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Dedicated to empowering Native Women in Canada through our label of handbags. Devon Fiddler // Chief Changemaker & SheEO devonfi[email protected]// 1.306.270.8489 Pitch Deck

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SheNative is a start up high end hand bag label made for the modern women. SheNative is more than just another handbag line. We are about empowering Native women in Canada through the design, production and fabrication of our goods, and our community cause fund for disadvantaged women. Our bags are beautiful, classic, and timeless, with a native flair. We showcase the beauty of our cultures, with clean lines, luxurious materials, and we are locally made in the Saskatchewan prairies.


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Dedicated to empowering Native Women in Canada through our label of handbags.

Devon  Fiddler  //  Chief  Changemaker  &  SheEO  [email protected]//  1.306.270.8489  

Pitch  Deck  

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•  Native women in Canada face huge disadvantages: Ø Higher rates of poverty,

incarceration & victims of violence.

Ø High rates of unsolved missing & murdered cases.

•  These realities overshadow successes of Native women, allowing negative stereotypes to prevail!

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•  Empower Native women through job creation, and design collaboration opportunities.

•  Educate mainstream through our platform and our goods.

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Business Model


Market  &  Make  Sales  


Distribute  to  Retail  

Direct to Customer Years 1 - 5

Design & Make

Online Marketing

& Sales


Wholesale Years 4 - 5

SheNative Community. Empower. Celebrate. Educate. Inspire.

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Underlying Magic – Our Goods...

Leather  Goods   Modern,  Timeless,  FuncPonal  

NaPve  Design  Elements  

Celebrate  &  Empower  

•  Crowdsourcing Native designers/artisans

•  Niche Goods in Handbags Industry

•  Opportunity to share our success stories as women

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Marketing & Sales Strategy Pre-Launch Marketing & Pre-Sales Strategy

•  Build Social Media following through blogging, Facebook giveaways, design contests, Twitter & Pinterest posts

•  Gain Media Exposure •  Celebrity Gifting of Handbags •  Soft Launch Party

Launch Strategy

•  Pop-up Shops in Major Canadian Cities, Saskatoon Farmers Market

•  Online Shop, Shop Indigenous •  Indigenize Launch Event with •  Aboriginal & local tradeshows & local

fashion shows

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•  NaPve  Handbag  Brands  &  Fashion  Designers  – Angelia  DemonPgny  –  Joanne  Anderson  

•  Canadian  Made  Leather  Handbag  Brands  &  Designers  –  Roots  Canada  –  Chicks  &  Girlies  –  Erin  Templeton  –  Rowland  Leather  –  Jessica  Jensen  

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Team Devon Fiddler

Owner & Founder, Chief Changemaker

Business Planning & Development, Operations

Heather Abbey

Co-Founder & Founder of

Social Media Marketing, Fashion photoshoots &

Event Planning, Start up Experience

Sheena Repath

Founder of Ideal Samples & Making Sh*t Happen of Toronto, ON

Product Development Advisor

Product Development in Fashion Industry, Manufacturing, Wholesale,

and Online Distribution Expertise

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Financial Projections

  Conservative Projections Ambitious Projections

Year 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year 1 Year 3 Year 5

Items Sold per Year 500 1500 3000 550 3000 5000 Average Selling Price on items 339 339 289 339 339 289

Sales per Year $169,500.00 $508,000.00 $867,000.00 $186,450.00 $1,017,000.00 $1,445,000.00

Revenue per Year $84,750.00 $254,000.00 $433,500.00 $93,225.00 $508,500.00 $722,500.00 Community Initiatives Program ($10 per item) $5,000.00 $15,000.00 $30,000.00 $5,500.00 $30,000.00 $50,000.00 Profit Margin Goal (15% of Sales) $25,425.00 $76,200.00 $130,050.00 $27,967.50 $152,550.00 $216,750.00

•  Cost of Goods Sold are no more than 50% of sales (labour and materials)

•  We will aim for a 15% profit margin of sales

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Accomplishments to Date

•  Launch Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign (April - May 2014)

•  Production of first Product Line (June 2014)

•  Launch Online Shop (July 201)

•  Start first in-house production run (July 2014)

•  Saskatoon Farmers Market Weekend Retail Pop-up Shops (July-August 2014)

•  In Product Development & Crowdsourcing Phase •  Participant of Praxis School of Entrepreneurship

& Start-up Generation Global Fellowship Program

Future Development Plans