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MyBEAP Tutorial for BSSRs (Athens Campus)

1MyBEAP OverviewThis tutorial is designed to provide a broad overview of the MyBEAP online plan generator that creates a Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) for occupied buildings at the University of Georgia. (It should take about 5 minutes to view this tutorial and less than one hour to complete the MyBEAP after needed information is obtained.)As you move through the tutorial, you will familiarize yourself with the screens included within the MyBEAP, which should make completing the MyBEAP process easier and less time consuming.

An easy and efficient web-based method to create a Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) BSSRs use their UGA MyID to log in to a secure link to create their BEAPBSSRs are able to enter and exit each section online - as needed - to view/edit/complete their BEAPUpon completing the MyBEAP, the program will automatically send OEP an email. OEP will review and provide feedback/instructions to the BSSRsThe system will automatically create an annual email reminder to BSSRs connected with the building that it is time to update their MyBEAP

What is MyBEAP?3Information needed to obtain prior to using the online MyBEAP systemIt would be helpful for BSSRs to quickly review the 11 sections before starting the program as some sections require BSSRs to obtain the information from other sources before completing the section screens:

Building Safety Team (BST) members and contact informationEmergency Floor Coordinator (EFC) names, contact information and floor locationsBuilding Hazards/Areas of Special Concern Upload Critical Files (Optional)Specific locations of individuals with disabilities in the buildingNames, contact information and location of CPR/First Aid certified individuals in the building4Information needed to obtain prior to using the online MyBEAP systemLocation of any Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) in the building7. Location of any first aid kits in the buildingLocation of fire evacuation assembly areasLocation of bomb threat evacuation locationsSpecific location(s) of tornado shelter areas in the buildingNOAA Weather Radio locations and staff assignments5Quick Section DefinitionsBuilding Safety Team (BST) - consists of representatives from each department in the building who participate in the development of the BEAPEmergency Floor Coordinator (EFC) - provides coordination for any type of emergency for each floor in the building

MyBEAP Login Screen (example) Note: You must be registered as a primary or backup BSSR prior to logging in to MyBEAP

7MyBEAP- Started but not completed:NOTE: No print feature provided until all sections have been completed and reviewed by OEP

8All Sections have a Completed Status and OEP has reviewed: Print feature is now available


Sections completed and OEP has reviewed

10MyBEAP Resources Available

11My BEAP Resource Page:Links to OEPs Web site

12 Posted on OEPs Web site as they are scheduledOn-site training (by request)Web-based tutorialOEP staff support contact OEP for help with your MyBEAPMyBEAP Training Opportunities13You are now ready to create your MyBEAPKeep this link bookmarked to log in to MyBEAP: (or click on the link to begin creating your MyBEAP)

Thank you for participating in the BSSR program.14How Can We Help You?Office of Emergency PreparednessHodgson Oil Building286 Oconee Street, Suite 200 SAthens, Ga.



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