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Matt Lynton, Project Delivery Manager, Sydney Trains delivered the presentation at ARA’s Telecommunications & Train Control Conference 2014. The ARA’s Telecommunications & Train Control Conference 2014 brought together passenger and freight rail operators, transport agencies, track owners, regulators and technology suppliers to assess telecommunications solutions and explored the capabilities of a shared future. For more information about the event, please visit:


  • 1.1 Commercial in ConfidenceCommercial in Confidence Mobile Carrier Infrastructure Sydney Rail Tunnels A Project Review 11th - 12th August 2014

2. 2 Commercial in Confidence Sydney Trains a Customer Focus Customer Experience Reliability On Time Running 3. 3 Commercial in Confidence The Objective Provision of mobility infrastructure to enhance the customers journey in and around the CBD rail tunnels. 4. 4 Commercial in Confidence The Strategy Commercial Agreements for delivery 3 different stages Design and install a solution to provide the objective. ShoreTunnels CityCircle ESR&IllaRelief 5. 5 Commercial in Confidence Design Solution c.1920s Rail Tunnels c.1970s Rail Tunnels 6. 6 Commercial in Confidence Design Solution Coverage within Tunnels 7. 7 Commercial in Confidence Design Solution Distributed Antenna System (DAS) 8. 8 Commercial in Confidence Design Approval & Risk Management System Design Civil & Track Design Stakeholder Approval 9. 9 Commercial in Confidence Implementation & Late Scope Track Access Power Testing Window North Sydney & Chatswood Rail Box (enclosure) Signal Risk Carrier Connection 10. 10 Commercial in Confidence Commissioning Testing Process Nth Sydney Signalling Transport Ministers Office 11. 11 Commercial in Confidence Program Awareness Stage 1 in service Schedule and Completion dates 12. 12 Commercial in Confidence Stage 2 City Circle Similar design concept 13. 13 Commercial in Confidence Challenges and Risks Tunnel Profiling Older data Design Approval Track Access Continual correspondence with multiple stakeholders 14. 14 Commercial in Confidence System Performance & Expectations Stage 1 performance Technical optimisation Older technology in Stations 15. 15 Commercial in Confidence Stage 3 Eastern Suburbs Railway & Illawarra relief Similar Design Concept Station Coverage in scope 16. 16 Commercial in Confidence Challenges and Risks Tunnel length Cost Track Access - Innovation Late change of solution 17. 17 Commercial in Confidence Lessons Learnt Structured Design Approval process Strong Milestones Manage Expectations Risk & Opportunities 18. 18 Commercial in Confidence


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