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Studying in Sweden, studying at Malm University

Studying at Malm University, SWEDEN


The resund regionCross-border region including the Capital region of Denmark (Copenhagen)resund Bridge, photo: xx





Malm (1588)TODAY:Swedens third city310 000 inhabitants

MalmSwedens third biggest city with a population of around 315,000.In the population group 25-64 years, 46% of Malm residents have a higher education. The overall proportion for Sweden is high at 40%Culturally diverse with about 170 nationalities. Previously a traditional industry city, now characterised by entrepreneurship and a skilled workforce. Linked with Copenhagen (bridge) and the rest of Europe.


Founded 199824 000 students1 500 employees

Five multidisciplinary faculties:

Faculty of Technology and SocietyFaculty of Culture and SocietyFaculty of Health and SocietyFaculty of OdontologyFaculty of Education and Society

This is Malm University

2/3 of Malm Universitys students are female

1/3 of Malm Universitys students have a foreign background

Are often from a home without higher educational traditions

International education at Mah courses, bachelors & master coursesSome distance learning programsMy focus: Dept Urban Studies2-year masters Urban Studies1-year masters Leadership for Sustainability

Leadership for Sustainability (SALSU)

This multidisciplinary Masters degree programme provides in-depth knowledge on sustainable development and sustainability leadership. The programme provide students with an understanding of organisation and leadership theory in the context of sustainability. It also provide students with an understanding of research methods for sustainable decision-making. The education lays a solid foundation for those seeking to work with management of sustainable projects and organisational development.Leadership & organizationProject managementSocial innovation & entreprenurship experience of Malm [link]

Urban Studies (SAURS)The programme offers you the broad theoretical perspectives of urban studies on cities and regions. It aims towards you who are genuinely interested in cities, urban life and all expressions of urbanity.You will learn about cities both as stable and slow-changing structures of buildings, streets, cables and pipelines, and as dynamically crossing flows of people and goods. You will also learn about urban visions, programmes and plans and the various processes and projects that shape them.

Urban theory & practiceCommunity work in urban transformationProject and process management

https://studyinsweden.seHow to applyNext oppurtunity for Spring 2017Scholarships from Swedish institute and from Universities, covers tuition fee and living costsMasters level and above


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