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    WOT as Angels, wlio io Heaven

    With unclouded brightness lliine)Noras fi'fleisfnow new Wriv'rij

    J4ot se rapine nor divine.

    Not a beaurv's sell" Co chatminy,Mticti the queen of love,

    Not her frowns as Hell alarming,Kor he'f.Dites as hsiven above.

    Jf'ithei in 1 er bearl Co cheeringTwo bright stars, as in the ikie

    SU 'evrft-en'Jjppejrin-

    Vto thartS heaven jhehajtwo t)eS.

    Longtr'th curious eyesod 1 ihmk they can'j

    Vken I look'd I atrtay;

    That they feeird ofi

    wfe ponder'i

    ge gdod',


    :fli and bits?Hk

    ofNow I cannot help declarjngI her tcth have often Jfen

    yet 'twou'd bs unjust coaiparingThem to rain congeal'd, I wee.

    Xtra'llon her l?pno " peach dcAvn" YlgtrJBatfjltnefsas wasever seen, '- -

    It may jc like the " ruby hue,"I never have a ruby seen.

    Oft bavelfmelt the frclh blownAnd cither breaHUhat I thought pure,

    Ad many a time tho ' now mown close,Btittwas-lu- i,ither, lam Aire.

    Since-m- y love (or Lucy waken'dTwice nine summers are away,

    And Ineyer thought her liken'd,To a blooming mormn May.

    Tettbc village is Lucr,She's ot allourgirlstheinoltfair

    True flie has not all the beautiesjBut I Mink flie hasherfharei


    Thelfe angelic charms not seeing,There's a foniethmg I approve t

    Though (he (ferns a human beingStill the uttle girl I love.


    James the first, when he was Duke ofYork, took it his head to vifn Miltonmerely out of cu.iofitv. In rlir-- mrCif."ji" - -





    U mills, isIpJ

    Afiticin.. "whpthf-- r hp rlirl nnf rliinlr riJo'fs of his sight was a judgmeiUupon himfor what he had wnt againfl his father,CiTirleg.1. ?" Our immortal batd madethe follow mg reply : " Is your highnessthinks tht calamities which befal ushtre, are indications of the wrath ofJicaven, in what manner Nvare we to ac-count the sate of thelSpg, yoUr -?

    the difpleaf.ire n must,Uoith;s X'.powfition, have been much

    er .s;auiit bhn than me, fori havec 1 !( ft in eye but he lost his befid. ,

    ,-- ., .


    A T till tiuhin" ol main fiagle creek, fifteenJ rules f'O'ii Georgetown, on the road to Cmc 1 lati Tiier i a good Bcv.oJ log houe, fiityS t ioriK.four gjod &ojthxs places, b good log Ualilc indb.i;n, oo ' kitchen with a rtumher offu' c'iluns; ahnu uirty six acres of c!e ired land,tj ot r likh i iieadow, vSo fs lots joining thehi se 'Blic "ivantageouslituStioiiot tlie place for

    , o piulic hbuic & range for ftAck, is j. cueriily knowny ei'in ca-- i r.j uiimcoisiTej cne terms may

    v ' -- v,','!i" to MrC. riri Frankfort. eiq. UeOrgeis. Jrohn Hunter,

    H B ny penonrent ng. t' """iicij,bed Kth a q uintit o! win vegetiuje

    j 01



    can be

    SpririgHt' Wafbmgton Oiunty, and rill buy

    edif L? tie) is aiw k. nd ior Hides, ortan on t is jtt e will tjlt Hides tl at we ffi aUovljs' g o ?u diy as fal Leather, for oneth rd, li I receive them tills ear, the Cu ft inonth




    JMOL- itiZ .--i rt

    TROTTER &N addition to their valuable flock on

    hand, have iuft received nnrl nnw ripening at their ltore, in the brick buildingoppoiue tne market-not- e, a lrge and gcrieral aiTbrtment of well cliofen

    MERCHANDIZE,Suitable to the niei&nt and nnnrnnr-riinc- rseasons, which will certainly be sold on,tne moit moderate terms ior CASH INHAND. Alfoa supply of all kinds ofGrocet res, China and Glass Ware, ft quan



    tity oj excellent aar-lrr- n, Crowley -ana" Blister Steel, Castings and

    irmaoio trax, JVatls oj every aescrtorion. Jioutma- (;intixt' I -- "I O t-.- f Isjui.aiic jili lucTcoani or country

    Work, likewise Mann's Lick Salt of aCUPtRIOR QUALITY-- .

    They hereby return their thanks totheir friends who have hitherto fnvnrprithem with their custom, and flattei thtm-felve- s

    that from a proper and due atten-tion, ter meet with a continuation of future tavors.

    Lexington, Dec. lft, i80b.

    ? War fan mtTriJt rft--- - v - ! lUCJl).jH?QE Gentlemen who have appliedrFI'M!IIlta'-- appointments fn the ser , e of theUnited States, are informed that their ap ,m u ,,

    with all the recommendatory letters actom,:j-,n- e

    dav evening last. Thole who deire to be con' V J

    their applications.SAMUEL DEXI .11,

    Secretary at War.The printers in the different states 3re reoueftcd

    to give this a place in their Gazettes.

    jl GIVE notice to gentlemen who have bct.i imers to my horle BLA?.K. anrl b,r , ..7 -- .. ....-- tlKtvn ri.a.. . o.m i...- - i .


    - .

    vuu.i-i- . Hum Him, uiauraean 'oraovt oi tjithisftatcne-ctfeafon- . cnlefs thp i.jf'1 . J?'and enjter their m-i- es to the araf uht 1 at3l payable on note at Oiriitnvs in wm'kedeli


    vered in Lexington at market price", Or I .or cellvercd in Frankfort market price, son ( rtwel e dollars for the season, or seven t it imlea, paid Ghuftmai ib'oi I find r,i3i i vscarce and diificult to colleft, is the reason l rt tomove him, the indulgence given has caufeJme-- to suffer much Jbr money.

    August 28. i8oo.(



    fiJ Bcnj. What ton.LNDS TO SELL

    Ata Reasonable PrLe, '.l06? 2 acres, in Monttrnniprv rnnntw k..n.

    ed the south by Hed river, on the nort x erL.wn, mm aui.uui uiaiaie, cue tract incu re: niwhole Indian cieekandits branches v. hit l

    r ' w tf.; .1 t , many (seats for it well timberedWWMW-W'- t'e "d with a great number of ucver railmj, '







    at or







    f5des Imlian creek, its soil is ery fertile sit ior ciltivdtfon tho broken, it is intermixed ivith sine bot-toms, with alsttle trouble and a Mnall c-- - fn'-- vi!uable proffits out of cultivation mcy be tntui lOmlpart of the traft. The title indisputable

    11646 acres, on the north side of the Northfork of Kentucky river about 8 miles aboie themouth, running up the liverwith the meander the e--of

    1 100 poles when reduced tea ftrairnt i'rx, t esoil pretty level and rich. The title imhi nit iu

    2367 1 2 acres, on the waters oftha North for olRock-Cast- le river, Madison county.

    300 acres, in Garrard county oj While Oal ruuopposite the moath of hickrran creek, the nnd toDanville crofTes the traft N. E. &S. V. ihjut 2 3of a mile, itisofaverv early entry

    418 acres, military land on the bank of L i.nber-lan- riri er joining the town of Clarkiville ed wa

    tc ed md timbeied.46 town lots and out lots ii the said tow n of

    C arksville.6000 teres, of land in several small granvi reserved

    by the state of Virginia, and cortf rmed by tu o aftsv. -- , .y ..'t " ... w .lib 11...1 V.IIII1.UII- L-

    , near the town of the same name, territory M.r a. l.s U.nv eii me w.iiu.2"30 n.c rp5. military Ifli.n ifi thp TUi,im. TeVw.

    of th; Ohio, giSpoles froir then r aTdtippofite(E8ui'csi'iiuuMiicniiesiirut 25 1 .s i'kivs ural.ville, the tract is not far Irtciu .0 n"iin fettk.meut in the g ant

    N B Nejroes, Tioduce, Merchandize, Lot's &Uoufes 111 Lexington, Paris or Danvili; will t-- takenin p.rt; .good plantation between Lexington tudVjounr Sti ling wih co.nriand a prohtahic bsrgai 1for the purchafcr of a considerable quantity o.Hdn.lands. For further information apply to

    MP. D. Robe,Lc.intDn.t,TAKE NOTICE.

    I HEREBY forewarn all persons fromtaking an a'lignracnt on a bond givenby me, David Ilanna, of Woodford- - coun-ty, unto Josiah East, of Lincoln county,as I am detexmiid not to pay until compelled by law as he hasiiiled to cm , hwith his contrajfl. jTa y r,v

    TAKEN Up by th1u3ftrribr7vingin Fayette county W.k Maible creek,one sorrel man:.,, -- bojit eight yerG old,abch. thirteen hanjs three inches high,bi ded on the near flioulder with a iV

    vi re 9, with a lmall bell on. hlrlrt t ti a -.jtUVhite, tlaze face, her off sore leg haj:h

    );ALSO bay horfc, upwards of threeyears old, thirteen, hands three inches1 Jr4 Jrh !Ai4nl41l Tw rt ma n rt a11111. u le.u 111 iu iuiciiu, liiicc icqtwhite no brand to be difcovercd r

    to .18 dolls.GEORGE VALXADTGRAM.

    ?tb Sept. 1800 ' r'fBLANK BOOKS,

    Ofanjdcscipwii,mtty b- - bad at thisQjfice n the (burtist a tt'ect,

    LANDS TOR SALE,- 1 am authorised to ft 11 two tradls of

    L A N AIN Madison county crhcyed bv Elie Williams. One baftcontains 250 acres lying on thefoiith sideof and adjoining the Kentucky river oppofite the CojCras lick. 1 he Other traclalso contains 20 acres', granted as afore,said ; this tract lies about halt a mile h$.low the former,, they were located auqfurve)ed, at an early; period by JoffcpiLang, and regularfv conveyed by hnn WEftill. They are above BoonMMufeh,, Jana arc lam to be ot a good qtwijy' aridwell filuated : one of the traBrS. lfat n

    ?j?tfnaiU at present. 3 y -1 wm alio tell 1557 acres of LJftjND

    on Big Reedy, patented to Tacb Am&roreof Bairdft ovjh5 in tv6 'gims ; and aoooacres 0.1 Beaver Creek a branch of themamTprkof Lickihg-i- n Bourbon county.

    A-rf- person inclining tti purchase ci-ther of the above traits of LAND, maykno the terms by applying to the sub-- "fcrv er in Lexingtoni

    Dec ?th 1800.





    Which will be sold low &r CASH orWHEAT delivered at the IbbforibersHill, )p credit need he asked.

    GEORGE TEGARDEN. 1Dec. 29th 1800. tf. I

    A List ot LetterEMAINING in the PolT:.OfflrPT.P1r.

    - V liitcf''. vbiii. it nnt taVnn nnf ifc. - ,