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<ul><li><p>PLUS THIS ISSUE</p><p>CUTTING-EDGE</p><p>KITCHENTRENDS</p><p>MANITOBA EDITION | FREE</p><p>FEBRUARY - MARCH 2013 VOLUME 15 ISSUE 1</p><p>Endorsed by the</p><p>RECLAIMING SPACE by bringing down the walls</p><p>Scott McGillivrayMcGillivrayRENOVATINGFOR RENTAL INCOME</p></li><li><p>HIRE APROFESSIONALRENOVATOR.</p><p>DO IT RIGHT</p><p>its the best renovation decision you can make. For over 70 years, members of the </p><p>manitoba home builders association have upheld their commitment to quality, service and </p><p>professionalism, keeping manitobans among the best-housed people in the world. For your </p><p>peace of mind, make the smart move contact a mhba renovators council member </p><p>for your next renovation. the mhba renovators council is affiliated with the canadian </p><p>renovators council of the canadian home builders association.</p><p>chOOsing a prOFessiOnaL renOVaTOr</p><p>MANITOBA HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION PROFESSIONAL RENOVATORS</p><p>2 home dcor and renovations FEB - mar 2013 </p></li><li><p>This issues parTicipaTing members:</p><p>For a complete list oF member contractors call (204) 925-2560 or visit our website at</p><p>CanadianHome BuildersAssociation</p><p>Ph. (204) 237-4294Fax. (204) 235-1120</p><p>Ph. (204) 779-6900</p><p>Ph. (204) 895-0265Fax. (204) 895-7735</p><p>Ph. (204)</p><p>Certified Master renovator</p><p>Ph. (204)</p><p>Ph. (204)</p><p>Ph. (204)</p><p>Ph. (204) 781-9383 Fax. (204) 253-4091</p><p>est. 1980</p><p>Ph. (204)</p><p>SakiyamaConstructionLtd.</p><p>HOME &amp; RENOVATIONMASTERS</p><p>YOUR ONE-STOP HOME IMPROVEMENT SPECIALIST</p><p>Ph. (204)</p><p>Ph. (204) 255-1582</p><p>Ph. (204)</p><p>Ph. (204) 896-4351</p><p>Ph. (204)</p><p>Ph. (204) 781-8449</p><p>Ph. (204) 661-6325</p><p>MHBA_Legare_logo_RM_0210.pdf 4/9/10 10:46:47 AM</p><p>FEB - mar 2013 home dcor and renovations 3</p></li><li><p>volume 15 issue 1</p><p>66</p><p>Feb 2013 - Mar 2013</p><p>cover story</p><p>16</p><p>in every issue08 Editors notebook </p><p> BY Margaret anne Fehr</p><p>departments20 Lessons learned </p><p>from the pros BY Mike Moore</p><p>22 The spa journey with nature as your guide BY LYnn Fenwick</p><p>36 Design in detail BY kiM schroeder</p><p>48 ClosetMaid simplifies your life BY Margaret anne Fehr</p><p>54 Classic backyard chic BY Margaret anne Fehr</p><p>60 Over and above custom homes and renovations BY Margaret anne Fehr</p><p>72 Kitchen Solvers BY Margaret anne Fehr</p><p>features10 The hot world of </p><p>Income Property BY scott McgiLLivraY</p><p>24 Kitchen trends BY Yanic siMard</p><p>44 Reveal the untapped potential of the home office BY Jo aLcorn</p><p>tips &amp; tricks14 Whats new28 Modern and minimal32 Reliable heating and </p><p>air conditioning BY Margaret anne Fehr</p><p>38 Finalists named for 2012 Chba National Sam awards </p><p>42 Egg recipes52 Urban trends58 Start the new year </p><p>by freeing yourself BY heLLen Buttigieg</p><p>64 The 39th annual home Expressions Show BY ManitoBa hoMe BuiLders association </p><p>66 Living with renovation... comfortably</p><p>69 The next generation of appliances BY eveLYn eshun</p><p>74 home automation / integration here to stay BY Laurence rosenBerg</p><p>76 a winter warm-me-up with Lynn Crawfords cheddar cheese biscuits</p><p>78 advice from renovators</p><p>Reclaiming space by </p><p>bRinging down </p><p>the walls</p><p>contents</p><p>14</p></li><li><p>Whether your project is a historic restoration, a renovation, </p><p>or a new addition, our window and door experts are </p><p>here to collaborate with you - from concept to completion</p><p> Metal Clad Wood Windows Wood Entryways Fiberglass Entryways Fiberglass Windows Architectural Hardware Professional Installation</p><p>Showroom I 969 Fife Street I Winnipeg(204) 586-2794 I</p><p>Authorized Dealer of</p><p>Is It Time To Enhance Your View?</p></li><li><p>As Renovations magazine begins its 15th year of publication, we eagerly look forward to another exciting year producing educational and inspirational editorial for our fellow Manitobans. There certainly is no shortage of renovation activity in Winnipeg as well as in surrounding communities. An increasing number of homeowners are making the wise decision to upgrade and increase the equity in their homes. In fact, renovations make up a significant portion of the dollars spent in the housing market.</p><p>Over the years, we have been invited by hundreds of Winnipeg homeowners to document their renovation experiences. We have been in homes new and old, large and small, and have witnessed virtually every type of renovation one could imagine. Interestingly, every single one of these homeowners was excited to talk about their renovation. In fact, many were down right passionate when describing in detail how their beloved home was transformed. How could that many homeowners all be so pleased with how their renovations turned out? It is because they all had one thing in common they hired professionals. </p><p>If you have heard of renovation horror stories, it may have something to do with the fact that the tellers of these stories neglected to call the renovators, designers, and suppliers found in this magazine. The businesses found within the pages of this magazine are true professionals that will treat your home as if it were their own. But it goes beyond that. A professional renovator will be able to help you from start to finish and offers an exceptional range of expert advice and experience. They possess a proven track record and can provide a long list of satisfied customers. They will also give you a detailed contract, warranty and exceptional service. </p><p>You owe it to yourself to do it right the first time. Hire a professional renovator and you will enjoy the renovation experience.</p><p>Merlyn MintyMerlyn Minty editor</p><p>Hire a Professional </p><p>editorsnotebook</p><p>februAry - MArch 2013 Volume 15 Issue 01</p><p>Vice President, wall2wall Media </p><p>Jacqueline hill</p><p>editor-in-chief, national real estate </p><p>Susan legge</p><p>editor/account executiVe </p><p>Merlyn Minty 949.6416</p><p>art director </p><p>Sarah Jang</p><p>sales Manager </p><p>conni robinson</p><p>account executiVe </p><p>kim Smith 949.6801</p><p>sales coordinator Steve nelson 949.6408</p><p>national account Manager, MediatiVe Paul Slizys</p><p>Production Manager bala Gnanapandithan </p><p>Production co-ordinator/graPhic designer Mohammad haidarpour</p><p>graPhic designer caroline Wassef</p><p>PhotograPhy Artistic impressions, robert carter, John Johnston</p><p>contributors Jo Alcorn, hellen buttigieg, evelyn eshun, Margaret Anne fehr, lynn fenwick, Scott McGillivray, Mike Moore, laurence rosenberg, yanic Simard</p><p>distribution Winnipeg home delivery and free pick-up newsstands throughout Winnipeg and surrounding communities. </p><p>distribution locations Selected Assiniboine, cambrian, Vantis and Steinbach credit unions, bank of Montreal, cibc, royal, td and Scotia banks, Mcdiarmid lumber Stores, Safeway, Sobeys, dakota family foods, charleswood do-it centre, ici Paint Stores. yellow magazine street boxes are located throughout Winnipeg. locations include most stand alone tim hortons locations.</p><p>WED LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOUHome Dcor and Renovations Magazine welcomes your comments, questions, stories and suggestions!wall2wall Media #1765 Kenaston Blvd., Unit T Winnipeg, Manitoba R3Y 1V8</p><p>INTERESTED IN ADVERTISING?Please direct all sales or distribution inquiries to Merlyn Minty at 204.949.6416 or via e-mail at: </p><p>HOME DCOR AND RENOvATIONs magazine is published by Wall2Wall Media located at 401 The West Mall, Toronto, ON M9C 5J5. Home Dcor and Renovations, magazine is distributed throughout Winnipeg. This publication has been designed for the renovation and decor market as a guide. We carefully inspects all ads for accuracy, however, the publisher and the printer shall not be responsible for any mistakes, design errors or incorrect information which is provided by the advertiser or their representative. The advertising herein, including the photographs and all artwork is the property of Wall2Wall Media and not that of the advertiser. The advertiser has purchased the right of reproduction in Home Dcor and Renovations magazine only and does not have the right to reproduce the ad in whole or in part in any other place or publication without the consent of the publisher. The entire contents of this publication are protected by copyright and are intended for the sole use of the public. 2011 Wall2Wall Media.</p><p>Wall2Wall Media is a trademark of Yellow Pages Group Co. in Canada.</p><p>8 home dcor and renovations FEB - mar 2013 </p></li><li><p>Before AfterAfter</p><p> From conceptto completion</p><p>Character Homes proven Design/Build approach ensures your home celebrates you and your lifestyle.204.237.4294 /</p><p>BeforeBefore</p><p>Character Homes proven Design/Build approach ensures your home celebrates you and your lifestyle.204.237.4294 /</p></li><li><p>with 12 years of real estate investing and seven seasons of Income Property under my belt, Ive learned a thing or two about investment properties. I encourage just about everyone I meet to jump into the game and become a landlord, but rentals arent one-size-fits-all. Before taking the cheques to the bank, you need to decide what kind of landlord youre going to be. </p><p>1 Student RentalSStudent rentals are my bread and butter and where I started my real estate investment career. Theres great income potential here if youre willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work. </p><p>PROS Big Rental POtential You can rent by the room, which increases </p><p>your bottom line. exPenSive finiSheS nOt needed No need for granite and </p><p>hardwood here. Units need to be functional, clean, and well done, but high-end materials wont give you a return on investment.</p><p> SchOOl neaRBy = guaRanteed tenantS Ive yet to find a University/College town that didnt lack student housing. Youll have no problem finding tenants.</p><p>Income PropertyThe hoT world of</p><p>by ScOtt mcgillivRay</p><p>feature</p><p>10 home dcor and renovations FEB - mar 2013 </p></li><li><p>Income Property</p><p> PaRentS You can ask that parents co-sign the lease, so the default rate is very low.</p><p> PRedictaBle Rental cycle School year starts, school year ends. Leases start and end at the same time every year, which means only having to deal with it once every 12 months.</p><p>cOnS high/cOnStant tuRnOveR You might only need to worry about </p><p>renting once a year, but depending on how many rooms you have available, that still means a lot of applications and a lot of screening. </p><p> nOt a lOt Of PRide in RenteRShiP Its true, students arent always great at taking care of their temporary home, and not always the most responsible tenants. This isnt always the case, but its something to keep in mind.</p><p> maintenance Student rentals require a lot of it, mostly due to turnover and neglect.</p><p> tenantS ReQuiRe mORe BaBySitting You have to keep in mind that your tenants are often leaving mom and dads house and moving into yours. This means that even simple things like changing light bulbs or tripped breakers may result in a phone call or house visit.</p><p>BefORe BefORe</p><p>2 eXecutiVe RentalSWhether its a business in town for work, or movie crews on location, executive rentals can bring in big bucks, but also cost more upfront.</p><p>PROS Big mOney Executive rentals </p><p>can demand double or even triple what the same space would rent for in a regular rental situation.</p><p> higheR PROfile tenant Generally speaking, you dont have to be concerned about the quality of tenant youre getting here.</p><p> guaRanteed incOme Depending on our provincial rules, you may be able to collect all your rent upfront (if its a</p><p>11</p></li><li><p>short-term lease) and collect a damage deposit (refer to your provincial policies regarding landlord-tenant relationships).</p><p> PROfit You usually only need to rent for half the year to make one.</p><p>cOnS high tuRnOveR Most executive rentals are short-term </p><p>leases, so turnover is constant. unPRedictaBle Because of the nature of executive rentals, </p><p>it wont always be rented and theres no certainty about when it will be.</p><p> the BellS &amp; whiStleS High-end finishes, nice furniture, linens, towels, dishes --- they all need to be included. Throw in utilities, cable, Internet, and regular cleaning service and it really starts to add up.</p><p> POSting, aPPlicatiOnS and ScReening Due to high turnover, landlords of executive rentals are constantly in a cycle of posting the apartment for rent, reviewing applications and screening tenants. Some people hire a placement/management company to take care of this, but if you choose to do so, thats another cost that eats into your bottom line.</p><p>3 SecondaRy SuiteS Secondary suites are apartments that exist within your own home, and definitely the most common rental scenario we see on Income Property. </p><p>PROS lOngeSt teRm Rental ScenaRiO Tenants are likely to </p><p>stay longer and take better care of the space. PaSSive Rental Secondary suites dont take a lot of time </p><p>and energy. inStant Rental SituatiOn You dont have to purchase </p><p>another property to be in rental situation with a secondary suite. Have a basement you can make into a legal apartment? Great, you can be a landlord!</p><p> RetuRn On inveStment Adding a secondary suite typically adds a lot of value to your property.</p><p> high demand When done legally and safely, these types of properties attract tenants everywhere. You dont have to be downtown like an executive rental or near a school like a student rental.</p><p>cOnS lOweR caSh flOw You wont bring in as much rent as you </p><p>would with other types of properties. leaRning tO ShaRe Youll be sharing your home with other </p><p>people, which can be inconvenient at times. RenO time Unless theres one existing, putting a secondary </p><p>suite into your home requires a significant renovation and may also require a zoning change.</p><p>Now expanded into a one-hour format, the news Income Property explodes into a house hunt and renovation series. This season not only reveals dramatic renovations but also </p><p>focuses on buying and maximizing real estate. I partner with homeowners who want to purchase an income property to make their financial dreams a reality. I guide them through the entire process; buying the house, building the suite, and banking the rental cheques.</p><p>If you want to find out more about real estate investing and renovation make sure you tune into Income Property, premiering Thursday, January 31st at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV Canada. For more information, please visit</p><p>Scott McGillivray is a full-time real estate investor, contractor, writer, and educator. Before graduating from The University of Guelph, with an Honours degree in Commerce, McGillivray had already discovered his calling. What began as an ambitious school project about income properties, developed into a unique and strategic business model. Now more than 12 years later, McGillivray has built his own real estate empire with hundreds of properties, housing thousands of tenants. </p><p>12 home dcor and renovations FEB - mar 2013 </p></li><li><p>1030 St. James Street (204) 774-2626</p><p>Your one Stop Home Improvement SpecialistAdditions, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Rec-Rooms, Renovations &amp; More!</p><p>221 Higgins Ave. Wpg, MB, R3B 0C4Phone: 953-3002 Fax: 953-2983</p><p>ww...</p></li></ul>