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  • 1. Mapping Your Content to the Buyers Journey Marc Gabriel Amigone Inbound Marketing Consultant @MarcAmigone

2. Objectives for todays session: Learn what the buyers jouney is Why its important How it works What you can do to integrate it into your content marketing strategy 3. 1 What is the Buyers Journey? 4. The Buyers Journey is the active research process a potential buyer goes through leading up to a purchase. The Buyers Journey 5. 2 Why Cater to the Buyers Journey? 6. DONT GET TUNED OUT 7. CONSUMERS HAVE ALL THE POWER 8. 57% of a prospects buying decision is complete before that prospects first contact with a supplier 9. HELP BUYERS MAKE A MORE INFORMED DECISION AS AN EXTENSION OF YOUR BRAND 10. 3 How Does the Buyers Journey Work? 11. Look at the buyers journey 12. Break it up in stages 13. Prospect has now decided on their solution strategy, method, or approach. Is compiling a long list of all available vendors and products in their given solution strategy. Is researching to whittle the long list down to a short list and ultimately make a final purchase decision. Prospect has now clearly defined and given a name to their problem or opportunity. Is committed to researching and understanding all of the available approaches/methods to solving their defined problem or opportunity. Prospect is experiencing and expressing symptoms of a problem or opportunity. Is doing educational research to more clearly understand, frame and give a name to their problem. The Buyers Journey 14. 4 What Can You Do to Integrate the Buyers Journey into Your Content Strategy? 15. Identify Your Gaps 16. Buyers Journey Next Steps: Tailor all existing content to each relevant stage of the buyers journey Refine titles, keywords, etc. to call out signals that map to each stage of the buyers journey Generate new content for each stage that doesnt already have it 17. USE YOUR MAPPED CONTENT IN WORKFLOWS! 18. Break it up in stages 19. Use workflows to streamline this journey 20. 5 In Conclusion 21. Forget B2B, B2C 22. Embrace B2H 23. Meet your prospects where they are 24. QUESTIONS? 25. THANK YOU.


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