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1. 2011Direct Selling AssociationBe Connected ConferenceMaking an Impact in 140Characters or LessJohn Bigay (@jbigay) Chief Marketing Officer Barefoot Books (@LiveBarefoot) 2. Twitter @ Barefoot Books Started in earnest in 2009 Approach has evolved over time, but remains a pillar of socialstrategy Today: More than 7500 followers from around the world,majority not Ambassadors but parents, educators, bloggers,who share a passion in our mission @LiveBarefoot | @jbigay 3. Why use Twitter? Breadcrumb strategy: gateway to website, brand Be a player in the large/influential parenting space online Connect with influencers Makes the biggies more approachable Pulse on our Ambassadors Promote positive feedback about our products @LiveBarefoot | @jbigay 4. How does your feed grow? @ replies, @ replies, @ replies Think like a person, not like a brand Who doesnt love a good quotation? Philanthropic campaign Promotion in summer 2010 Every new follower, we will donate a book to a child in need 1200 new followers in two weeks Great way to spotlight our commitment to giving back and helpchildren in need Resources (Who tweets?) Tools @LiveBarefoot | @jbigay 5. Results 6. Results Discovered new journalists and influential bloggers in theparenting space from Twitter searches and following lists Feature press and blogger coverage directly attributable toTwitter Important touch point for our community Significant anecdotal feedback on customer satisfaction@LiveBarefoot | @jbigay 7. Lessons learned Stick with it and results will come View it as a friendly cocktail party Pay attention to timing of re-tweets @replies rule Customers demand service on Twitter, and they should get it Dont fall victim to Klout obsession Twitter Search=key tool to learn pulse of direct sellers Put handle on your email signature/business card @LiveBarefoot | @jbigay