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  • 1. Life processesBY Jazmine

2. IntroductionHi I am Jazmine I am about to tell you about to tell you about the 7 lifeprocesses ( MRS GREN ) I hope You enjoy what I will be talking to you about. 3. MovementMovement is important for living things. If we didnt move we would die aswe would be unable to get to the fridge to get some water. We would alsobe unable to get to the pantry to get some food. So we must move. 4. ReproductionReproduction is when two living organisms make a baby of there owntype. There are so many rabbits around because they reproduce so manytimes. 5. SensitivitySensitivity is when something touches your nerve . Sometimes it can feelgood and sometimes it can feel bad. If you stand on a sharp stone it willtouch your nerve and it will hurt you. 6. GrowthEvery living thing must grow. Living things grow by eating and drinking. Ifwe didnt eat or drink we wouldnt grow but we must grow so we are not ababy forever. 7. RespirationRespiration is when you breath. It is important to breath otherwise youwould die because you wouldnt get enough oxygen. It is very important tobreath. 8. ExcretionExcretion is when you get rid of your waist. Plants get rid or there waist byshedding there leaves. Human and animals get rid of there waist bypooping and peeing it out. We need to get rid of our waist it is veryimportant. 9. NutritionAll living things need nutrition . Nutrition is food and water.If you dont get nutrition your teeth would fall out. Plantsand animals need nutrition to so they can grow and youneed nutrition to grow. 10. ConclusionI hoped you enjoyed my information speech.