migrant workers

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Migrant Workers

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  • 1. Migrant Workers

2. Migrant WorkersAre people who move from place to place, doing one job after another. 3. In Texas they round cattle andmove to New Mexico and Arizonafor harvest crops. 4. The need for WorkersRanchesand farms spread across the Southwest and need workers. 5. Temporary JobsManyjobs can be temporary.Harvesting crops or rounding cattle are examples of temporary jobs. 6. Cesar ChavezMexican- American Civil Rights leader who fought for the rights of migrant workers and others. 7. Cesar Chavez 8. Dolores Huerta A Labor Leaderwho fought forthe rights ofminorityworkers. 9. Dolores Huerta 10. Better LifeCesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta devotedtheir lives to fight for the rights of people.Since then, the life of migrant workers haveimproved. 11. SummaryThe migrant workers fill the need for temporary workers in agriculture.Manyimportant people have helped and continue to help migrant workers to have better working conditions.