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ENCYCLOPEDIA OF VEDIC ASTROLOGY: YOUR PROFESSION (Ups &Downswith RemedialMeasures) by SHANKAR ADAWAL CONTENTS s.Title of the Chaptem the positionof PlanetSaturn,Aspects of Aahu &luse.ThePlanetaryPatterns 3.The Problem af Profession105 Determini ngProfession,Astrology andVocational Guidance.Poultry FarmandLuck.Pl anets and Work. 4.The Business Horoscope128 TheBusinessmanbigorsmall,Partnership, Partnershipbroken,I ndependentBusinessor Avocation 5.Finance161 About Finance. Financeand Fortune.Determination offinancialProspects 6.The Tenth House 172 The importance of TenthHouse.TheSt11 and11111 Houses spell success. Houses of Prosperity. Profession &ArthaTrikonas.TheSecondHouseisamost powerful intellectHouse.The role of Third House In producing Criminals 7. Profession and Bhrlgu NadlTechnique 206 Natshatras and Professions. Fixing Profession through Nllmerology viEncydopedia ofVedicAst!OIOgy: Yout PtOftJSSiwtoget agoodJob 1 PreFace Theword Profession brings intothe horizon abelief of apson i nhi scapabilitiesor inherentpotentlonwhich anativehasbutalso symbolizesspecializationonaknowledgeandacademicpteparatlons and final ly It alsobringsforththe needs of livelihood and vocation. Inthe current Isseenthat aprofessionfol owed by an ind lv!dualmay not be akinto his Inherent potential andwiththe number or fieldslncrea.slng It Isalsovery commontohave Individuals whohavespeciali.zedin onefieldbut areearningby engagingand adopting enti rely different skill sets.It is common to have people il the Admi nistrativeServiceswhoare Medical GraduatesandEntrepreneurs withnospecificknowledgeskillbutrobustcommonsense.In this context. profession. determination and analyzing means a look at various aspects oF the Horoscope.It means an analysis of education. knowl edge. i nherentnature.means of earningincomeandmore complexedis determining the courseand the graph of hisprofessionalachievement In thi s 8ook. Ihave startedwith the importance of understandi ng the Karmk Destiny.Destiny whichis in store can be understood by the strengthof Jupiter ononehandandthestrengthof the other outer planets lik:e; Sun. Moon. Mars and Mei'Cul'y define the nature of profession and the ease/hardshipbywhicha personwould attainit. TheBook isacollectionof material composedbyvariousauthor'S who have worked i nthis fi eld and Ihave tried to build it up gradually so thatthecompilationcanbeunderstood andacompSexedsubject lilear diftlcultie$ and turmoils of life. A strong Mats inthe1ot11 under beneficinfluence give$ empathy for work. makes such i ndividual duty bound, reliable. hardwol1dng and surmounting in character.Such Mars gives highin engineering ortechnical avocation.Saturni nthe101:11thoughelevatesanindividualinhis professionalstatusbecomesthe causeof downfallifafflicted.which gives riseto extreme confidence andarrogance in individual.Bvt benefic i nfluenceonSaturninthelOu.devoidof beneficinfluencebestows aggressive qualitieswithoututilizi ngthe tendende$andabilitiesthat testInanIndividualIn asubtlestage. Assudlthe professionalstatus and the nature of professioncouldeasilybe judged upto areasonable extent fromthepositi onof Saturn. Afewhoroscopes showingthenature of profession.asweias obstructic>ns in the working surroundings are luddty expJained Thebnh detailsarewithheldfor obviousreasons. Horoscope: l.Rasi Ohanu VrischilcaLagnawithVenusand Mercury. Sun; KumbhaJupiter; Meena Mesh a Tul a Sat 12 Mon 1 Rah saturnandtheMoon; Rahu; Mars andKetu. 8 lls 2 Mar Ket Sat r.1on Jup Rah Chart No. 07 Asc ven Mer Mar Ket ClltJPUJt02: PrOIGssion and Pfaoots67 accuracy.whenSatumcrownsone withbrilliant successincareerOf massive victory in endeavou(Saturn'Spriority in the judgment of human careerandactionhassofirmly beenestablishedthat it isusetessto magni fy and impossible to nullify our 1'1'\ain thesis any further-. As Saturn is the charioteer of ourlife, he canboth controlthereins of horses andunshacklethem.He canalsoswitchoff alllampsandsuspendOf close a weibegun play. As unmixedhappinessisnot possible. so also an unobstructedcareer.Our journeythroughlifemeansforwardand backwardmovements and also break journeys. It is commonly experienced thatsuccessstemsfromattempts failures,andsimilarty,inmore casesthanone,asunnyday of career- Isover-cloudedbyan abysmal darkness. As Satum gears up one's activities and boosts up one's care, soalsohe occas!onatty gives redsignals. 8y a carefulstudyof Saturn's positionduring hi s transit, we canascertaintheperiod when apersonis destined to suffer set backsin life and career or when one is to envisage an accident in karmic life like termination of office or suspension in service. Atransfertoaclerkmaybelethalblow.strongerthanwhat dethronement isto a ruler.R.ules.however.functionuniformlyforboth a rul er and a clerk. Rule I setbackof grave nature andignominiousdownfallare indicatedin the natalchart.if lord of thelefh househasonly Rahu or Ketuinfront or himwithoutanyplanet inbetween.ThesameresultSaccruewhen lordofthe101h houseisassociatedwithRahuorKetu,notforming thereby aR.ajaYoga.asevincedin rule G. WhenSaturn.duringhisuansit,occupiesasign,wher efromhe cannot maintain any connection, by virtue of aspect or union or exchange of positionwitheitherofthelOthlords.reckonedfromandthe Moonsignand.morepartioolarly. whenlord of the lOihhouse tansin th:e6th, the sthor thelth formthelocation of movingSaturn, the outcome i s manifestinthe formof setbackor crisisincareer and activities,failureIn undertaldngor loss of power- and posltiol'l. Saturncripplesorwrecksaflourishingwhenhe becomes delinkedwih lordof the l aspect,union or exchange of position, duringhis transit.whkh synchronizeswith Rahu'stransit ovet hisown or Keto'snatalpositionor over lord of the lefh whohasexchangedhis 68 Encydopeda ofVedicAst!OIOgy: Yout PtOftJSSiOtt positionwithbrdof the lot" in a chart.wherek>rd of the10" has Rahu or Ketual1eadof him in the same or a different sign with noplanetin between.I nsuchacase,Saturn shouldbe delinked withthe stronget of the10"11 lords,wheretherearetwosuChlords,andmayaspectOf transit over a weaklOth lord eclipsedby Rahu or Ketu and a lord of any evilhousesimultaneously. At the time of debacle.Rahu or Ketumay also be unitedwithlord of the l OP!\inthe debilitation sign of either of them or In the 6rn,t h e ~ or the12111 from the10111 lord. EXample: 1.AdolfH ~ l e r(18891945)Bom20 April,1S89ot 6.3()p.m.L.M.T. UbraAscendant3' 8';Sagittarius .theMoont4 to.Jupiter 15 56' , Ketu 23.47';Aries- The Suns32',Mars24 .. 50',Me:ury3*22'; Venus(R)24. 26';Gemini - Rahu23.47';Cancer- Saturn21 .. 10'. Sthave steady Income. He will be pleasingIn talks.He willbe a recipient of honours. He winbe:worshipped. He winbe rDc:edby theking and goodp.eopte.He will be possessed of strength beauty and education. Sloka5:I fSunandJupiterareconjoined,thenativewi llbe extremelycharitable.Hewillhaveministerialprofession.Hewillbe contented.He wilbe wealthy throughhisrelatives.He will be a teacher or scriptures. Sloka 6: If SunandVenusare conjoined.thenative willbe skiful in the use of weapons(machines).Hewillbe strong and powerful.He wi lhavepooreyesight in hisold age.Hewill have good relations and greater prosperity through women. He will be proficient in art of warfare. Slok.a 7:If sunandSaturnare conjoined.thenative willhave soundknowledge i n metallurgy.He willbe charitable and religious. The wi lbesorrowfulonaccountoflOssof wife andchildren. andmean-minded.and wilfollow his family tradition. Slok:a 8: I f MoonandMarsare conjoined. the native will be brave. He wi l gai n honour inwaifare. and will be proficient in wrestl ing.He willl sufferdue to blood disordei'S.He willbe clever in carving and sculptural workandmud.skh and metals. Sloka9:If MoonandMercury are conj oined,thenativewillbe proficientin writingpoetry and stories. He willbe rid'land willbe liked by wealthywomen. Hewillhavea cheel1ul disposition. He willbelooking. He willbe righteous andwillpossessster1lng character. Stok.a 10: If Moonand Jupiter are conjoined, the native will have richrel ati'Ves.He wHI be helpfultohis relatives.He wi U be very wealthy andwill please learnedpeople. C/lapt9tOB:Yogas271 Slok:a11:If MoonandVenusare conjoined.thenative wi lwear white clothes.Hewillhave goodknowledge of rulesand rituals,He will be fondo'fpoets,willbe ve('flaZy but efficient in doing business. Slok:a 12: If Moonand Saturn are conjoined.the native willmarry averyagedgi'l.willlook afterelephantsandhorses.willhavebad habits. will be subordinate to a11and poor and wfll be an illegitimate chik:J. Sunapha1 Anapha andDhurdhuraYogas andResutts StlKatyanavarmasaysaboutSunapha,AnaphaandOhurdhura. the threeimportant Yogas causedby theplanets occupyingthe second andt he12111 signscountedfromMoon. 51.1.1rone.two ormore of thefiveplanets.Mars.Mercury, Jupiter, VenusorSaturn(excepting Sunand Moonthe two kJminaries) are in 2 or 12 or in both the houses from the moon Sign whatever be the sign,Sunapha. Anapha and Ohurdhura Yogas areformed respectively. OnecanfindoutSunaphaYogabythe planetinthe second house countedfromtheMoonsign.Anaphaiscausedbythe i n12to Moon;and DhurdhuraYogabythe planetsboth in 2and12toMoon.Inahoroscope onlyoneofthe three Yogas wilbe formed (or neither Sunaphanor Anapha nor both). 51.2.I rthese three Yogas are not formed then it is called 'KemMiroma Yoga: But ifMoon or any planet is not in a Kendra to Lagna and if Moon does not have aspect from any planet then Kemadruma Yogaoftheworsttype isformed. Notesome considerthat AnuphaYogaisformedbyMarsor any otherpfanet inlot11 fromMoonsign.Sunaphawheothey arei nthe4111 fromMoon,andOhurdhurawheotheyarein both10"' and4t l'lhouses. 51.3.There are 31 different kinds each in Sunapha and Anapha Yogas. Thereare180kindsof OhurdhuraYoga.Theyare shownhere. Five varieties are formed by one of the 5 planets Mars,Mercury, Jupiter.VenusandSaturninthe fromMoon'ssign,ten v.arieti esby twoplanetsinthe fromMoon'ssign.tenby tllreeplanets.fivebyfour planets.andonebyfiveplanets. 272Encydopeda ofVedicAst!OIOgy: Yout PtOftJSSiOtt Thusthereare34varietieslike wise.Ohurdhuraisonlya oombinationof boththeseY09asandthusit has180 varieties which canbe obt-ainedby (the principleof)combinatioo. Sl. 4.Anative borninSunaphaYogawillbewealthy.Havingselfearned property.he will be charitable and knowing the meanings ot Shastras,hewillhave good reputation,walpleasealby his good conduct,witt be handsor'ne, will enjoy allpleasure.and will be anIntelligent king,a ruler or hisequal or a minister. Sl. 5.Anative born InAnaphaYogawillbe good at speedl, wealthy andhealthy,willhaveexcellentcharacter,derivepleasure through goodfood.fragrantflowers.dressand ornaments and goodladles.willhave goodreputation,andhavepleasing dlaraeautyandsaturationof blood.It isPhlf9maticwindy.soft in speech and pi"Mides over Nort:h Westquarters. It rules over white colou(, wateryplacesandsubstances.Textiles,fine.chemicaland pharmace!Jticals,mille,sugar,peal'l,silver,andyoungTheorgansof the body ruledby Moonare arteries.nerves.brain, stomach.In females,it rules uterus, bladder.breasts and ovaties.In the naturalzodiac,itownscancet signandthe4m house.Whenit isa weak,debillatedandconjoinedlaspeughing, digging, carrying loads onheads andshoutde.I'S,andallsortsof physical wol'k. Pisces:Weapons( supply works.shipping,boats, etc.):dealing in thingsusedfor sex.medici'les forabortionandobsceneliterature;tradein horses lndiciJtionsby piMets endowed withall points of Slrengthwhen they to be lordsof he 1(/11 or lords of NavamSQS of the owners of thel(f" A indicates a number of jobs of whiandhasexthangedthehO\Ise with the lord of t he 4" . It is,not at all surprising t hat he stabbeda girl bec;ause of whi ch 466Encydopeda ofVedicAst!OIOgy: Yout PtOftJSSiOtt hewasimprisonedon15.2.1972. It aUhappenedin the sub-periodof Mercury inMars' major period.Lagna,Rahu.Ketuandthe Moonhave sensitivedegrees. ''" I "" MonI Chart 06 Jup (R)310 9 Mal131141 (IQ lKf:t 24 ConsiderChart6whichisthat of Schaumanborn on10.5.1875. He killed the finnish Governor and also himself on 6. 6.1904. In all criminal cases.the3"'.thes"'andthetjhhousesaretobeconsideredalong withMars:andSatum. Herethe1dhouseisafflictedby the aspectof Mars whois i n the a ~ .The lord of the 5111 is in the n th combust aspected by 5atumindirectty. The ~ hlord receivesan affliction from jupiter. I tis notsurprisingthatthecrimetookplaceintheMoon'ssubperiodof Mercury. The lord of Lagna is with Rahu in close conjunction on a sensitive degree,receivingan afflicting aspect fromMars.whileMercuryis in the constellationof theSunaspectedbySaturnfromtheconstelation of Mr