karunanidhi rule and family wealth estimation

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History of Karunanidhi Rule and his Family’s Wealth Karunanidhi Family Tree:

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Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation


Page 1: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation

History of Karunanidhi Rule and his Family’s Wealth

Karunanidhi Family Tree:

Page 2: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation
Page 3: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation

This following article shares some information about the

1) History of Karunanidhi’s Rule in Tamilnadu State , Pondicherry Union

Government and Central Government

2) His Family’s Revenues and possible investments in the Companies apart from


3) Gain of taxes with the help of Murasoli Maran, P Chidhambaram and

S.S. Palani Manickam and other Central Ministers

4) Accumulation of Wealth and its approximate estimation

5) Investment in the Other countries in the name of Properties and shares in

Multi-National Companies and how Karunanidhi became the richest person in

the world

6) Purpose of Foreign travels by Karunanidhi Family People to look after the

accumulated wealth and to lead luxurious life

Page 4: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation

7) Purpose of Karunanidhi Family’s Media Companies to support their political

and business and community cause

Read the following article published in the wiki.


Rule as Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

1) 10 February 1969 – 4 January 1971 – 1 years – 10 month – 23 days

2) 15 March 1971 – 31 January 1976 – 4 years – 10 months – 16 days

3) 27 January 1989 – 30 January 1991 – 2 years – 0 months – 3 days

4) 13 May 1996 – 13 May 2001 – 5 years

5) May 13, 2006 – May 15, 2011 – 5 years and 2 days

During the said periods Karunanidhi and his family people were controlling all the

Ministries and Departments in the Tamilnadu State. They have introduced many

welfare schemes and awarded projects and conducted tenders and auctions for

many projects.

Till now he was the only person ruled the Tamilnadu for more numbers of years.

The total numbers of days Calculation: 18 years 9 months 14 days. So the total

numbers of years is 19 years in the State government rule.

DMK’s rule in Pondicherry Union Government

The following link will give the details of Pondicherry Chief Ministers.


1) 17 March 1969 - 2 January 1974 - 4 years - 9 months - 11 days

2) 16 January 1980 - 23 June 1983 - 3 years - 5 months - 7 days

3) 26 May 1996 - 21 March 2000 - 3 years - 9 months - 23 days

Page 5: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation

So the total numbers of day’s calculation is: 12 years 0 months 11 days

Muasoli Maran : Positions Held

1989-1990: Union Cabinet Minister, Urban Development

1996-1998: Union Cabinet Minister, Industry

1999-2002: Union Cabinet Minister, Industry

T R Baalu : Positions Held

1996-1998: Minister of State, Petroleum, Natural Gas and Non-Conventional

Energy Sources

1999-2003: Cabinet Minister, Environment and Forests

2004-2009: Cabinet minister for Shipping, Road Transport & Highways.

A Raja: Positions Held

Minister of State, Rural Development - October 13, 1999 – September 20, 2000

Minister of State, Health and Family Welfare - September 30, 2000 – December

21, 2003

Cabinet Minister, Communications and Information Technology May 18, 2007 – May

18, 2009

Cabinet Minister, Communications and Information Technology May 31, 2009 –

November 14, 2010

Dhayanidhi Maran: Positions Held

Cabinet Minister, Communications and Information Technology

Cabinet Minister, Textiles

M K Alagiri: Positions Held

Cabinet Minister , Chemicals and Fertilizers

Page 6: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation

DMK’s Participation in Central Government:

The following article describes the details of Prime Ministers of India.


1) 2 December 1989 – 10 November 1990

2) 1 June 1996 – 21 April 1997

3) 21 April 1997 – 19 March 1998

4) 19 March 1998 – 19 May 2004

5) 22 May 2004 – Till Date

So nearly 10-15 years DMK was part of the Central Government and holding

the important and most revenue making ministries. It is highly probable that

DMK might have looted the Tax Payers money and benefitted from their

influence with Indian and Foreign Companies.

Marans Family Wealth:

1) Maran Brothers’ Flagship Company is Sun TV and it’s subsidiaries.

2) According to the sources they have investment in many telecom Companies,

Satellites to add subsidiary powers to the Media Business

3) Kal Airways. Spice Jet was acquired by Kalanidhi Maran and renovated the

company by the name of ‘Kal Airways’

4) SUN DTH – Sun TV group’s Direct To Home service in India

We can get the details from the following link.





Page 7: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation

Sun TV Network has huge number of Channels in all the four south Indian

languages including music, comedy and children etc. They have rights for many FM

stations with the name of ‘Suryan FM’. They are the leaders in the FM radios. They

have their network strength with the ‘News Paper and Print Media’ also.

Major Business entities

1) Sun Network - South Indian Television Channels

2) Sun Direct DTH - Direct to Home broadcasting Service

3) Spicejet – Airlines

4) Suryan FM - Tamil Radio

5) Red FM - MultiLingual Indian Radio

6) Sun Pictures - Tamil Movie Production house

7) Dinakaran - Tamil daily news paper

8) Tamil Murasu - Tamil evening news papers

9) Kunkumam, Muthaaram, Vannathirai, Kunguma Chimizh - Tamil magazines

10) Sun 18 - to distribute its channels through cable, DTH, IPTV, HITS and


From the wiki it is known that the wealth of Kalanidhi Maran is 3.5 Billions of

Dollars. If we calculate the value in Indian Rupees. It is equal to 1,71,52,55,50,000.

Kalanidhi Maran is the second in India’s Highest earning CEOs list in the year 2011.




The following evidence gives the information that Kalanidhi Maran’s worth is

3 Billion US Dollars last year when Kalanidhi Maran bought shares of Spice Jet.

Page 8: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation


After the buy out of Spice Jet, Kalanidhi planned for the expansion of Spice Jet

by ordering 30 Boeing Aircrafts for 2.7 Billions US Dollars.



So the net wealth of Kalanidhi would be nearly 5 Billion US Dollars. Please go

through the following link about the expansion plans for the Spice Jet.


So the total wealth of Maran Brothers (Kalanidhi Maran and Dhayanidhi Maran) will

be around 2,45,03,65,00,000 Crores of rupees.

Role of Maran Brothers in 2G Scam:





An FIR was filed by CBI against the Maran Brothers for the Aircel-Maxis Deal.



‘’CBI officials said the Marans received kickbacks from the Malaysian firm in the

form of investments into Sun Direct after the Aircel-Maxis deal was struck.

Krishnan paid Rs 3,390.82 crore for 74 per cent equity in Aircel. Astro, also a part

of Ananda Krishnan’s media-telecom empire, announced a $160 million investment in

Sun Direct for a 20 per cent stake. Last year, Astro raised its stake in Sun Direct

to 35 per cent.’’



Page 9: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation



Karunanidhi Family Wealth:

Karunanidhi’s Family Wealth cannot be traced easily. Because karunanidhi does not

have a direct business entity and does not hold any properties directly we cannot

calculate the total wealth of Karunanidhi Family members directly. During his

tenures Karunanidhi was part of multiple scams and benefitted from many business

dealings. Many of his wealth are maintained by other people in the name of

benamies. Karunanidhi is clever and secretive in the business dealings. He does all

the business dealings and Scams silently and scientifically. It cannot be easily

traced. He has Money and Muscle Powers to protect the Business Empire. If

someone from his network goes away or deviates from the instructed path he is ok

to kill the person itself to protect the Business Empire. Most of his money is

invested in foreign countries especially South Asia and South East Asian Countries.


Some of his wealth can be traced from the DMK political party. All the DMK party

offices and other properties and trusts owned by DMK party are in the name of

the party. So the Properties might have been registered with the family people of

Karunanidhi. The total wealth of all the movable and immovable assets will cross

hundreds of thousands of crores. If you calculate the human resources it adds to

its basics.

That is the important reason Karunanidhi is shying away to include other family

people and to give the top party posts to them. Even Perasiriar Anbalagan and

other senior party leaders are neglected to include his sons Stalin, Alagiri and

daughter Kanimozhi to get the important party posts.

Karunanidhi is considering the DMK as his business entity and wants to make it as a

Dynasty and so he wants the successor should be from his family. He is not ready

for the democratic election of leaders in the Party. This initiated the rivalry

between his sons, daughters and nephews. All the other hard working party men

were treated as slaves and refused to be given the important positions. Even the

Page 10: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation

party posts and seats to contest in elections are sold to people with Money and

Muscle Power and merit and service are forgotten. So all are business dealings in

DMK and money is everywhere. In the past they have done so much amount of Land

grabbing and other grabbing of Big Business Houses , Educational Institutions and

Trusts. This added to the accumulation of wealth to the Party and ultimately to

the Karunanidhi Family.




The following document clearly talks about the Wealth declaration of Karunanidhi

Family during the elections.



During the last five years the following Cinema Companies are started by

Karunanidhi Family Members worth Crores of Rupees and produced films worth

hundreds of Crores of rupees. They benefitted from entertainment and other

charges from the State Government to register and release the films produced by

the family people. The Karunanidhi family people were controlling the entire Film

Industry including Production, Distribution and Exhibition.

1) Red Giant Movies

2) Cloud Nine Movies

3) Mohana Movies

Kalaingar TV

Kalaingar TV is a registered business entity with the name of Karunanidhi Family


Page 11: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation

It’s worth including the Land, equipments and other movable and immovable

properties may cross hundreds of Crores.


From the above article around 200 Crores were transferred to Kalaingar TV

illegally as a bribe for the 2G Scam.

Properties Owned by Karunanidhi Family People

The following link gives the details of karunanidhi family assets only in Tamilnadu.


The following list gives the known details of the important Real Estate Assets

(Immovable Property)owned by Karunanidhi and other members of his family in

Tamil Nadu and elsewhere in South India.

This is not an exhaustive list. This list includes only immovable property and Real

Estate owned by Karunanidhi and his family. The black money stashed away by this

family abroad does not figure in this list.

The self-proclaiming yellow Shawl which only toiled for the suffering masses of

Tamil Nadu now lies anchored in the electorally enforced rest of retirement..

1. Karunanidhi’s House in Gopalapuram –6124 sq.ft. in area—value Rs.5 crores

2. The House of Murasoli Maran in Gopalapuram—value Rs. 5 crores

3. The House of Murasoli Selvam in Gopalapuram—1200 sq.ft. in area—value Rs.2


4. The House of Sornam in Gopalapuram—value 4 crores.

5. The House of Mu Ka Muthu in Gopalapuram—value Rs.2 crores

6. The House of Amritham in Gopalapuram—value Rs.5 crores

7. The House of daughter Selvi Ezhilarasi in Gopalapuram—value Rs.2 crores

Page 12: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation

8. The House of wife Rajathiammal in CIT Colony—extent of Land 9494

sq.ft.—area of the house 3500 sq.ft—value Rs.12 crores

9. The extent of land owned by Rajathiammal andKanimozhi in Mannivakkam

village—300 acres—value Rs.4.5 crores

10. A Shopping Establishment called Royal Furnitures owned by Rajathi

Ammal—value Rs.10 crores..

11. The house owned by Mu Ka Stalin at Velacheri---extent of land 2687

sq.ft.—area of the house 2917 sq.ft.—value Rs.2 crores

12. Udyanidhi’s Snow Bowling Alley at Nungumbakkam—value Rs.2 crores

13. Kalanidhi Maran’s palatial House on Boat Club Road in Chennai—16 grounds of

land—value Rs.100 crores

14. Farm House owned by Maran Brothers in Kottivakam—value Rs.10 crores

15. MM Industries near Ramachandra Medical College at Porur—value Rs.2 crores

16. Murasoli office building at Kodambakkam—6 grounds of private patta land and

1472 sq.ft. of Public and Government owned Poromboke Land—value Rs.20 crore.

17. Sun Cable Vision property at Mahalingapuram in Kodambakkam—2 grounds of

land and other TV Equipments—value Rs.5 crores

18. Sun TV’s Lands at MRC Nagar—32 grounds in extent –value Rs.100 crores

19. Value of 11% shares in Coromandel Cements Ltd. Rs.50 crores

20. 4-bedroomed flat owned by Selvam in Bangalore—value Rs.4 crores

21. Landed property of Selvi on Bangalore-Mysore Highway—a farmhouse eon 1

acre—value Rs.80 crores.

24. Mu Ka Tamilarasu’s Rainbow Industries on Peters Road---value Rs.48 crores.

25. Mu Ka Tamilarasu’s farmlands at Andiyur---13 grounds in extent—value Rs.30


Page 13: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation

26. Share value in Express Estates—value unknown

27. Dinakaran Publications—value unknown

28. Sumangali publications—value unknown

29. Murasoli Trust—value unknown

30. Lands owned by Dayalu Ammal Trust at Madakulam Village in Madurai

District—21 cents.—value unknown

31. Extent of land owned by Karunanidhi at Agarathirunnallur Village in Thanjavur

District—21.30 acres—value unknown

32. Extent of land owned by Dayalu Ammal in Tiruvallur District—3.84 acres-value

Rs.1 crore

33. Lands owned by Durga Stalin in Tiruvallur District---3680 sq.ft. of land—value

60 lakhs.

34. 2.56 acres of land owned by Azagiri at Uthangudi village in Madurai North

Taluk—value Rs.2 crores

35. 7.53 acres of land owned by Azagiri at Kallathiri Village in Madurai North

taluk—value 2 crores.

36. 1.5 acres of land owned by Azagiri at Madurai Tallakulam—value Rs.5 crores.

37. 1.54 acres of land owned by Azagiri at Chinnapatti Village in Madurai North

taluk—Rs.40 lakhs.

38. 12 cents of land owned by Azagiri in Madurai Tirupparankundram---value Rs.50


39. 36 cents of land owned by Azagiri at Maddakulam Village in Madurai South

Taluk—value Rs.1 crore

40. 18,535 sq.ft. of land owned by Azagiri at Punmeni Village in Madurai South

–value Rs.2 crore 43. House owned by Azagiri on 21 cents of land at Sathya Sai

Nagar in Madurai city---value Rs.2 crores.

Page 14: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation

41. 21.6 cents of land owned by Gandhi Azagiri at Thogarai Village in Vadipatti taluk

in Madurai District---value Rs.60 lakhs

42. 5.32 acres of land owned by Gandhi Azhagiri at Uliyamgulam Village in Madurai

District (Nagaimalai Pudocottai)—value Rs.20 lakhs

43. 12.01 acres of land owned by Dayanidhi Azhagiri at Melamathur Village in

Madurai District—value Rs.50 lakhs.

44. An extent of 21.32 acres owned by Gandhi Azhagiri at T.Pudupatti village in

Madurai, Tirumangalam—value Rs.50 lakhs.

45. A n extent of 82.3 cents of land together with a Farm House owned by Gandhi

Azhagiri in Kodaikanal Hills---value Rs.5 crores.

46. An extent of 18.5 cents of land owned by Dayanidi Azhagiri in Madakulam

Village—value Rs.50 lakhs.

47. An extent of 4200 sq.ft. of prime urban land owned by Dayanidi Azhagiri at

Sholinganallur near Chennai—value Rs.2.5 crores.

48. An extent of 3912 sq.ft. of prime urban land owned by Dayanidi Azhagiri at

Thiruvanmayur in Chennai—value Rs.3 crores. 52. A Kalyana Mandapam (4378 sq.ft.)

owned by Dayanidi Azhagiri at Sathya Sai Nagar in Madurai—value Rs.3 crores.

49. A multi storeyed apartment owned by Dayanidi Azhagiri in RC Mehta Flats near

Madavaram Dairy Farm near Chennai—value Rs.1 crore.

50. An extent of 50 cents of land owned by Dayanidi Azhagiri at Inchampakkam

near Chennai—value Rs.2 crores

51. Daya Engineering College owned by Dayanidi Azhagiri at Shivarakottai in


52. Daya Cyber Park (8 storeyed building ) on 5 grounds of land owned by Dayanidi

Azhagiri in Madurai.

53. Daya Technologies urban property near Madurai Bus stand owned by Dayanidi

Azhagiri—value Rs.1 crore.

Page 15: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation

54. A Commercial Complex (door no. 271 A) owned by Kanimozhi on Anna Salai

Chennai---value Rs.5 crores.

55. Value of Equity held by Kanimozhi in West Gate Logistics –Rs.20 crores.

56. The value of Shares held by Kanimozhi in Kalignar TV ---Rs.30 crores.

57. An extent of 525 acres of plantations under the name of Windsor Estate

owned by Kalignar Family in Ooty---value Rs. 50 crores.

58. The value of Shares held by Dayalu Ammal in Kalignar TV—value rs. 90 crores.

59. An extent of 400 acres of land owned by Kalignar Family in Andaman

Islands—value unknown.

60. A Coffee Estate owned by Kalignar Family in Coorg—extent and value unknown.

61. Mega Plan for the construction of Multiplex Theatres in every city in Tamil


62. Two Private Aircrafts of ST Courier owned by Maran Brothers.

63. Sun Medical College and Hospital besides Tamil Nadu Hospitals for

Anbukkarasi, daughter of Maran.

64.Following a Business Pact And Agreement between Sai Baba and Kalignar Family

(which cannot exclude DMK!), a Commercial Complex being constructed in the

Abbotsbury Compound will be handed over to the Maran Brothers for the

construction of a Hospital.

65. It is a widely held public perception that the urban property ( a part of

Brookfields Complex on Brook Bond Salai in Coimbatore) in which RMKV Shop is

located belongs to Kanimozhi.

66. It has been always told that Kalaingar Family People bought many island

countries which are part to the South Asia and South East Asia for their pleasant

stay worth Billions of Dollars.

The following article shares the information about Vai.Ko. An ex-leader from DMK

who was expelled because of the succession war.

Page 16: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation


Contradict statement by Karunanidhi to the press







Money Laundering by KaniMozhi (FEMA and FERA)



Frequent Foreign Visit by Alagiri and Stalin to look after the details of accounts

of Investment in Foreign countries












So according to unofficial records the total wealth of All the Karunanidhi Family

members will cross trillions of dollars and they will be the richest Dynasty in the

Page 17: Karunanidhi Rule and Family Wealth Estimation

World. They have their money invested in the tax havens like Marutius, Maldives,

Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, London, Switcherland (Scandinavian Countries),

Andaman, Srilanka etc.