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reads about

Presentation at NJ Entrepreneurs & Technology Startups

June 27, 2013

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Meddle helps people build a name for themselves


•  We help people create content that helps them get discovered on social networks

•  We help drive traffic from search engines to pages where our members get to present themselves in a professionally relevant manner

•  Coming soon: We will rank our users against other subject matter experts and help them improve their standing and visibility in the marketplace

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Social media platforms don’t work for most people

•  Blogging requires a significant time commitment

•  Coming up with content ideas can be difficult

•  Twitter is cryptic, perishable and too abbreviated for significant knowledge sharing

•  Facebook is not a professional showcase

•  LinkedIn remains a static resume repository

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Our Innovative Solution to Content Marketing

Our browser plug in allows users to grab excepts from content they read, annotate it, and publish this under their own name.

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A Portfolio of Insights

Meddles are curated into a magazine-like page for each user on

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Integrated with existing networks


Meddle is also a better way to push fresh, relevant content to other social networks. For some users, this will be the primary benefit/use of Meddle

Our browser bookarklet/widget automatically publishes the Meddle to Twitter (or LinkedIn, FB, etc.)

Coming soon

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How Meddle is Different

•  Users create short-form content from what they are reading as part of their daily routine

•  Meddles don’t roll off a timeline as with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, but becomes SEO optimized, ever-green content auto by topic.


Coming soon: Sophisticated audience analytics helps our members understand if their content is resonating with their intended audience.

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Target Market (individuals)


•  Professionals who are looking to create insightful, social media content more frequently

•  Subject Matter Experts who haven’t found a social

media platform for showcasing their expertise •  These two audiences will be further segmented by

users who work for small businesses (driving trickle-up adoption of business accounts)

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Target Market (businesses)

Businesses who are: •  Looking to showcase employees’

insights as a way to differentiate themselves

•  Wants to generate valuable, brand-relevant, social content at volume

•  Need better insights into what the content the market responds to

•  Seek highly-targeted advertising/marketing opportunities

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Vidar Brekke CEO, 15 years of experience, founder of 3 tech startups, including Social Graphiti, acquired by Converseon in 2011.

As Chief Product Officer at Converseon, he brought to market ConveyAPI, the most accurate sentiment analysis API on the market. Built Open Audience Manager, a Facebook analytics platform and DigiDay “Best Social Media Innovation of 2010” finalist. Built Facebook applications for companies such as Coca-Cola, Estee-Lauder and Equifax . He‘s also served as a VP Marketing for JPMorgan and Strategist for Ogilvy. Vidar has a MA in Communications and served as an officer in the Norwegian Navy.

The Founders Ballu Kommireddi CTO, is a Sun Certified Java developer with 20 years of experience building scalable web applications.

Enterprise application architect, designer and team lead with Fortune 100 companies like AT&T, Merrill Lynch and Sunoco. Responsible for AT&T’s award-winning personalization and recommendation engine. Designed Open Audience Manager’s scalable social messaging architecture. Manages all aspects of Meddle’s development, including browser-plugins, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn integrations. In addition to his IT skills, Ballu also has solid finance and business knowledge and an MBA.

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For more information or a demo, contact: Vidar Brekke, Co-founder & CEO [email protected] P: 646 465 2965

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