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From South Africa on the beautiful African continent comes a speaker with a message of hope, potential and inspiration. Marcus speaks and teaches on sales skills, leadership skills and teamwork. He draws his teaching on the similarities he has observed from the magnificent animal kingdom in Africa. You can learn from the animals to be great leaders, great sales consultants and how to work together powerfully as teams. Commonalities between humans and the animal kingdom is remarkable and astonishing.

Partner lecturer at the IMM graduate school in Johannesburg.Institute of Marketing Management

Professional member of the GSF.Global speakers federation

Professional memberships and associationsProfessional member of PSASA.Professional speakers association of South Africa

Strategic business partner. Profiles International South Africa

Professional speaking/teaching and human assessments Founder of Power Profiles of South Africa. Power Profiles is a human assessment company.

Founder of SellChology the academy of sales sciences for sales managers, sales consultants and key accounts managers.LeadersTeamsSales leadersSales staff

Developer of the 360 training and coachingapproach for:

The 360