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ENTIRE webinar here: Meet Dawn Doherty and Russ Terry Learn how to audit your life and business to uncover the area of your life to focus in on changing that will create the biggest results. Set goals the RIGHT way so you actually achieve them.


  • 1.To Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet Presented by: Russ Terry, Life Coach Dawn Doherty, Business Coach

2. Agenda What youll get out of todays session Our background Strategy 1- Audit Your Life Overview- RT Strategy 2- Make it Real Overview- DD Our offer to you- DD Strategies 3-7 Highlights Q&A 3. Strategy 1- Audit Your Life Personal FinanceCareerFamilyFun & EnjoymentSocial RelationshipsThis background area is Energy Management & Stress Management, which both impact you in many of the areasIntimate Relationship Health, Nutrition & ExercisePhysical EnvironmentSpiritual Energy Awareness Management Stress Management 0% 0% Personal DevelopmentVolunteering & Giving BackTime Management 4. Audit Your Life Exercise Grade yourself on how satisfied you are in each area (1-10, 10 being FULLY satisfied) For the full module you would go through all 14; for the purposes of this just pick a few For ONE of those, come up with a wish for it: Wish: Examples include: I want a job that I love. I want to be better at time management. Goal Next module (with Dawn) Strategy A plan or series of maneuvers to obtain a specificgoal 5. Strategy 2- Make it Real The Power of written goals Why is it that other people are doing better than I am? A person of average intelligence with CLEAR GOALS will run circles around a genius whos not sure about what they really want. Brian Tracy Only 3% of adults have CLEAR WRITTEN goals Before you begin scrambling up the ladder make surethat its leaned up against the right house. Stephen CoveySOURCE: Goals! by Brian Tracy 6. Why People Dont Set Goals 1.They think goals arent important Most of us werent conditioned to set goals2. They dont know how A series of wishes and dreams are not goals 3. They have a fear of failure Failure hurts; its something we choose to avoid 4. They have a fear of rejection If were not successful, others will criticize usSOURCE: Goals! by Brian Tracy 7. Make it Real Exercise One Year From Now Intention breeds attention. Deepak Chopra What are you doing (in each wheel of life area) With whom are you doing it? Where are you living? How much income are you earning? How much fun are you having? Whats the difference youre making in the world? How do you feel? SOURCE: iPEC Coaching 8. Make it Happen in 2014 Offer Group Coaching with Dawn and Russ 1Q14 Lifetime access to instructional videos andexercises Facebook group access- get our support and the support of others on this journey in real-time 2 group accountability calls per month for 3 months One on one coaching (optional) Apply at 9. 7 Powerful Strategies- Russ Mindset Momentum (Module 3) Gratitude Attitude (Module 5) Accomplish with Accountability (Module 7) 10. 7 Powerful Strategies- Dawn Time Management (Module 4) Sealing Your Success (Module 6) 11. Connect with Russ Twitter: RTerryLifeCoach Facebook: Russ Terry, Life Coach Instagram: RussTerryLifeCoach LinkedIn: RussTerryLifeCoach YouTube: RussTerryLifeCoach & LifeCoachTVNetwork On the radio: 12. Connect with Dawn Twitter: @dawndcoach Facebook: Instagram: @dawndcoach LinkedIn: 13. Wrap-up Apply to be considered for our 1Q14 groupcoaching at Review this recording and Grade yourself in each wheel of life area Develop your One Year From Now story


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