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  • W H E R E I M A G I N A T I O N

    T A K E S F L I G H T

    D A I LY


    The Museum has the honor of

    preserving the history of our nation,

    through careful and deliberate curation

    of aircraft that have affected Robins Air

    Force Base, and the nation. Our

    Restoration Department works to

    maintain exhibits, restore aircraft, and

    create spaces that transport visitors

    back in time.


    Over 90 aircraft, missiles, and partial aircraft are

    exhibited for the public, in an effort to provide

    historical education through thought provoking

    exhibits. From the T-6 Texan in the Eagle Building,

    to the Tuskegee Airmen exhibit in the Scott WWII

    Hangar, the Museum brings over 50 years of aviation

    history to life through quality exhibition.

    The Museum of Aviation is one of the

    few large museums in the nation that

    are free to the public on a daily basis.

    Open 7 days a week, 362 days per year,

    the Museum offers visitors an

    interesting place to bring their families

    and friends.

    The Museum holds multiple events

    throughout the year, beginning with the

    Marathon, and ending with our

    Nevermore Hills Haunted Trail. These

    events provide something for everyone.





    Museum of Aviation at Robins Air Force Base Georgia Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 2469, Warner Robins, GA 31099

    (478) 923-6600





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    THE MUSEUM OF AVIATION is the 2nd largest museum in the

    Air Force and the 4th most visited museum in the Department of

    Defense. It is free and open to the public seven days a week, 362

    days a year. Visitation in 2015 was 401,676 and participants in

    educational programming last year numbered 49,933.

    Our humble roots began in 1984 with one small hut and a grand

    vision from community greats Ms. Peggy Young and Brig. Gen.

    Robert Scott, Jr. Today their legacies live on as the Museum of

    Aviation is a major heritage, exhibit, and educational hub in the

    Southeast, and has achieved accreditation from the American

    Alliance of Museums (fka American Association of Museums.)

    The visiting public has access to our 51-acre complex with four

    primary climate-controlled exhibit hangars. An archival and

    artifacts building and library are available for research by

    appointment, and two maintenance and restoration buildings.

    The Museum of Aviation exists to preserve and use our Nations

    military assets to educate and inspire the public and future

    generations. We also provide the foundation for understanding the

    responsibilities of all humanity to preserve Freedom.

    With Robins Air Force Base serving as the economic engine in

    Middle Georgia, consider the museum as the vehicle that

    transports one from past to present and forward into the future by

    detailing aviation history, current uses of aviation science and

    technology, and the possibilities of the future.

    We work daily to ensure that current and future generations are

    educated in the stories of the individuals who worked together as

    members of our armed forces. We inspire future leaders through

    education with an emphasis on hands-on technological

    experiences, to provide inspirational education programs,

    engaging historical perspective, and exceptional quality of service

    for the citizens of our Nation.

    Underlying all of the daily operations is a greater purpose to

    sustain the legacy of all who serve or have served our Country,

    and their families, with the preservation of historic aircraft,

    artifacts, and the stories that bring their contributions to life.

    The Museums vision is to continually strengthen our position as

    a STEM Center of Excellence, while solidifying our role as the

    number one visitor attraction in Middle Georgia.

    The mission of the Museum is to meticulously preserve our

    nations military history while growing exceptional future

    leaders in aerospace through education and inspiration.

    Goal #1: Strengthen the Museums position as the #1 visitor attraction in Middle Georgia and grow its presence in the Southeastern region. The Museum is the crown jewel of attractions for Middle Georgia and

    continues to make that case by consistently ranking number one in visitor

    attractions. By expanding program offerings, increasing social media

    presence as well as increased visitor engagement, the annual attendance will

    steadily increase. Updates and improvements within the facility and grounds

    will be the launch pad for expanded programming.

    As the Museum strengthens its position as the number one visitor attraction

    in Middle Georgia it also increases the quality of life for the local citizens

    due to increased tax dollars being spent in the community. As the quality of

    life increases, economic development opportunities increase, which lures

    other opportunities for expansion within the community. The Museum is the

    catalyst for such growth.

    P r o u d t o b e t h e s e c o n d l a r g e s t A i r F o r c e M u s e u m i n t h e c o u n t r y

    Programming the movements of Lego

    CELEBRATE OUR HEROES The Museum of Aviation is not only a place to view history, but a place to honor those who were captured, or who perished to give us the freedoms we enjoy. These heroes are honored throughout the Museum, but nowhere is it more pronounced than at our POW/MIA exhibit. This exhibit is a tribute to all branches of the Armed Forces, and the losses that they and their families have suffered.

    Expanded programming

    The focus on expanded programming is target specific programming as well as

    improved all-inclusive events. Target specific events are designed to appeal to

    groups such as millennials, family-friendly, company-based team building events,

    family reunions, national and local clubs, etc. These types of events attract groups

    that would not normally attend museum programs, and offer the largest potential

    for attendance growth. By using this format, the Museum can attract groups

    outside Middle Georgia and expand its reach in the Southeastern region.

    Improvement of all-inclusive events will utilize more spaces within the

    Museum complex and on the grounds. Many spaces are underutilized due to

    lack of funding and programming. As these spaces are improved and

    updated, the events will have a greater opportunity for success. Operational

    and marketing improvements to existing events will cut expenses and

    increase attendance.

    Increased social media presence and visitor engagement As the marketing world has realized, the majority of engagement with a

    customer is increasingly done through social media. With an improved

    database that allows for greater attendee engagement, the Museum can also

    dramatically increase its social media presence, which in turn will increase

    visitation. Social media is a broad term and can be used in multiple formats

    to reach multiple audiences. The Museum will tap into this powerful

    marketing tool to increase awareness of Museum happenings and increase

    visitation not only in Middle Georgia, but also in the Southeastern region.

    Attendee engagement will be achieved by capturing attendee information

    through an updated database system that allows the Museum to build a

    profile of the attendee and send them information that appeals directly to

    the attendees preference as described in said profile. This process allows

    for follow up engagement and feedback on the attendees experience. It

    also provides the opportunity to place the attendee into a detailed

    engagement plan that will maintain routine contact throughout the year and

    will contribute to repeat attendance.

    Increased quality of life within the local community

    By strengthening its position as the number one visitor attraction in Middle

    Georgia and growing its presence in the Southeastern region, the quality of

    life for the local community will be enhanced. The escalated attendance at

    the Museum will increase patronage at local hotels, restaurants, and shops,

    which will increase tax revenue for the local municipalities. An increase

    such as this also attracts other entities to the community, which create even

    greater tax revenue, and so on. By improving, updating, and using

    progressive thinking, the Museum will not only continue to be the catalyst

    for growth, but will be an even stronger catalyst than ever before.

    The Museum of Aviation improves the quality of life in our community

    through volunteer opportunities for retirees, senior citizens, and youth. The

    Museum sustains facilities and amenities that provide places for families

    and visitors to come together in meaningful ways.

    Quality of life can be defined in many ways by many different groups of


    The Museum delivers a quality of life that reaches back


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