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  1. 1. MAKE IT HAPPEN Make things happen in your organization July 2015
  2. 2. What we know and our past experiences dont help us anymore in order to advance in an each time more chaotic, complex and unreliable market The competitive advantages need an urgent revision and an innovative redesign The organization must modify its mentality and working procedures in order to become more flexible and adaptable The plans, processes and improvement business programmes require a greater compromise from the people in charge of the leadership and management The required changes must take place with better agility, effectiveness and efficiency A high management level is required, temporarily, specific and exceptionally in your organization In situations where
  3. 3. Strategic Business Focusing Increase the accuracy and efficiency of the management actions Focus and line up the organization's actions towards the mission, strategy and key objectives of the business Engagement Development Make sure there is a collective compromise and excellence Develop in leaders and teams the knowledge, abilities and capabilities for the change management both individually and collectively Lean Startup Thinking Catalyze the adaptation and entrepreneur mentality Set up the foundations, values and associated collaboration with creative behaviour, the continuous learning and the intra-entrepreneurship Complexity Modeling Line up the values and peoples behaviour from the organization with the strategic objectives Integrate the intangible elements for the peoples relationship functioning and organizations and motivational schemes for behaviour with an impact in the generated quality level External extended Board Reinforce the action force from the management level Develop an executive role In projects and key action plans that require an exceptional support Strategic Quality Assurance Ensure the strategic insertion and the quality of the value choices and the key processes in highly unpredictable situations Validate that the operative plans and the performance of the organization answer adequately to strategic priorities established from the management board ... We suggest/recommend
  4. 4. MAKE IT HAPPEN Committed in reaching the goals and objectives of your organization From the vision to the strategic design and efficient action From the strategy to the excellent performance From the objectives to the obtained results
  6. 6. What do our clients obtain? Accomplishment of goals and objectives The companies, their management and working teams, innovate and develop sustainable successive ways in their projects and business plans. Those ideas become/develop into change/transformation programmes which are put into action and ensure that the results required are accomplished. Make things happen! Activation of a strong and changing culture The management and working teams in our clients activate and develop an entrepreneur mentality for the business service. Cultural and organizational planned processes change/transformation take and are in line with the companies strategy and growth . Make organizations change!
  7. 7. How do we do it? In Line/Alignment Together with our clients we go over the vision, strategy and objectives, we analyze and identify opportunities in the market, or we define expectations, identifying the priority action points. Collaborative work Hand in hand we create ideas, and define and launch tailored change/transformation programmes in order to grow, innovate, renovate or change competitively. Transference, setting up of capacities During our interventions, we focus in transferring the knowledge and installing the behaviours and values associated with the companies of a strong entrepreneur and transformation culture. This companies obtain their objectives and generate sustainable values for all their interest groups or stakeholders. Compromise with the results We liaise our gains to the businesses success in the projects.
  8. 8. If you contract us We will design together with the Management team an action programme which makes the most of the strong points of your organization and facilitates de attainment of the goals 1. Understanding/strategic detection (two weeks two months) Strategic Focus: key issues in your organization to do in short term, evaluating their performance capability. Strategic Radar: Study the alternative scenarios to the present ones with a mid and long term impact. 2. Co-design The intervention programme (fifteen days - one month) With a creative process we accompany the Management team in order to generate a path which maximizes the impact in the expected results: Urgent actions/quick wins Structural actions 3. Multilevel intervention programme (three months one year) Counselling of the General Management board Facilitation to the Management Committee Supervision of the projects/key teams Widespread motivation of the organization towards the change
  9. 9. Most common Interventions MANAGEMENT COUNSELING We help the Management Board to have efficient spaces for the Study and Decision making on the important strategic and priority issues. BUSINESSES CONSULTATION We help teams and their leaders to maximize Performance and Efficiency of the businesses action plans, projects and processes which they are responsible for. RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT We help the Company to develop external positive relations with the clients, suppliers and key actors for the Company. PEOPLES CONSULTATION We design and create Collective Moments which are efficient and motivating . We help to facilitate the processes which reinforce the Organizational Health and the Transformation Power of the organization.
  10. 10. Consultant Business boutique Our consultant company, has been founded by Jos Mara Luca and Juan Carlos Siria, professionals with a wide experience in Strategic Advisors on High Management, big corporations, transformation and development of organizations and people. We are a team committed to the results We have a network of experts and collaborators/partners of high performance level which offer their expert experience in order for things to happen in accordance with their organization. Who are we?
  11. 11. Entrepreneurial mindset Realistic with what we say and offer, we are all personal entrepreneur or business people, for example, Jose Mara launched his own educational entrepreneur projects (Mi mochila digital and Educandoo). To us it is a learning lab of high value in order for objectives and goals to be accomplished. International Experience Our headquarters is in Spain, although due to our international experience and contact network, we offer an international point of view to the solutions of our clients. Who are we?
  12. 12. References and experiences
  13. 13. AIM Ample experience in modeling and launching of companies and businesses. Strategic view of business and quick learning of management key issues both from different sectors as in different functional areas. Creativity and ability to suggest and carry out new solutions to management problems. Work capacity, perseverance in the performance of tasks and continuous improvement. Simplicity when explaining ideas and ability to listen. Out going character and ability for interpersonal relations. I am fascinated by the way that the human being learns and becomes entrepreneur and the creation of businesses. I am constantly analyzing, exploring and putting into practice professional ideas and regarding businesses which include innovating or transforming already existing models. I enjoy offering my knowledge and contact network to the organizations which I work with. In the last two years, I have created two businesses and participated in a variety of ideas for the incubation of initiatives and acceleration of new businesses. My Mochila Digital is my entrepreneurship in the world of education and technology to the service of the parents in a changing world. D&A B. I. is my entrepreneur in the company world, to the service of organizations that want to change competitively. I previously developed myself professionally during 7 years in GRUPO SM, one of the leading education publishers in Spanish language. There I was New Business Director, General Director in SM Peru and finally I was Director of the Education Unit (school book) in Spain. During the six previous years I was trained as expert in businesses at THE BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP: International lider Consultancy in business strategy. During that time I got to know very closely the world of the great national and international corporations. My first pre-professional experiences as a young organizational engineer were hand in hand with SIEMENS INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM and also as an independent consultant in the design an implantation of ERPs for PYMES (small and middle size companies) ACADEMIC BACKGROUND CAPABILITIES EXPERIENCE JOSE MARIA LUCIA Industrial Engineer from ICAI with management specialization. 15 years of excellent results in the management and control for accounts in results and businesses and consultation projects. Strategic Multi-section business vision: Banks, Media and Telecommunications, education, and airlines. Ample perspective of the European and Latin American business world
  14. 14. AIM Consultant and Facilitator in Change Management and Cultural Transformation. Executive Coach and for High Performance Teams. Trainer in Management and Social Capabilities: Communication, Leadership, Team work, Project Management, Time Management, analyzing problems and decision making, Negotiating and Management of conflicts, Sales Development and Quality