learning hour: looking at learning differently

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Learning Hour: Looking at Learning Differently.


  • 1.Looking at Learning Differently

2. If you are at home and you want tolearn something, what do you do?Go on a training courseTake an e-learning moduleUse the Internet 3. Formal vs. Informal 4. Times are changingThe getting from A-B example,remember these 5. But that doesnt meanThat all your learners are.There are still going to be many people whowould much rather use a printed map thanany kind of internet technology.Dont forget about them! 6. Tools of the trade 7. Compliance training 8. Examples 9. HR Knowledge Bank 10. Podcasts 11. Self Directed Study 12. Comic Strips http://designcomics.org/ 13. Giving the story 14. Mobile Apps 15. Khan Academy 16. Other optionsWikis5-10 minute modules 17. Which of the following are you keento try?Knowledge bankPodcastSelf directed studyComic stripsMobile apps


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