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Senior Seminar & Thesis Presentation on the Learning Differently Foundation.


  • 1. LEAD A Club for Children with Language Learning Disabilities Hannah Guerin Senior Seminar & Thesis: Section on Social Innovation Faculty: Lara Penin, Jon Jelen, and Eduardo Staszowski
  • 2. LEAD: A Club for Children with Language Learning Disabilities The Problem Today there are approximately 5.4 million children in the United States with learning disabilities, 3 million of which are receiving the special education services they need as stated in their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). In New York City there are currently 140,000 students with learning disabilities that will be pulled out of special schools for learning disabilities and into public schools within the next two years.
  • 3. LEAD: A Club for Children with Language Learning Disabilities Project Opportunity Project Description Jumping the Hurdle is an after-school club for children with language learning disabilities in New York City schools. Hannah Guerin Consulting will provide the schools with the Jumping the Hurdle manual to implement and run the club. How the Project Works Childrens home NYC public schools i i M i an ua i l i Manual Hannah Guerin $ Jumping the Hurdle Consulting NYC public school
  • 4. LEAD: A Club for Children with Language Learning Disabilities Interview with Principal of Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School Open-Ended Interview Questions 1. How much does it cost to run an after school program once a week for a year? 2. Do New York City teachers especially SPED attend any annual conferences? Or do they meet regularly? 3. What would be the best way to inform the school of an after school program? 4. Would you suggest having an orientation for the participating schools? 5. Do you think the SPED teachers would be able to handle the workload of running the club or is it too much? If so what about teaching assistants?
  • 5. LEAD: A Club for Children with Language Learning Disabilities Solution The Learning Differently Foundation creates educational toolkits for New York City schools that address specific issues for children with learning disabilities. The first toolkit that Learning Differently provides is the LEAD: A Club for Children with Language Learning Disabilities. The LEAD toolkit contains, a manual, poster, and membership card that will help the special education teachers implement and sustain the LEAD club. The LEAD manual provides a number of activities that the special education teacher can use to build student communication skills. The overall goal of the LEAD club is for the students to use the communication skills they built throughout the activities to create an awareness campaign within their community.
  • 6. LEAD: A Club for Children with Language Learning Disabilities
  • 7. LEAD: A Club for Children with Language Learning Disabilities Description Example Expert Project Expert Project Description: The idea with the Expert Project is to give The Expert Project entails having each of your students every student the chance to become an expert on one research their favorite animal and creating a presentation specific topic. The overall focus should be on how the student or another visual material to back up their research, i.e. a communicates throughout the project, i.e. if they dont drawing of the animal assigned to the child. At the end of understand something they ask for help from someone. the 2 week research session each child while present to the club. The students should be encouraged to research Materials Needed: Internet, Art Supplies of students something that they dont necessarily know. choice, Microsoft powerpoint & word, Topic ideas: Plants, animals, historical building or time period, company, favorite person, Lauren and the other members of show SPED teacher goes over the Expert activity up to the Expert Project. with Lauren and the other members. Lauren researches with Sam on the Lauren goes home and asks her parents for computer about frogs for the Expert Project. help on her frog project. Lauren presents her project on frogs on the SPED teacher congratulates Lauren on her 3rd week. project!
  • 8. LEAD: A Club for Children with Language Learning Disabilities i Permenate infomation exchange PTAs CBOs LEAD & non-LEAD Families parent-teach monthly/annual IEP meetings i i ns tio na $ do ily m Fa Special Private Grants i $ M Manuals for club implementation Generic Private Grants $ $ Funding for the club i Permenate infomation exchange Generic Gov. Grants LEAD Learning Differently Foundation NYC Schools $ Special Gov. Grants i Permenate infomation exchange Permenate inf


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