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Análisis y presentación de los principios cientificos de la metrología


MetrologyMetrology is the science of measurement Dimensional metrology is that branch of Metrology which deals with measurement of dimensions of a part or workpiece (lengths, angles, etc.) Dimensional measurements at the required level of accuracy are the essential link between the designers intent and a delivered product.

Aspects of MetrologyReference standard metrology Engineering Metrology

Basic Measurement DevicesSurface Plates Test Stands Dial Gages Micrometers and Verniers Gage Blocks

Dimensional Metrology NeedsLinear measurements Angular measurements Geometric form measurements

Roundness Straightness Cylindricity Flatness, etc

Dimensional Metrology NeedsGeometric relationships

Parallel, perpendicular, etc. Concentric, runout, etc.

Controlled surface texture

Communicating Dimensional Metrology NeedsGeometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GDT) The language of dimensional metrology Standard symbols, etc., on part drawings.

Specification of Linear Tolerances

Angular Specifications

Angular Tolerances

Flatness Specification

Flatness Tolerances

Straightness Specification

Straightness Tolerance

Roundness Specification

Roundness applies to every section

Roundness Tolerances

Surface Profile Without Datums

Line Profile Without Datums

Surface Profile with Datums

Profile of a line with datums is similar

Surface Profile with Datums

Cylindricity Specifications

Cylindricity Tolerances

Surface Texture Specification

Surface Texture

Perpendicularity Specification

Perpendicularity Measurements

Parallelism Specification

Parallelism Measurements

Concentricity Specification

Concentricity Tolerances

Concentricity Measurements

Concentricity Measurements

Circular Runout Specifications

Circular Runout Tolerances

Total Runout Specifications

Total Runout Tolerances

Position Specifications

Position Tolerances

Simulated Datum

Datum Selection


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