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    K:\sc2 \sc exe~ hi ch ea een? La o q1_

    Q et u~n to ~ i n sp~e dsheet

    Ouerv ie :A Ihi s; oueru ieB: 10gg1e Opt i onsC: Set Opt i onsD Cursor mouement commandsE: Cel l ent r y and edi t i ng commandsp: Li ne Edi t i ngG: Pi l e cor nr nandsH: Ro and co Iunn commands Rango cOAmandsJ: M iscel laneo us co mAan dsK Uariable naAes ExpressionsL Range functionsM NUAoric functionsN: St r i ng f unct i onsO: Pi nanci , , 1f unct i onsp: l i me nd dat e f unct i ons

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    B: Toggl e Opt i onsATo Toggl e opt i ons Toggl e one opt i on s el ec t ed bya Recalculate automatically or on ~~ comc Cur r ent ce 11 hi ghl i ght i ng enabl e/ di s abl ee External function execution enable/disable1 Aut ol abel i ng def i ned ce l I s enabl e/ di s abl e

    n enabled... a digit s ar e s a nurneric ualu Top l i ne di s pl ay enabl e/ di s abl ex Enc r ypt / dec r ypt dat abas e and l i s t i ng f i l eDol l ar pr es cal e I f enabl ed al l numer i cnot expressions entered are Inultipled br Ne,,,line action. Toggle bet,.,een no actionaEter ent ry and Aoue right after ent ryZ Set the ne,.,line action limita to the CUl refo1 r z see also set )~o ,li ,itnl colliroit

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    K:\sc2 \sc exeHhi ch SC1 een? [ a- o. q) _

    C: Set Opt i onsS Set opt i ons, Opt i ons i ncl ude:bYl~O S Recalculate in ro... order. (def au

    bycols Recalculate in o u~n order.itel~ tions n Set tlle nunbeo- o iterations al1t bl st yl e=xx Set out put st yl e t o: ( none) . t ex. l at ex. sl at ex. orrndinfinity Round to inEinity round .5 up uro...limiten Set ehe rel 1ell lbered ro... lilllit forcollimit=n Set ehe rell le ,bered co Lumn lilllit( ro l i m t and col l i m t can bot h be

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    D: Cel l cur s or ~oue~ent :

    ArroCe11 cur eeoj . k . l . hJ . K. L . HSPACEr AB


    ....B ....p D ow n .. up , back , fOI ardGo t o end of r an l e. Pol l owsuch as 1keys

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    K:\sc2 \sc exeWhi c h Sc r e en? a- o . ql

    E Cel} entry and editing commands

    In nUrrleric node a decimal digit .. ,.a no numeric constant 01 expr e ss don



    = Enter a numeric constant 01 expression.Enter a left justified striog 1 striog expresEnt er a c ent er ed l abel .Enter a right justified striog 1 striog expr eEdit the ur~ t cel1 s nuneric value.Edit the CUl l ent cel1 s stl ing partAssign a format to the current col1 s numericCl ear t he cur r ent c el l .Copy t he l as t . .ar ked cel l t o t he cur r ent c el l .Mark a cel1 ta be used as the source 101Increment numeric partDecrement numeric partEnt er i ns er t . .ode i f t he i nput l 1ne was e . .pt y

    - I and

  • 8/13/2019 MANUAL SC21 imprimir.pdf


    K:\sc21\sc.exeWhich Scr e en? [a-o. q

    Line EditorHitting ehe ESCkey while entering anywill st rt one-line ui-style edi t o~S q

    bfctci ax r ecmdm j kn

    c Ol l l l a n d o nSupported tcAbort cO~ and entry.oue cursor forward backward.oue ursor to the beginning end t0 ue eur-so oI ,.,al~d/back one 0 rd ..oue cursor to character c.oue the cursor the the character befaEntel insel t mode befoe/after the curoue to column 0/end line and entelDelete the chal actel undel /before theReplace the chaacte. under the cul soChange - m = b.f.h.l.t or Delete - m = b f h l t 01' w.Ente,' ,'eplace (oue,'st,'ike> node ,POl ,ard/back ,al'd/seal'ch the connand hRepeat last histo,'y sea,'ch.Repeat/undo the last command.

  • 8/13/2019 MANUAL SC21 imprimir.pdf


    l K:\sc2 \sc exeWhichScr een? (a-o, q]

    G Pil e c om ma nd sG Get a new database f~om a filel1el gea new file iota the CUl rent database.P Put the current database into a fileW Write a listing of the current datahase into aa forr:. that Inatches its appear,ance the sc r eT Write a list ing of the CIU rent database to afiput delimiters between each pair of fieldsO\)tionally brackets output ..ith control lines, LaTeM SLaTex ,. 01 TeX . 1 pl ogl a . for a file name , pipe output taa prog..a.. for Put;, ite and Table. If a cell na..eas the file na..e, the cell s st ing part will be usfile na..e.

  • 8/13/2019 MANUAL SC21 imprimir.pdf


    K:\sc2 \sc exeWhi eh Ser een? [ a o. q] _

    H: Ro and co Iunn conmands e1nse~t a new eropty 1 0\.,

  • 8/13/2019 MANUAL SC21 imprimir.pdf


  • 8/13/2019 MANUAL SC21 imprimir.pdf


    l l K:\sc2 \sc exe\/hich Screen? [a-o, q)

    J: Mi s c el l aneous c ommands :Exi t f r om the progra~Abor t ent r y of t he c ur r ent CO andHelpShel l escape Enter a cO aand to runt he l ast co~mand J ust st ar t s anRedr aw t he s cr eenRedl A the screen.

    iHighlight cells withexpress ions.Redra ... the screen. Show fOl lI Iulas.. not ualRecalculate the spreadsheet.Type i n t he c ommand l i ne t he name of t hType... in the COII'III'Iand line.. the CUl~l'ent ce

    Type, in the command lioe .. the CU1 1 ent cel\I)len tlle C) Al Actel CUI: SOl i8 00 tlle top lito sta. t o. stop che display of tl,e defaul

  • 8/13/2019 MANUAL SC21 imprimir.pdf


    K: Uar i abl e naAes :K20 K 20 K20K 20EixedCell.

    Ro, . ,and co l umn can var y on copi es .Row and col umn s t ay f i xed on copi es .Row can var y; col u~n s t ays Ei xed on copi es .Row s t ays f i xed; col uAn can var y on copi es .hol ds f o l l owi ng expes s i on Ei xed on copi es .and r anges can be gi ven a s y~bol i c name vi a

    Expr es s i ons :- e Hegat i one +e Addi t i one- e Subt l ' ac ti oneee lt iplicat ione/ e Di v i s i onexe 110d loeAe Exponent i at i on~e Boolean ope atol' NOTe?el:e2 01 eifCe.el.e2>Condi t i onal : l E e i s non z er o t hen t hen e1,r er ~s ~ay be cons t ant s , var i abl es , and par ent hes i z e

    e( - e Les s t han 01Eq alNot Eq alGl ' eat el 't l l anGl ' eat el 't l l aness ts nBoo l ean opel ' aBool ean opel ' a

    e ee -ee -ee>ee

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    K:\sc2 \sc exe

    Suroall ~alid cells in the ~angeol1ult iply togethe~ all ~alid ce lIsA~e~age all ~alid cells in the ~aCount all ~alid ce lIs in the loanRetul~n the roaxirouroualue in the lRetul n the ,inirnuP Iualue in the 1Retul nthe sarople standard deuiatthe cells in the ~angeo@stindex

  • 8/13/2019 MANUAL SC21 imprimir.pdf


    K:\sc2 \sc exeWhi c h SC een? [ a- o, q] _

    M: HUlIJel~icfunct ions:( a t a n2( e 1, e 2)( c ei l ( e )( eqs ( s e1, s e 2)( e xp ( e )( a bs ( e) ( f abs ( e )( f l oor ( e)( hy pot ( x , y )( r nax( e1, e2, )( r ni n( e1, e2, )( n val ( s e, e)pi ( pi( po, , ( e l , e2)( n d ( e )( o und( e , n )( s q, t ( c )( s t o n ( s e )( l n( e) ( l og( e)( dt ( e) ( r t d( e)( c os( e) ( si n ( e)( as i n( e ) ( ac os ( e )

    Ar c t angent of e1/ e2.~ llest integer not less than estl ing expr sel has the saneExponent i a l f unc t i on of e.Absolute uallle of e.The largest integer not greatel tSqr t ( x X. y* y) .The maximumof the values theThe mnimum the values theThe numeric ualue a nallJ ed c ellA constant quite close to piel :raised to the po,.,el e2.Round e to the ne l~est integel .Round e t o n dec i mal pl ac es .Squal e .oot Convel t stling xpr se to a nurneNat u a l / bas e 10 l OgA i t hConuel t degl ees to/fl oll l@tan(e) T i9 functions I adian@atan(e) nve r se tris function.

  • 8/13/2019 MANUAL SC21 imprimir.pdf



    Concatenate strings. Por examplestring xpr s sion .... e 2~ dog the lazy dog il e is theI substr(se.e1.e2) Extract characters e1 through e2stl ing expl ession se. Por exa~p.. @substr( Nice jacket 4.. 1) y

    e aConvel t a number to a atring usinPOI example... .. @frnt( w/.6.3f. ..10*10.500* . Use formats are e.Return the string value of a cellCall an external function prograscript . Conuert e to a string ato the cOAAand line as an argumenta st1 ing: the fil st line pl intedoutput by the command.I coltoa(e) Return tl,e column letter(s) f.'omI llppe.'(e) I lower(e) Retll.'n the st.'ing in upper/lowI cal'ital(e) Return the st.'ing with words in uStl 1ng expees s ions are m e up of constant stringssur eoun e by quotes),. variables,. and stl ing funct

    Which Sc.'een? [a-o. q]_functions:: St ing

    I fmt(se.e)I sval(se.e)I ext(se.e)

  • 8/13/2019 MANUAL SC21 imprimir.pdf


    K:\sc2 \sc exeI I hi c h Sc , een? l a- o. q

    O P inan cial f unct ions( pmt

  • 8/13/2019 MANUAL SC21 imprimir.pdf


    K:\sc2 \sc exe

    Conuel t the tirne in seconds to astl ing 24 chal actel s long in thefo~ro: Sun Sep 1601: 03: 521973th t you n extl act pie es of thstl ing with @subst~.Retu~n the yea~. Ualid yea~s begRetul n the roonth: 1 (Jan) to 12 (Retu~n the day of the roonth: 1 toRetul n the nurobe~of heur-s sinceRetul n the nurobe of roinutes sinclast full hOU1 :0 to 59Return the nurober of seconds sinclast full roinute: 0 to 59

    I~hichSC1 een? [a-o. qTime and date functions

    no\@dts(ro.d.y)@tts( nthe tirne encoded in secondRetul n ro/d/y encoded in seconds sRetul nh:ro:s encoded in seconds s

    A11 the following take an al gurnentexpl essed in@date(e)

    @yeal (e)@roonth(e)@day(e)@houl (e)@roinute(e)@second(e)

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