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  • 1.LIFE PROCESSES Looking at living things

2. Living things

  • Although all living things look different from each other, they all haveseventhings in common.
  • These seven things are calledlife processes .
  • Something is only alive if it doesallseven processes.

3. THE SEVEN LIFE PROCESSES 4. 1 All living thingsmove 5.

  • Animals move their whole bodies to get from one place to another.
  • Plants turn towards the light and their roots grow down into the soil.

6. 2 All living things reproduce 7.

  • Animals have babies.
  • New plants grow from seeds.

8. 3 All living things aresensitive 9.

  • All living things respond to changes. Living things notice changes in their surroundings and react to them.
  • Eg. Plants grow towards the light.
  • Eg. People react to the temperature around them.

10. 4 All living things need nutrition 11.

  • Food is used to provide energy.
  • Green plants make their own food using sunlight.
  • Animals eat plants or other animals.

12. 5 All living things excrete 13.

  • Waste substances must be removed from the body.
  • Plants and animals both need to get rid of waste gas and water.

14. 6 All living things respire 15.

  • Plants and animals use the oxygen in the air to turn food into energy.

16. 7 All living things grow 17.

  • Babies grow into adults.
  • Seedlings grow into plants.

18. The seven life processes

  • 1Move
  • 2Reproduce
  • 3Sensitive
  • 4Nutrition
  • 5Excrete
  • 6 Respire
  • 7 Grow

19. Use the first letter from each process to help you remember them.

  • M ove
  • R eproduce
  • S ensitive
  • N utrition
  • E xcrete
  • R espire
  • G row
  • They spellMRS NERG

20. This isMRS NERG!

  • Can you remember what each of the letters in her name stand for ?

21. M ove R eproduce S ensitive N utrition E xcrete R espire G row 22. Well done !