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  • Insulated Architectural Facade System

    Insu la ted Pane ls

    CI/SfB(4-) Rh2

    September 2007

    Buildingto the Power of

    Kingspan Thermastone

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    Kingspan Thermastone System...

    Kingspan, the market leader in insulated panel systems has further advanced facade technology by introducing aunique system that combines all the benefits of insulated panel construction, with the aesthetics of ceramicgranite facings.

    The Kingspan Thermastone architectural facade system, creates a strong, aesthetically pleasing finish withregulation compliant insulation built-in.

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    Kingspan Thermastone combines proven insulated paneltechnology with the best of ceramic granite cladding

    the Best of Both Worlds...

    System Benefits Offers design flexibility Easily used to dress elevations to secure inner city

    planning approvals

    Removes architectural facade from the critical path Full system guaranteed Cost effective Fast and simple installation High performance thermal insulation built-in Suitable for refurbishments as well as new builds Full Technical support offered by Kingspan Full installation training and on-site support available

    Ceramic Granite Benefits Ceramic granite available in a wide range of colours

    and finishes

    Easy to maintain (individual tiles can be easily removed) Ceramic granite will offer exceptional building protection Compared with naturally quarried stone, the loadings

    on the substructure and building exterior aredramatically reduced

    100% performance over the life of the building Ceramic granite does not support algae growth or

    absorb dust or airborne contamination

    Ceramic granite is completely impermeable andresistant to light and UV radiation

    Sustainable Forest Recyclable Vegetable Based

    The paper we have printed on is from 80% post-consumer waste and the remaining 20% pulp is TCF(Totally Chlorine Free). This fibre is FSC certified ( for details). In recognition, the range has beenawarded both the NAPM and Eugropa recycled marks,two of the most prestigious and recognisable recycledcertificates available. The ink we have used is vegetablebased, allowing the document to be recycled.

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    Aesthetic AppealThe Kingspan Thermastone system combines Kingspans proveninsulated panel technology with the aesthetic appeal of ceramicgranite, which can reproduce all the beauty and variation ofnaturally hewn stone. The ceramic granite is completely free fromfissures, flaws and other weak points which reduce the strengthand versatility of quarried materials in their original state.

    Realise Your IdeasFacade technology has evolved and the new cornerstone ofthis evolution is the Kingspan Thermastone system. This uniquesystem featuring the exceptional benefits of ceramic granitecladding, provides a framework for architects to realise theirown ideas and designs.

    Multiple ApplicationsThe Kingspan Thermastone system offers the ideal solution foralmost every construction application - apartments, offices,hotels, commercial properties as well as retail projects. Suitablefor refurbishment and new build.

    No Wet TradesThe Kingspan Thermastone system can be installed on site byworkers without masonry skills; as a result, the system providesa fast and simple installation solution.

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    Unpolished Surfaces Polished Surfaces

    Pisa BasilicataPhlegethonToscana

    Metallic Surfaces

    Lazio 1Liguria

    Lazio 3Lazio 2

    Heapey Coppice

    Insulation Built-InThe Kingspan Thermastone system is a next generationcladding system providing an exceptionally hardwearing,attractive and cost-effective method of improving theappearance of the building. And if that wasnt enough, thesystem has regulation compliant insulation built-in!

    Easy IntegrationKingspan Thermastone is supplied directly by Kingspan.The complete system consists of our insurer approvedinsulated panel, support brackets and other fixings, as well asthe ceramic granite. The system can easily integrate with otherelements such as doors, windows, apertures, brick/stoneworkand glazing.

    Service BackupAs a service to our clients, our Field Service Team and ourspecifications support Technical Services Team provide expertiseand offer creative advice on design usage. The KingspanThermastone system is backed up with the support of a highlyqualified team of manufacturing and design specialists.

    Please Note: The printed colours are as accurate as possible but are forguidance purposes only.

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    Kingspan Insulated Panel DataDimensions & Weight

    The Kingspan Thermastone system comprises of the Kingspan insulated panel and aceramic granite facade system.

    Available LengthsStandard lengths 1.8 to 12 metres. Panels less than 1.8mlong can be supplied and are subject to an extra charge.

    These panels cannot be end lapped.

    PerformanceThermal Insulation

    Panel Thickness (mm) U-value (W/m2K)45 0.4460 0.3370 0.35*80 0.30*

    100 0.23*

    Core Thickness (mm) 45 60 70 80 100

    Weight kg/m2* 0.63/0.4 steel 11.5 12.1 12.5 12.9 13.7

    1000mm cover width

    *Calculated using the method required by the Building Regulations Part L2(England & Wales), Section 6 (Scotland) and Part F2 (Northern Ireland)

    Recommended panel thicknesses to allow with compliance with Part L(Republic of Ireland - based on the Overall Heat Loss Method)

    *Weight indicated is for the panel only and not the completed system

    Quality & DurabilityKingspan Insulated Panels are manufactured from thehighest quality materials, using state of the art productionequipment to rigorous quality control standards, complyingwith ISO 9001: 2000 standard, ensuring long-term reliabilityand service life.

    Guarantees & WarrantiesKingspan will provide product warranties and guarantees onan individual project basis.

    The thermal and structural performance of the Kingspaninsulated panel is guaranteed for 25 years.


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    Product Data

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    Ceramic Granite DataDimensions & WeightDimensions: Nominal module overall dimensions:1200mm length x 600mm height

    Nominal facade panel actual dimensions:1196mm length x 596mm height (i.e. 8mm joint)

    Product ToleranceThickness, sides straightness, rectangularity and surface flatnessare all in accord with International Standard BS-EN 14411-G.

    MaterialCeramic Granite Facade Panel: Ceramic granite composedof selected refined clays, quartz, feldspars and metal oxidesvitrified under high temperature and pressure, with meshreinforcement to rear face.

    Aluminium Secondary Rail System: Extruded aluminiumsecondary rail system to BS1474 in 6063/T6 grade alloy.Coated black.

    Attachment: Extruded aluminium straps to BS1474 in6063/T6 grade alloy secured to ceramic granite faced panelusing undercut stainless steel expanding anchors. Strapssecured to aluminium secondary rail system using selfdrilling / self tapping stainless steel coated black screws.

    FireThe ceramic granite facades panels have Class 1 surfacespread of flame to BS476: Part 7: 1987, and are Class 0, asdefined by Building Regulations.

    Face panel nominally 12mm deep. Facade panel hanging railwith tile giving nominal depth of 50mm.

    Weight: Nominally 27kg/m2

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    accept no liability in respect thereof.

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    KS1000 LPLo-pitch

    KS1000 TSTile Support

    KS500/1000 ZIPKingZIP

    KS1000 RWTrapezoidal

    KS1000 SFSecret Fix

    KS1000 CRCurved

    KS1000 RWTrapezoidal

    KS1000 FCBox Profile

    KS600, 900 & 1000 LSLongspan

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    Wall & Facade Systems

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    KS1000 TT Thermatile TileHanging System

    KS600, 900 & 1000 MMMini-Micro

    KS600, 900 & 1000 CXConvex

    KS600, 900 & 1000 WVWave

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