monday morning warrior gridiron gazette august 2014

Monday Morning Warrior Gridiron Gazette August 2014
Monday Morning Warrior Gridiron Gazette August 2014
Monday Morning Warrior Gridiron Gazette August 2014
Monday Morning Warrior Gridiron Gazette August 2014
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Self Improvement

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Get your inspiration each month! Be your best and believe in your own power to succeed!


  • Visualize Victory In Your Life!

    Volume 1 Issue 3

    August 2014

    Time to get off the bench and into the gameof Life!

    Believe and trust that the Universe is full of effortless abundance. Today you make the first steps toward acknowledging that truly YOUR world is abundant.

    It is a state of mind and being. You must accept that you are a winner and a success. All

    that you desire will be yours if you change your emotional attachment to the old feelings

    of insecurity. It may have come from a moment in your childhood, a death of a parent or

    loved one at an early age and the insecurity that goes with living with the other struggling

    to get by. Maybe some small ingrained feeling is putting an obstacle in your way saying

    "What, you think you can get that?" When you know if you believe in yourself ANYTHING

    you really want and focus on getting becomes your reality. Right now, at this very

    moment, I want you to call into your life positive forces to take you to the next level of

    your growth; eternal happiness, love, joy, financial and emotional wealth forevermore.

    Its all there, its always been there, but the choice is yours to BELIEVE in the infinite

    power and faith of life and that you deserve it all. No more cowering in fear!

    The law of attraction rewards any emotion with the same emotion.

    From this point on I want you to attract wealth & happiness and to feel gratitude for your

    place in time. It is good to feel gratitude so then you are pulled into a situation that

    triggers even more gratitude.

    When you want to see the law of attraction work its miracles, you must be patient.

    Patience is the magic tool. It works on its own schedule and you must accept that! All

    good things take time to develop. Keep the faith and continue to believe in yourself!

    Just keep believing, believing, and believing.

    Become a Monday Morning Warrior and become a believer!

    Founder John P. Dumas Sr.

    850-368-7884 Contact email


    Amy Dumas

    Event Pricing: *$25 presale RSVP

    *30 at the door

    *May vary depending on Guest Speaker

    6-Month All-Pro Plan Available @ $20 savings

    Lincoln Coleman July 21

    st Meeting

    Guest Speaker & Coach John

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  • Using the Universal Law of Attraction Write any amount you desire and do the following:




    "Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there." -John Wooden

    Quotes of the Month:

    If you train hard, youll not only be hard, youll be hard to beat - Herschel Walker

    Love is playing every game as if it's your last- Michael Jordan

    Ive got a theory that if you give 100% all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end. Larry Bird

    Join the Monday Morning Warrior Team!

    Monday Morning Warrior needs volunteer help in the following areas: Social Media Mgr/ Community PR Coordinator

    Membership Drive Chairman

  • Power Rankings: Members who sponsor and bring the most new Members to our meeting for the month will have their name placed in a drawing to receive a deluxe authentic Monday Morning Warrior Football jersey or MMW Polo Shirt!!

    We believe in giving back to others in need. This is why Monday Morning Warrior returns a portion of the proceeds from the event to the Guest Speakers favorite charity. Our September guest speaker is Mark Washington. Monday Morning Warrior has chosen the American Heart Association as their charity of choice.

    We are always searching for Guest Speakers. Do you know a sports celebrity or ex-player who would like to share their story or cause with our Team? If so, please contact John Paul Dumas Sr. at 850-368-7884

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  • Welcomes Introductions

    We create our own lives ..We have the power and belief to have all our desires come to us. Whatever I can conceive and believe I will achieve. Who-ha!

    Morning motivational talk Coach John

    Double Play o Meet and greet challenge; Make 2 new acquaintances and business card contacts.

    What can I do for you concept?

    ( Special Guest Speaker: Mark Washington-Former San Francisco 49er

    Final positive thoughts for the day Recognizing other members helping other members.

    o (1-2-3 BREAK hand clap)

    : Christian Okoye- Retired Kansas City Chief aka The Nigerian Nightmare-October 20th Leigh Steinberg-Super-Agent-November 17th

    Email to RSVP: (limited seating) All Events are on sale: September 22nd Meeting-Tilted Kilt-The LinQ LasVegas Noon-1pm