptune. Planetary Aspects, with exact aspectual value in Virupas. Prasna Dasa. Prasna Points: Yama Sukra, Trisphuta, Chatursphuta, Prana, Deha, Mrityu, etc.

    from Prasna Marga. Rasi. Sahams.

  • 8/10/2019 Kala Vedic Astrology Software


    Shayanaadi Avastahs with Cheshta, Viceshta, and Drishti. Shodasavargas: 16 divisional charts- Hora, Drekkana, etc. Special Vargas: Panchamsa, Ashtamsa, Ekadamsa, Hora, another Trimsamsa. Special Lagnas: Bhava Lagna, Hora Lagna, Ghatika Lagna, their Navamsas and


    Subha and Asubhankas. Tara: Janma, Sampat, etc. nakshatras. Transits. Varnada Lagna. Varshaphal. Varshaphal Dasas: Patyanini Dasa, Mudda Dasa, and Vimshottari Dasa. Varshaphal Strenghts: Harsha Bala, Dwadasavargiya Bala, Panchavargiya Bala. Vimshottari Dasa.

    KP (Krishnamurti Paddhati)

    Kala has KP Placidus housecusps with star lords up to 5 levels.Extensive yoga analysis

    One of the goals in creating Kala is to make learning Vedic Astrology easier; as part of this Kala provides a menu of Yogas that your computer will search for within a given horoscope.Currently Kala provides the following searches:

    Dasas, Planetary: Important combinations in the horoscope that have a direct bearing onthe results of the planetary dasas, like Vimshottari. Over 100 important and subtle rulesof Vimshottari analysis are given here.

    Core Yogas: The important named yogas such as Lakshmi Yoga, Saraswati Yoga,Matsya Yoga, etc.

    Spirituality: Many yogas that are beneficial for spiritual development. Mental Illness: A compilation from over 40 texts of combinations indicating mental

    disorders. Illness and Accidents: Approxiamately 700 yogas for illness and accidents sourced from

    over 40 texts. Great help in medical astrology. Ruinous Yogas: A compilation from over 40 texts of important yogas that indicate

    poverty, wandering, instable lifes, etc., such as Dur yogas, Kemadruma yogas, Daridrayogas, etc.

    Classical Delineation's: Results of Lagnas according to Jataka Parijata; Planets in Rasisaccording to Brihat Jataka; Planets in Houses according to Brihat Jataka and also fromHora Sara; House Lords in Houses according to Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra; Two,Three, Four, Five, and Six Planet Conjunctions according to Saravali and also from HoraSara; Planets in the Rasis Aspected by Other Planets according to Saravali; The Moon's

    Nakshatra according to Brihat Jataka. Modern Delineation's: Lagnas; Rahu and Ketu in the Houses and Rasis; Rahu and Ketu

    Joining and Aspecting Other Planets; Effects of Combust, exalted and debilitated planets.

  • 8/10/2019 Kala Vedic Astrology Software


    Nature of House Lords: Very descriptive effects of the different planets as house lords foreach lagna.

    Marriage and Sexuality: Over 450 yogas from the classical texts relevant to marriage,relationships and sexual nature.

    Subha/Asubha Yogas: Subha and Asubha Yoga influences calculated for all the planets

    as shown in Vault of the Heavens and Core Yogas.


    Kala's Compatibility Calculations far supersede anything else available in Vedic AstrologySoftware:

  • 8/10/2019 Kala Vedic Astrology Software


    The traditional Kutas are calculated not only for the Moon, but for all the planets and thelagna.

    The exceptions for the Kutas are also calculated, without which no accurate use of theKutas is possible.

    Clicking on the name of each Kuta brings up a pop up box that explains what exactly the

    Kuta means and what it does. Rasi to Rasi overlays, Rasi to Navamsa overlays, and Navamsa to Navamsa Overlays. Composite Chart calculated. Planetary aspects calculated between both charts to the exact Virupa, in both the rasi and

    navamsa, and in the Composite Chart. Tajika aspects for all of the rasi, navamsa and the Composite Chart. Table of the House Positions, Ashtakavarga, Kakshas and the Tara of how each person's

    planets fall in the other's chart. Toggle Outer Planets On and Off with just a push of the F8 Key.

    Extensive Kuta Report that considers all 12 Kutas and the Total Points in a very thorough

    manner. This is an 8 page report that will answer serious concerns about any relationship.

    Transit hit list

  • 8/10/2019 Kala Vedic Astrology Software


    The transit hit list gives a complete overview of all the relevant transits. It is an indispensabletool for the predictive astrologer. It gives not just information about the date of a transit but givesinformation about the exact time in minutes and hours as well. It is highly accurate.

    Also you will find information on when a planet enters a new sign, Nakshatra or house

    (according to equal house or Sri Pati).

    The following transitory aspects to natal planets or natal housecusps can be calculated: fulldrishti, conjunct, opposition, trine, square, sextile, semi-sextile, semi-square, inconjunct.

    You can select which transitory planets or natal planets you like to choose. It is possible toinclude Pluto, Uranus and Neptune, if you like.

    Transit Calender

    This is another highly useful tool for predictive astrology.

    You will see the transits of the seven planets from the Rasi of the natal Moon.

    With this graph you can easily see a month of ups and downs. The planets represented by thecolors on the graph that are above the time line are those planets that are in favorable places fromthe natal Moon and not obstructed.

    The planets represented by the colors on the graph that are below the time line are those planetsthat are in unfavorable places from the natal Moon, without being obstructed.

    Clicking on the date in the time line brings up the Gochara report for that day at noon.

    The bottom part of the screen gives a calendar with many symbols in it. These symbols representdifferent trigger transits. Trigger transits are those transits that trigger an event, with which theastrologer times an event to the day. The trigger transits in the calendar are those given byPhaladeepika.

    Muhurta Module

    Kala's Compatibility Calculations far supersede anything else available in Vedic AstrologySoftware:

    Kala's Muhurta module is the most complete Muhurta Module available to date. More Muhurtafactors have been calculated than in any other software.

    The bottom part of the Muhurta Module consists of a time line that shows when the favorableand unfavorable Nakshatras, Taras, Tithis, Karanas, Yogas and combination of Vara, Tithi and

    Nakshatra are running. All you have to do to find the best available times within the month is toline up the favorable (green) marks. Clicking on the time line brings the rasi chart and otherdetails to the date clicked on. The favorable and unfavorable Nakshatras, etc. are event

  • 8/10/2019 Kala Vedic Astrology Software


    dependent and you can choose from over 170 events. For events like travel, which are directiondependent, you can choose any of the 8 directions.

    Guidelines for all events are available with just a click of the mouse so you never need to pagethrough books again. Guidelines are from Muhurta Chintamani, Kalaprakasika, Brihat Samhita

    and Yavana Jataka.

    Kala not only makes all the necessary Muhurta calculations, it also searches for all the doshas or blemishes that may be present at the moment.

    The time line is in astronomical time instead of modern time. You can move up in time justenough to change to the next Vara, Nakshatra, Tithi, Hora, Lagna, Navamsa, etc. by clicking onthe up arrows. You can move down in time just enough to change to the next Vara, Nakshatra,Tithi, Hora, etc. by clicking on the down arrows. No more clicking an hour at a time until youget to the next Nakshatra, etc. Just one click will do it.

    The large Muhurta table in the center of the screen gives the Lunar Month, Panchanga, Hora, Nadika, Muhurta, Avastha, Tara, Vela, Upagraha portion, Panchaka, and theVara/Tithi/Nakshatra Yoga. You can also view vargas for the Muhurta time and a chart of fataldegrees. Suunya Tithis, Nakshatras, Rasis and the unfavorable Vishanadi portions are allcalculated. All the Doshas are calculated including Narada's 21 Mahadoshas. Not only are theDoshas calculated and searched for, but also the conditions that overcome the Doshas are given.

    You can easily save Muhurtas with the chart to access at a later date.

  • 8/10/2019 Kala Vedic Astrology Software


    Muhurta Calculations

    Ayana, Ritu, Masa, Paksha, Full Moon Nakshatra, Lord of the Month, Suunya Nakshatras,Suunya Rasis, Tithi, Lord of Tithi, Vishanadi portion of Tithi, Paksha Chidra portion of Tithis,

    Nature of Tithi, Suunya Lagnas, Karana, Karana Lord, Vara, Vishanadi portion of Varas, Yoga,meaning of Yoga's name, Lord of Yoga, Yogi Point, Nakshatra, Vishanadi portion of

    Nakshatras, Unfavorable Nakshatras from the other planets such as Samahata Nakshatra,Chandra Avastha, Muhurta, Hora, Nadika, special result of the Nadika, Lord of the Nadika, Vela,

    Upagraha Portion, Panchaka and Bana, Tara, Vara/Tithi/Nakshatra Yogas with their meanings.

    All 21 of Narada's Mahadoshas including Vyatipata and Vaidhriti, other important MuhurtaDoshas such as Sakata Yoga, ends of Ayanas, Ritus, and Nakshatras, Surya Sankranti, Eclipse,Eclipse Nakshatra.

    Event specific Doshas are also calculated such as Lata Dosha, Jamitra Dosha, unfavorable tithisto travel in each direction for each of the 12 lunar months, and many more.

  • 8/10/2019 Kala Vedic Astrology Software


    Muhurta Helper

    Set a time period and the Muhurta helper will search that time frame for the auspicious momentsfor beginning an event. There are over 170 events to choose from. The Muhurta Helper searchabout 120 Muhurta factors to come up with the auspicious times. You can then click on the

    auspicious times and the Muhurta module will show the chart for that time so that you canapprove the suggested time. The search values are also customizable so that you can have Kalasearch Muhurtas the way you want it to. The Muhurta screen is also now printable.

    Prasna feature

    A very unique feature of Kala is the Prasna Module. Prasna is answering a question bycalculating a chart for the moment of the question. This system of astrology was so welldeveloped in India that the astrologer was able to predict all events of life. This special module isdesigned to assist one in learning prasna as presented in the classical texts. Special prasnacalculations include:

    Arudha Lagna and Chattira Rasi Chandra Kriyas, Chandra Velas, and Chandra Avashta. Hora. Prana, Deha and Mrityu Sphutas. Prasna Dasa of one year length. Trisphuta and Trisphuta Navamsa. Suksma Trisphuta. Chatursphuta and Panchasphuta. Yama Sukra. Selecting the Arudha Lagna. Clicking the SELECT ARUDHA button displays a special

    window allows you to select the Arudha Lagna which the KLA uses to calculate theChattira Rasi and to perform prasna yoga searches.

    Prasna Yogas and Techniques

    Clicking on the SELECT PRASNA button displayes the "Prasna Techniques and Yogas" pop-upmenu. Here you will find different questions that Kala can search for. At the end of every searchare an array of prasna specific techniqes that you can study and apply. This feature will allowyou to learn classical prasna easily and efficiently. Currenty there are 11 catagories to choosefrom, more are in the works.

    Success and Failure: Selecting this allows a basic appraisal for success or failure of thequestion as well as a specific search for each house.

    General Indications: Techniques and searchable yogas for an entire reading, based on themoment of query alone.

    Many other catagories. Calculations and techniques are sourced from Prasna Marga, Gnana Pradeepika,

    Shatpanchasika, Pragnana Deepika, Daivagna Vallabha, Krishnaneeyam, Sanketa Nidhi,Prasna Tantra, Kalaprakasika, Uttara Kalamrita, and Muhurtha Chintamani.

  • 8/10/2019 Kala Vedic Astrology Software


    Animated Transits

    Kala's Animated Transtits screen allows you to view the transiting planets and lagna movearound the birth chart. Aspects lines are even drawn from the transiting planet to the planets inthe birth chart! The transiting planets navamsa, tara, ashtakavarga, kaksha, nakshatra, etc are all

    shown. You can watch the planets in real time, or have them updated minutely, hourly, daily,weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can watch the transits moving forwards or backwards.

    Gochara (transit) report

    Clicking on the Gochara Report button in the center of the wheel brings up the classical resultsof the transiting planets from the Moon, along with any Vedhas or Vipareet Vedhas. This is a

    great technique that shows the ups and downs very accurately, if the Vedha and Vipareet Vedhasare used. Now they are at your fingertips so that you can use them quickly and easily.

    Transits Calender

    Kala's Transits Calendar shows a month of Gochara results on the top part. Planets above thetimeline are in favorable transit positions and those below the timeline are in unfavorable

    positions. The bottom half shows a month of trigger transits as per Phaladeepika. The days

  • 8/10/2019 Kala Vedic Astrology Software


    transiting planets bring together a house, house lord, lagna or karaka are indicated by symbolsrelevant to the event.

    Custom JPEGs

    Make custom jpegs of charts to email.

    Mundane Module

    Make world predictions with Surya Sankranti (Solar Ingress) charts, which is the preferredmethod of predicting world events according to the classical texts. Sankranti devi is calculated aswell as the Lords of the Year. Mundane Dasas are also available. Most Importantly, Kalacalculates the Sankratis according to the Surya Siddhanta.

    Varga Details

    Varga Dieties for all sixteen Shodasavargas. Dignities for all Vargas, Degrees in Vargas.

    Bhava Chalita Screen

    The Bhava Chalita screens uses calculations from Sri Pati Paddhati and Brihat Parashora HoraShastra to show the ability of the Bhavas to provide their effects. One the upper left is a largeBhava Chalita chart. One the right are small Varga charts and the influence of planets to theBhava cusps.

    Also included is a Bhava Bala table which gives the overall strength of each Bhava. Both the SriPati method and the additions from Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra are given. The strongestBhava will be the area that most of the person's life will revolve around.

    Sudarshana Chakra Screen

    Sudarshana Chakra is a wonderfully simple and accurate predictive technique presented in BrihatParashara Hora Shastra. Three charts are erected, one inside the other. The outer chart starts fromthe Sun, the middle chart from the Moon and the inner chart starts from the Lagna. These threecharts are arranged so that the Sun, Moon and Lagna are all situated at the first house, which isthe top of the chart or on the left depending on which option you prefer.

    Super search tool

    Kala's Super Search Tool allows you to quickly and easily search your database for a wideassortment of planetary arrangements:

    You can search in the rasi, navamsa, from the Moon, the Sun, the Atmakaraka, theSvamsa, and the Karakamsa.

  • 8/10/2019 Kala Vedic Astrology Software


    Search Rasi aspects as well as planetary aspects. Search for a planet's Dignities, such as exaltation, debilitation, etc. as well as

    retrogression, combustion, defeat in planetary war, and vargottama. Search for Day or Night Births, Sukla or Krishna Paksha, benefic or malefic Moon. Search for a planet's rasi, navamsa, or nakshatra.

    Most importantly, you can Search an unlimited amount of permutations. You can searchfor as many and/or combinations as you like, such as Mars in the 3rd, 4th or 5th house,and Mars in Aries or Scorpio, and Mars in Virgo Navamsa, and Jupiter or Venus or theMoon aspects Mars, and the Lagna is Leo, Cancer or Aquarius, and the Atmakaraka is inVirgo, and Saturn conjuncts Rahu- all in one Search. You can go on and on this way and,therefore, search for practically anything, no matter how complex or long.