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This is the presentation of the UNIQUE Learning Badges project and Open Badges. Presentation explains the main goal of this project and the technical and educational concept of Open Badges.


  • 1. For the recognition of non-formal learning in European youth work www.learningbadges.eu
  • 2. www.learningbadges.eu VISION - With the project Unique Learning Badges we would like to contribute to the world where all learning: formal, non-formal and even informal could be valued, recognised and accredited, by learners and by others. The WAY - To develop a digital tool and web-based accreditation platform and build capacities for using it.
  • 3. We chose to use Open Badge as a new innovative tool to recognise outcomes and value of learning Who are WE? What is an Open Badge?! www.learningbadges.eu
  • 4. Organisations from non-formal education and youth work fields from Germany, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom Educators, trainers, consultants We involve youth workers, youth leaders, trainers, teachers and institutions from the field of youth and education www.learningbadges.eu
  • 5. www.learningbadges.eu
  • 6. Visual representation digital certificate with the image of the badge and data integrated Open Badge Infrustructure was created by Mozzila Foundation in 2011 It is free software and an open technical standard any user can earn, manage and display these badges all across the web www.learningbadges.eu
  • 7. www.learningbadges.eu
  • 8. Whether theyre issued by one organization or many, badges can build upon each other, joining together to tell the full story of skills and other learning achievements. Users have an easy way to collect their badges in a single backpack, and display their learning achievements on social networking profiles, job sites, their websites and more. www.learningbadges.eu
  • 9. www.learningbadges.eu
  • 10. Individuals can earn badges from multiple sources, both online and offline. Manage and share them using the Open Badges backpack and later this year organisations will have their own backpacks www.learningbadges.eu
  • 11. www.learningbadges.eu Learning providers issue badges Learners earn badges and share them Both unlock new opportunities
  • 12. www.learningbadges.eu
  • 13. Invent your own Badge eco-systems for learning Experiment with it Share with the world And keep on creating better future www.learningbadges.eu
  • 14. From now till 31 July 2014 www.learningbadges.eu
  • 15. www.learningbadges.eu Feb 2013 Mar 2013 Jun 2013 Jun 2014
  • 16. Laimonas Ragauskas Association of Non-Formal Education in Lithuania laimis001@gmail.com www.learningbadges.eu facebook.com/learningbadge s twitter.com/learning_badge s www.learningbadges.eu
  • 17. www.learningbadges.eu