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<p>Make UXGreat Again</p> <p>Disclaimer(Not affiliated in any way with Donald Trump)</p> <p>UX is Pretty Great(But it hasnt always been)</p> <p>Lets re-wind 20-years</p> <p>Kids loved Power Rangers &amp; PokmonPeople lined up overnight for a cell phoneNew Star Trek &amp; Independence Day moviesOlympics... which most people ignoredA Clinton was elected president</p> <p>Ok, it kind of suckedBut it was new, exciting, and innovation was everywhere.</p> <p>Lets not make 2016Like 1996.</p> <p>2016 is another inflection point</p> <p>Mobile use has overtaken desktopLocation-aware services are mainstreamEveryone is a content-creatorDesign is being analyzed &amp; quantifiedVR is a UX event horizon</p> <p>UX is better in 2016</p> <p>Deeper Understanding of User Needs </p> <p>Personas &amp; Journey MapsBalsamiq for wireframesSketch and Photoshop* (us older folks)Invision for interactive prototypesOptimizely, Heap, and Google Analytics</p> <p>UX is Results Oriented</p> <p>Show Your Work</p> <p>Define your audience (personas)Research interaction context - how &amp; whenUnderstand &amp; empathize with your users Set objective metrics to evaluate successClearly communicate with stakeholders</p> <p>Sometimes it paysto be a little wild.</p> <p>Build a Wall!</p> <p>Separate your businessfrom the competition.</p> <p>UX focus is the difference</p> <p>Marketing driven - why are we special?Development driven - does everything work?Product driven - what are our features?UX driven - what do our customers need?</p> <p>UX triggers emotional responses</p> <p>Loss aversion = threat we must reduceIncentives = advantage we desireStress accumulates over timeToo much stress triggers panic</p> <p>UX failures compoundSuccess is often invisible</p> <p>Most people think small, because most people areafraid of making decisions.</p> <p>UX Professionals Create Momentum</p> <p>Identify opportunities for improvementResearch partners and competitorsPresent options and recommend actionsRequest, incorporate, and credit feedbackShare credit for positive results</p> <p>UX Professionals Fail Forward</p> <p>We learn more from failure than successCultivate an always testing cultureQuantify and document your results5% to 8% is actually a 38% improvement Do not blame team members for failure</p> <p>Google uses a HEART metaphor </p> <p>Happiness: User attitudes &amp; satisfactionEngagement: Actions of individual usersAdoption: Use of a new product or featureRetention: Repeat users. Loss = churn rateTask success: time to complete / error rate</p> <p>If you dont tell people about your success, they probably wont know about it.</p> <p>Give Yourself Credit for UX Wins</p> <p>Get input early from key team membersShare credit and build consensusBe decisive and confident in meetingsUse positive language, focus on solutionsYour review is based on your contributions </p> <p>So how can you help Make UX Great Again?</p> <p>Work Smart. Think Yuge.</p> <p>Champion the UX process - it really worksLeverage success and failure - keep movingGet opinions from experts - the best peopleRock the boat - be a little outrageousAvoid pre-shredded cheese (i.e. Bootstrap) </p> <p>Its gonna be great!</p> <p>Steve</p> <p>Icons borrowed from The Oatmeal</p>