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2. Daniel Patricio @danielpatricio 3. Daniel Patricio @danielpatricio !Small business marketer 4. Daniel Patricio @danielpatricio !Small business marketer Digital strategist 5. Daniel Patricio @danielpatricio !Small business marketer Digital strategist Product strategist 6. ProgramsWe help the highest potential startups across Canada better integrate these processes7 7. + 8. += 9. $2B in Sales Generated 70,000+ Active Stores 50M+ Products Sold 100+ Countries 317 Employees 10. TodayHow to solve the right problems with better products12 11. TodayDeath to Bad Process An Intro to Lean Process Think, Build, Tweak, Ship !13 12. Death to Bad Process Understanding the subtle dierences 13. Define MethodologyA set or system of methods, principles, and rules for regulating a given discipline ! Order in chaos Common language Repeatable process 15 14. 1. Waterfall 2. Agile 3. Lean 16 15. 1. Waterfall What are we making? ! Design Usability17 16. Everyday Workflow Step by step to completion ! Problems are known Solutions are known18 17. Waterfall Diagram (Classic)19 18. 20 19. 21 20. Why is it so bad? Scoping over validation Certainty over quality Ink dries fast22 21. 2. AgileHow do we make it? ! Design Usability Collaboration Delivery 23 22. Agile WorkflowSoftware development process based on iterative and incremental building ! Cross-functional teams Frequent prioritization Frequent demonstration 24 23. Waterfall versus Agile (Classic)25 24. 2. LeanAre we making the right thing? ! Design Usability Collaboration Delivery Validation Measurement26 25. Lean InspiredEliminate waste by combining agile development and customer development in times of uncertainty ! Validated learning Iterative product releases Build necessary and suicient Empowerment and decision-making 27 26. How to Build versus Right Things to Build28 27. How to Measure & Learn29 28. How to Validate Needs30 29. Summary: Three Way Comparison31 30. Lean ProcessA process exists to support creativity, not resist it 31. Starting FreshMaximize customer experience Welcome changing requirements Workshops over meetings !33 32. 34 33. 35 34. 36 35. 37 36. 53 38 37. Focus on outcomes Not deliverables39 38. 40 39. 41 40. 42 41. Deliver, Test, Iterate Do it often43 42. Obsess over process Its a killer competitive advantage44 43. Think, Build, Tweak, Ship Agile and customer-centric principles 44. How the sausage is made Theory Values Day to Day !46 45. All major product initiatives go through four stages Think It, Build It, Ship It, and Tweak It. Heres a picture illustrating the flow from idea to product, and what comes out of each stage along the way. Youll find a more detailed version of this picture at the end of the article. Think It = figure out what type of product we are building and why. Build It = create a minimum viable product that is ready for real users. Ship It = gradually roll out to 100% of all users, while measuring and improving. Tweak It = Continuously improve the product. This is really an end state; the product stays in Tweak It until it is shut down or reimagined (= back to Think It).47 46. Principles & Values Think Together Quality First Scope Smart Done Done !48 47. Design Development49 48. Development50 49. 51 50. Better Principles Think Together Quality First Scope Smart Done Done !52 51. Obsess over process Its a killer competitive advantage53 52. Discussion Questions & Answers


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