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  • 1.Moving People:Bridging gaps in physical activitylevels in EuropeOfficial Conference for European Week againstCancer 2013, May 29-30, Dublin Ireland

2. Promoting physycal activity: Awicked problemLets solve it 3. Wicked problems:PovertyClimate changeAIDS epidemicNuclear weapons 4. The Good news.We formulated thequestion right! 5. The Good news.We know it is possible!- we just want more. 6. The Good news.Many roads to success! 7. The Good news.Everyone has a role to play! 8. Physical Activity CampaignsW. Brehm (2010) 9. Share of population that never exercise or play sport 10. 100 million more Europeansactive in sport and physicalactivity by 2020 11. Now We Move campaign 12. Specific objectives of Now we MOVE:I. Raise awareness about the benefits of sport andphysical activity among European citizens;II. Increase accessible opportunities to be active insport and physical activity by developing new andup-scaling existing initiatives;III. Enable sustainable and innovative capacity-buildingfor the MOVE Agents through advocacy and open-sourced solutions. 13. MOVE Week 2012COMMITED EUROPEANS First edition of MOVE WEEK took place 1-7 October 2012 250 organisers in 23 European countries attracted over 140,000 participantsBelgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, CzechRepublic, Denmark, England, Estonia,Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland,Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania,Macedonia, Portugal, Romania,Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Sloveniaand Spain. 14. MOVE Week DNAACCESSIBLE TO ALLAquagym Master Class04/10/2012 in Barcelona, Spain.Seniors - RetiredStreet Games basketballtournament, 06/10/2012 inLondon, England.A day full of sports 05/10/2012 inPrague, Czech Republic.Kids School initiativeYouth - Students All Family run MOVE Week is universal reaching all ages &social categories. In addition to the physical activitymeetings, conferences and seminars havebeen organised to build capacity and promotethe value of sport and physical activity.Svoli Convention offerednew ideas for groupinstructors.The oldest European marathon:89th annual Kosice PeaceMarathon in Kosice, Slovakia.County of MEIMURJE,CROATIAWomenGirls event , 07/10/2012 inLondon, England. 15. NOWWEMOVE.COM hosted MOVE WeekCreation of a dedicated platform to: Inform users about Move Week events, Engage them to become active participants, Share their initiatives, Learn about the benefits of sport and physical activity.Before During After Register your eventparticipation Motivate your friends Follow your event Share initiatives & best practicethrough I DID IT section Post videos featuring events onsocial networksONLINE COMMUNICATION PLATFORM Review an event Join the community 16. NowWeMove 2013 17. Call for MOVE agents Organization School, Municipality, Sports club National, international entity withthe capacity to mobilise physicalactivity events on the local level => willing to lead volunteers,peers, team members, and youthtowards successful achievementin their community 18. But the physical activity gap is not restricted to countries!Inequalities in health related to physical activity are stronglyrelated to socio-economical factors..... The MOVE project 19. What is so special about MOVE?Explicit and exclusive focus on social disadvantageComprehensive approachWide-rangning and cross-sector partnership behind theprojectStrong participation by research insitutionsStrong capacity-building dimension 20. Strong capacity building dimensionUltimate goal: increase physical activity levels of sociallydisadvantaged groupsIntermediate goals:Enable MOVE partners to- better reach socially disadvantaged groups- develop and conduct suitable programsThe conceptual framework: the ADEPT model 21. Good practice collection162 project descriptionsFrom 26 countries in Europeand 130 organisationTop 5 submitting countries:United Kingdom, Germany,Denmark, Italy and Spain 22. What we were looking forSDGs as target groupPromoting physical activityWell-managedSustainableMonitored and evaluatedEvidence of success achievinggoals plus impact for targetgroupsCan be applied elsewhere 23. MOVE pilot projectsEmpowering Collaborating Partners to implement goodpractice. How?14 pilot projects in 12 countriesFocus on specific good practice elements: networking,sustainability and quality managementSeed money and support for implementationOpportunities for networking and information sharingGreat variety in target groups and approaches 24. Mobilising partnershipsRequirements: new, cross-sectoral, reach out to SDGs andwork at the local, national or European/international levelRelated to capacity building: linking organisations acrosssectors, levels and typesPlanning and/or impelmenting activities relevant for SDGsduring and after the MOVE project. 25. Time to MOVE!23hours