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Market To Generate Leads

Market To Generate LeadsApply The Four Ps And Become Visible

I Place? Generate Inbound Interest OnlineThe Four Ps

Place People Promotions Process

Draw prospects to your office, restaurant, shop !

II People? Target Market , You, Your Staff Market

Specific group of consumers at which a company aims its products and services . Your target customers are those who are most likely to buy from you Are your target customers male or female? How old are they? Where do they live? Is geography a limiting factor for any reason? What do they do for a living? How much money do they make? Must they have a minimum credit score? What is their education level? What other aspects of their lives matter? If you're launching a roof-tiling service, your target customers probably own their homes, etc.

You and Your Role

Will you be responsible for work flow, participating in business administration, sales and marketing with or without seasoned support?The challenge is time management.Your Staff Entrepreneurs, Empower The Sales Staff With Tools

That Are Affordable That Are Easy To Implement That Are EASY to Teach That Can Be Automated That Are Relevant To Producing Sales That Provide Constant Contact That Contain Training, Upgrades That Provide Constant In House Leads

II People? Target Market , You, Your Staff

III PROMOTIONOnline Landing PagesBlogs and ArticlesSocial Media (facebook) Page and AdsEmail MarketingOutbound VM BroadcastingWebinarsPodcasts

These 7 Components Are Proven To Increase Sales. Our System Decreases Your Marketing Costs.


Landing Pages Provide Answers

Who Are You? What do You offer? Why Do I Need It? Whats In It For Me? How Do I Find You? My Options? Why Should I Choose You?

Landing Page=Leads

Crosslink to Your Social media

Give Specific Instructions

CapTure Email And Phone Contact Info

Communicate Offers

Provide Paid Advertising From Marketers



63%50%45%Since 2006 Social Media (Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, etc.) use has increased365%of companiesexperiencedincrease in marketingeffectivenessof companiesreported increase in customersatisfactionof companiesexperiencedreducedmarketing costsSocial Media crosslinks to your landing page and allows you to promote both your website and product with flexible ads to increase your visibility and sales.These Ads Generate Inbound Traffic For $10.00 to $35.00 per campaign!

Nurturing the leads you capture increases sales AND CONVERSION

Raw leads arent sales ready


60% more people will return a call when Emails are sent FIRST.

Emails with logos linked to web pages or Social Media capture more qualified leads.

Scheduled, Automated Campaigns Save Time!Voice Broadcasting Can LiterallyTRIPLE Direct Mail or Email Response Rates.


Your Customers Are VIPS Receiving a Personal Invitation To Your Sale, Grand Opening, Seminar or Other Events

Direct People To Your Site, Set Appointments

Make Sure Everyone Has Their Renewal RemindersHow It Works: A digital service plays your pre-recorded message to customer's answering machine, voice mail, or to a "live" person Its up to you. Your quick and friendly message gets through every time.

A Video Store Sent Out 7,000 For Their 5 Day Anniversary Sale

Cost $6,500.Results $125,000 in Sales


Sent VB to 3,900 HomesFor Their 5 Day Anniversary Sale

Cost $15.00 ($.005 ea Answered Call)Results $250,000 In Sales Campaign, Year OneCampaign, Year TwoThe terrywilson3 network software adds additional opportunities to this kit when upgraded. Companies, such as Allstate, Farmers, Walmart, etc. will pay you to upload numbers into our connected system. When the phone is answered those companies will pay you $10.00 to $25.00 per answered call. Automation allows you to load the numbers in, walk away and make money ea. day for helping them market themselves.


40 percent of listeners stay from start-to-finish.A dynamic webinar can have a 29% close rate.40 percent of listeners stay from start-to-finish.A dynamic webinar can have a 29% close rate.40 percent of listeners stay from start-to-finish.A dynamic webinar can have a 29% close rate.40 percent of listeners stay from start-to-finish. A dynamic webinar can have a 29% close rate and allows you to reach large groups in one appointment.No minimum number of attendees, catering or parking

Easy, low-cost way to add value and communicate expertise.Survey the participants to identify their concerns, issues and challenges Create instant products through recordings ( DVD, video podcast or on-line video.)

Youre not limited to your city, state or country.

Provide product support , Train recruits.

No need to be the speaker - Invite a guest presenter!

IV PROMOTION 6. PODCAST Turn podcasts into full blog posts, complete with show notes and quotes.

Copy podcasts to a CD, flash drive, or other physical item to give to clients, connections, and partners.

Bring in sponsors to create revenue from your podcasts.

Cover live events and conferences in new and interesting ways through your podcast interviews.

Listening to and watching a podcast on a mobile device is what more and more people are doing Brett Parry, VP of Search at StreamLineVRS

Reach Your Mobile Audience

V ProcessesA process: the consistent system you have in place in order to funnel business through your organization

It includes, finding accurate data, Creating qualified fresh leads, Creating and maintaining continuous campaigns to stimulate brand recognition and sales, Maintaining contacts,

Providing your sales staff with presentations, leads and an easy process to complete and close sales.Is your process sustainable without hiring extra administrative staff?

Are you operating within a sound budget?

Do you have a method to control costs?

Do you have the tools to control costs?Through partnerships with bulk providers, weve created a cloud based set of marketing tools enabling you to launch an ongoing marketing system and join a support network while keeping your marketing in house!

What Would You Pay To..

Market from Landing Pages, Blog, Facebook Integration, Email, Voice Mail Broadcasts, Create Targeted LeadsAdd One on One Training, Consults, Paid Re-marketing, Webinars, Master Mind Weekly GroupsHave endless leads and promotions, market easily from your office and automate your business without paying an agency?Have the the Elite features PLUS be led by the hand to phenomenal success sales and become an expert on the Podcast circuit?

How Much Would You Expect To SpendOn a self driven marketing system that would increase your sales by 60 to 83% in 90 days?? 500? 1,000? 3,000? 8,000? 10,000? 25,000..On a system that will put a permanent process in place for you , your office, your agency?

..On a system that will allow you to recapture your cost for the system immediately?

..On a system tailor made for the sole proprietors and businesses with 1 to 10 employees?

Weve negotiated with key partners.. To Give You Substantial Discounts Not Available ElsewhereTo Include Our Vast No Cost Network of training Resources Weve given you the ability to start small and upgrade as you goand to defer payment with your PayPal credit account.

Our Contact Information..Your Pricing And Feature Sheet Is Ready For You To Review Upon Request ASK FOR YOUR PDF!Ask For Your Invoice and Register To Receive Your Credentials Envision Werks , Parent Company, Owner-Product Manager: Terry Wilson, 132 Harbor Street Inman , South Carolina. Owner Agent Lead Tool/:

Cheryl Robbins, GoSMB Online, a franchise owner of products 1 (530)-990-8645; tw3cheryl@gmail.comInvoicing and Sales