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Mobile Productivity For Mobile Professionals Ramon Ray Editor, Smart Hustle Magazine @ramonray –

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  • Mobile Productivity For Mobile Professionals

    Ramon RayEditor, Smart Hustle [email protected] –

  • 4x entrepreneur, speaker, best selling author, Infusionsoft CRM evangelist

  • FBI Citizens Academy Graduate

  • Expert Witness to Congressional Small Business Committee

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  • Invest in the Right Hardware

    • What is best for YOU . This is all that matters

    • Touch screen or not

    • Tablet or Notebook

    • Processing power and size

    • Consider upgrading annually (give or take)

  • Don’t Use New Hardware without Testing It

  • Invest in the right software

    • Mobile productivity apps

    • App integration

    • Specific “task” Apps (Asana, TripIt, etc)

    • Learn to use your software/apps

    • Don’t just get “free”

  • Mobile computing is safe computing

    • Complex passwords

    • Backup

    • Security software

    • Train staff to be aware

    • Network configuration

    • Be as secure as you need to be (biometrics, etc)

  • Leverage online software

    • Cloud software is a must

    • Seamless communication & collaboration

    • Auto-backup, etc

    • Seamless upgrades

    • Secure

  • Sign Up With a Premium WiFi Service

    • Faster WiFi

    • More secure WiFi

  • Mobile Power

    • Spare batteries - Mice, clickers, need batters

    • Charge before you leave

    • Purchase mobile power extension cable

  • Mobile accessories

    • Comfortable mouse

    • USB Thumb drive / external drive

    • Display adapters

    • Mobile speakerphone

    • Small tool kit

  • Use the Right Luggage / Baggage

  • Have spare batteries (AA, AAA)

  • Choose Your Hotel Wisely

    • Strong WiFi

    • Desk

    • Safe environment

    • Easy access to power

  • Choose Your Flight (Mode of Travel) Wisely

    • Inflight WiFi

    • Inflight Power

    • Comfortable Seating

  • Best Practices of Mobile Warriors

    • Never Assume

    • Prepare for the Worst

    • Print Out Important Documents

    • Mobile “Hotel Room” Workouts

    • Carry Small Snacks / Water

  • Be as productive (and secure) outside the office as inside the office.

  • Mobile Productivity For Mobile Professionals

    Ramon RayEditor, Smart Hustle [email protected] –