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    Suggested Books for Fifth Grade I, Emma Freke/ E.J. Atkinson Growing up with her free-spirited mother and old-world grandfather, Emma has always felt out of place but when she attends a family reunion she is in for some surprises. (J ATK) The Strange Case of Origami Yoda/ Tom Angleberger Tommy and his friends describe their adventures with a Yoda finger puppet as they try to figure out whether or not the puppet can really predict the future. (J ANG) Chasing Vermeer/ Blue Balliet A precious Vermeer painting disappears and Petra and Calder combine their talents to solve an international art scandal. (J BAL) The Penderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters, Two Rabbits, And a Very Interesting Boy/ Jeanne Birdsall While vacationing in the Berkshire Mountains, four sisters share adventures with a local boy, much to the dismay of his snobbish mother. (J BIR) Missing on Superstition Mountain/ Elise Broach When brothers Simon, Henry and Jack move to Arizona, they are drawn to explore Superstition Mountain, in spite of warnings that it is not safe. (J BRO) Half Moon Investigations/ Eoin Colfer Private investigator Fletcher Moon, nicknamed "Half Moon" because of his shortness, must

    track down a conspiracy or be framed for a crime he did not commit. (J COL) Bud, Not Buddy/ Christopher Paul Curtis During the Great Depresssion, Bud escapes a bad foster home and sets out in search of the man he believes to be his father--the renowned bandleader, H.E. Calloway. (J CUR) A Mutiny in Time/ James Dashner (Infinity Ring #1) History is broken. When best friends Dak and Sera stumble upon the key to time travel -- a handheld device known as the Infinity Ring -- they're swept up in a centuries-old war for the fate of humankind. Recruited by a secret society named the Hystorians, they learn that history has gone disastrously off course. Now it's up to Dak, Sera, and young Hystorian Riq to travel back in time to fix the Great Breaks. (J INF) Out of My Mind/ Sharon Draper Considered by many to be mentally disabled, a brilliant fifth-grader with cerebral palsy discovers a technological device that will allow her to speak for the first time. (J DRA) Charlie Joe Jacksons Guide to Not Reading/ Tom Greenwald Middle schooler Charlie Joe is proud of his success at avoiding reading, but eventually his schemes go too far. (J GRE) Among the Hidden/ Margaret Peterson Haddix In a future world where the Population Police enforce the law limiting a family to two children, Luke has lived all his years in alone on his familys farm, until another third convinces him that the government is wrong. (J HAD)


  • Longwood Public Library 800 Middle Country Road, Middle Island, New York 11953

    Hoot/ Carl Hiaasen Roy joins the cause of saving a colony of burrowing owls from a proposed construction site. (J HIA) Inside Out and Back Again/ Thanhha Lai Through a series of poems, a young girl chronicles the life-changing year of 1975, when she, her mother, and her brothers leave Vietnam and resettle in Alabama. (J LAI) Savvy/ Ingrid Law When each member of the Beaumont family turns thirteen they acquire a savvya special supernatural power. Now its the eve of Mibs big day and she is waiting to discover what her secret power will be. (J LAW) Number the Stars/ Lois Lowry In 1943, during the German occupation of Denmark, Annemarie learns how to be brave and courageous when she helps shelter her Jewish friend from the Nazis. (J LOW) 11 Birthdays/ Wendy Mass After celebrating their first nine same-day birthdays together, Amanda and Leo, having fallen out on their tenth and not speaking to each other for the last year, prepare to celebrate their eleventh birthday separately but peculiar things begin to happen as the day of their birthday begins to repeat itself over and over again. (J MAS) Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life/ James Patterson When Rafe enters middle school, he teams up with his best friend, Leo the Silent, to create a game to make school more fun by trying to break every rule in the schools code of conduct. (J PAT) Hatchet/ Gary Paulsen After a plane crash, Brian spends fifty-four days in the Canadian wilderness, learning to survive with only the aid of a hatchet. (J PAU) Aliens on Vacation/ Clete Barrett Smith Scrub arrives at his grandmother's bed-and-breakfast only to discover she has opened the doors to aliens that arrive through off-Earth portals, and he must decide what to do when the local sheriff notices some of the kids are at a campout glow in the dark. (J SMI) The Lightning Thief/ Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1) Percy Jackson learns he is the son of a mortal woman and Poseidon, god of the sea. At summer camp he and his friends set out on a quest to prevent a war between the gods. (J RIO) Esperanza Rising/ Pam Munoz Ryan Esperanza and her mother must leave their life of wealth and privilege in Mexico to go work in the labor camps of Southern California, where they must adapt to the harsh circumstances

    facing Mexican farm workers on the eve of the Great Depression. (J RYA) The Egypt Game/ Zilpha Keatley Snyder Friends, who are fascinated with the study of Egypt, play their own Egypt game, are visited by a secret oracle, and become involved in a murder. (J SNY)


  • Longwood Public Library 800 Middle Country Road, Middle Island, New York 11953

    A Crooked Kind of Perfect/ Linda Urban Zoe Elias, who longs to play the piano but must resign herself to learning the organ instead, finds that her musicianship has a positive impact on her workaholic mother, her jittery father and her school social life. (J URB)

    Paperback Series

    Snowfall Surprise/ Jane B. Mason (Candy Apple) Savannah Heglund is going to have the best birthday ever-- she's spending a whole week at her family's mountain cabin with her two best friends. But then all her plans go downhill fast. (JPB Candy Apple) Is She For Real?/ P.J. Night (Creepover) When Bethany moves to the small town of Warwick, she dismisses the legend about Lady

    Warwick as a silly story until she receives an old ruby ring and begins to act strangely. (JPB Creepover) The Abduction/ Gordon Korman (Kidnapped) When Aiden's sister, Meg, is kidnapped, he teams up with the FBI to try to find her by tracking down clues only a brother could recognize. (JPB Kidnapped)