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2. Pick a topic Members Albums Reason behind the band Break-up 3. Members Mikey Way Gerard Way Ray Toro Frank Iero 4. Albums I brought you my bullets, You brought me yourlove Three cheers for the sweet revenge The black parade Danger Days: the true lives of the fabulouskilljoys 5. Break Up Being in this band for the past 12 years has beena true blessing. Weve gotten to go places wenever knew we would. Weve been able to seeand experience things we never imaginedpossible. Weve shared the stage with people weadmire, people we look up to, and best of all, ourfriends. And now, like all great things, it has cometime for it to end. Thanks for all of your support,and for being part of the adventure.My Chemical Romance. Was posted on theirwebsite on Friday March 22nd 6. Behind the Band On the way to an interview with MGM studiosin NY, Gerard Way witnessed the 9/11 terroristattacks, after that he decided to change his lifeand make a difference. He wrote Skylines andturnstiles to express his feelings about 9/11. 7. Mikey Way Brother to Gerard Way, played Bass in Mychemical romance form the beginning. He alsosuggested the name after working in a bookshop, He was struck by Irvin Welshs BookEcstasy: three tales of Chemical romance. (Nobody likes him, cuz he sucks) 8. Gerard Way Brother to Mikey Way, and the lead singer ofMy chemical Romance. Him, Ray Toro, andMatt Pelissier formed the band, beforerecruiting the other members. Gerard neverwanted to be a singer, he always wanted to bea comic book artist. But events took anotherturn. Thankfully. 9. Frank Iero Was the front man for the early punk bandPencey Prep, after they broke up he joinedMCR as the rhythm guitarist and backupvocalist. 10. Ray Toro Co founder and lead guitarist of MCR. He alsohas a really cool afro. 11. Danger Days: the true lives of thefabulous killjoysClick me ^ 12. Black Parade Click me 13. Three Cheers for the sweet revenge Click me 14. I brought you my bullets you broughtme your love^ Click me


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