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Exploring how Open Badges and ePortfolios can help immigrants learn and demonstrate their skills in language learning and employability. Part of a series. Link to support page:


  • 1.ePortfolios and Open Badges: Visual Pathways to the Future IMMIGRANT INTEGRATION VERSION May 30, 2014 Don Presant

2. Learning Agents ePortfolio, eLearning, eMedia 3. Needs of immigrants Learning and Recognition Learning and experience not recognized Foreign universities, experiential work learning not valued (lack of Canadian work experience) Individualized assets/gaps.but instruction in cohorts Language skills, soft skills, workplace culture Keeping the job, advancing in career (& tracking these outcomes) Retention issues over long process of integration Discouragement, distraction, financial pressures Slow progress thru higher CLB levels Handoff gaps between agencies, advisors Completely fixed with CoRelate? Employer awareness and attitudes Credibility, foreign names on rsums 4. Research Information Practices of Immigrants Nadia Caidi, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, 2009 5. The Read-Write Web has changed the Internet from: a shopping mall an encyclopedia a television To a place where we personalize our experience and leave our footprints behind 6. Key Message: ePortfolios can be FOR and OF Learning FOR Learning OF Learning focused on process focused on product supports learning demonstrates learning private workshop public shop window a learning environment a showcase of learning achievements learning activities learning outcomes formative assessment summative assessment lower stakes higher stakes 7. Personal Planning and Learning Online Locker, Interactive Workbook Online archive Personal & downloaded documents, links Resources for self-directed learning Webinars, videos, self-assessment surveys Learning plans and tracking tools Set goals and track progress to them (Learning Plans) Keep records of learning activities over time (CPD) Personal journal Reflect on goals and alternative futures Keep ad hoc notes to self, prepare agendas, etc. 8. Employment & related purposes Demonstrate, assess & improve Human Capital Qualification Recognition Initial, formative, summative assessment Academic recognition PLAR/RPL for courses and programs Career Development Gap analysis, exploration of alternatives, building pathways Employment (Web CV) Hiring, career advancement, team building tool for employers Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Tracking ongoing learning activities and reflection on practice Recertification 9. In MB: BrochureePortfolio Manitoba Start 10. Helping immigrants build a future in Canada Employability ePortfolios for Immigrants: Arrival to Employment Cannexus Ottawa 2014 11. Immigrant Services Society of BC ePortfolio Cooperative Framework LINC and employment staff working together Clients develop language, career planning and job search skills as a package Employment Facilitator ESL Teacher Skills, ePortfolio Evidence 12. Moodle + Mahara eLearning + ePortfolio 13. Mahara Hands-on workshop 14. Contribution to PLAR Now provide: Evidence of hard skills experience language ability soft skills More skills to better represent themselves to employers and professional associations Previously, simple referral to Employment Facilitator 15. Professional Pages Learner Owned 16. Resume Audio Intro Past Projects Certificates Publications 17. ePortfolios: leveraging the e The Flexible Binder for the 21st Century Information Management capabilities Collecting, archiving, sharing, multiple versioning Quick links to cross-reference evidence Accessible multimedia with free Web 2.0 tools Align to frameworks, rubrics, track learning over time Social learning, digital identity Building professional profile, Personal Learning network Digital technology skills, Internet literacy Demonstrated by and within the ePortfolio Learning and collaboration integration Online research: documents, networks Easy to add comments, edit, mentor, coach 18. New service: Multi-institution ePortfolio community University College Adult Learning Centre Professional Body Workplace Trainer Employability Agency Employer Industry Sector Body 19. Open Badges Digital credentials FOR and OF learning 20. Brief introduction 21. Open Badges and Badge Passports Micro credentials in a modular eportfolio Richard Wyles, Totara LMS at MaharaUK12 22. A picture + descriptive words Simple data structure for easy sharing 23. Badges in Action Demonstration 24. Origins Badges, medals, ribbons since pre-Roman times Military, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides Public recognition rewarding positive (desired) behaviour More recently: gaming leveling up Girl Guides of Canada via Flickr CCBY 25. Gamification of math skill building Khan Academy: Internal Badges for Learning 26. Gamification of physical reality Foursquare 27. Early vision: Foursquare 4 Work The Social Workplace The Social Workplace 28. Gamification of language learning Duolingo scaffolded text translation 29. Gamification of language learning Farmville for language? Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR): 30. Gamification of integration Citizenship course for Youth (Ontario) 31. Gamification of integration Citizenship course for Youth (Ontario) 32. Open Badges A learning ecosystem Goal #openbadgesMOOC 33. Open Badges Assessment and display 34. Badges for/of learning Badge Attainment Badge Display Intrinsic Motivation Extrinsic Motivation Formative Summative They make me smile! Which is a good thing learning should be fun and I think this was a fun element of the course Earned my Week 1 Badge from #oldsmooc! Unexpectedly pleased to have a reward for effort! What fun and motivates Im not sure yet if Ill really use them [externally] I decided that they might be useful as evidence of professional development I dont know if anyone in my institution will care, but in case they do, I have the badges. 35. Supporting independent learning? Open Learning Design Studio (OLDS) MOOC See analysis: MOOC Badging and the Learning Arc 36. Six Ways to Look at Badging Alternative Assessment Gamifying Education Learning Scaffolding Develop Lifelong Learning Skills Driver for Digital Media & Learning Democratize Learning Barry Joseph, Global Kids, Inc Quoted by David Wiley 37. Open Badges Making learning visible Progress markers Motivating learners, supporting advisors Learning pathways Granular, incremental, flexible Visual branding Issuers and learners Online trust system Demonstrate skills & capabilities 38. Benefits Open Badges & Digital Certification Visually efficient and appealing Fun, motivating to earn (gamification) Visualize progress for advising Automatically / manually awarded Individual learning pathways Modular, flexible, diverse, portable, shareable Personal goal setting, achievement for self-directed learning Builds confidence Blend and ladder from multiple sources in badge passports & ePortfolios Progress in incomplete programs can still be recognized and recombined Transparent, trustable Criteria, evidence, issue/expiry date Ongoing connection to issuer Report outcomes Issuer is validated and branded by the badges it issues 39. Badges and Immigrants Ideas for EAL (to be validated) FORMATIVE Portfolio Based Language Assessment (PBLA) progress tracking Course activities and assignments Self-directed learning achievements # books/articles read, docs written, grammar/vocab quizzes (self-assessments) & exercises, journal reflections and other portfolio inventory tasks completed Recognize/aggregate achievements from external language programs Rosetta Stone, Tell Me More,, etc. Enhance with Essential Skills, workplace culture learning Digital Technology, Working with Others, problem solving, etc. Real world badge missions # stretch assignments in the real world (e.g. conversations with strangers) SUMMATIVE Internal: CLB levels in progress reports: e.g. Reading: Developing 7 (linked to evidence as appropriate) External: IELTS scores? 40. Badges and Immigrants Ideas for Employability (to be validated) FORMATIVE Workshop program/job search milestones, achievements CV, cover letter, elevator speech, employability portfolio Real world badge missions # stretch assignments in the real world (e.g. # cold calls, # informational interviews) SUMMATIVE For service providers and funders Learner achievements: CVs, interviews, placements, hirings, etc. For Employers Essential Skills assessments (TOWES, Prove It, Microsoft, etc.) Computer, Document Use, etc. Job-related language assessments (e.g. IELTS) Courses/workshops taken Affiliations (e.g. Toastmasters, professional associations) Volunteer service, other experiential learning Summary credentials (work ready, etc. if available) 41. Badging Kirkpatrick For EAL (to be validated) Kirkpatrick Level Affordances & Indicators 5: ROI (Phillips) Badge reports of outcomes linked to budgets 4: Results Badge trails, aligned to CLB, by date? Badges linked to PBLA evidence. Badges from subsequent language learning. NB: Follow-up and learner cooperation required 3: Transfer Badge collections: sequencing, laddering, clustering Badges from multiple sources curated in badge passports & channeled to goals Badges in eportfolios enhanced with reflection 2: Learning Badges with embedded skills outcomes 1: Reaction Visual