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Mythology Gods and Goddesses. Madi Reynolds Kaley Chierighino. Dionysus. God of Wine Son of Zeus and Semele (Theban Princess) Knowledgeable about wine- can make people go mad Long flowing hair- Handsome, favored by the Greeks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Mythology Gods and GoddessesMadi ReynoldsKaley ChierighinoDionysusGod of WineSon of Zeus and Semele (Theban Princess)Knowledgeable about wine- can make people go madLong flowing hair- Handsome, favored by the GreeksHe meets Ariadne- and falls in love with her. Brings his mother from the underworld and has her live in Olympus among gods

AresThe War GodSon of Zues and Hera; father of The AmazonsAppears in Wars and encourages warVery cowardly in the eyes of the Greeks- often seen running from battle after woundedThe Trojan War

The Furies (Tisiphone, Megaera and Alecto)Ministers of Justice; Those who walk in darkness The Benignant, Protectors of the suppliant.Punished evildoersWrithing snakes for hair and cry tears of blood- as long as there is sin in the world they will not leave

ErisGoddess of Discord (strife, dispute, war, chaos or disharmony)Sister to Ares and mother of StrifeCauses ChaosOften not loved among the godsThe Judgment of Paris

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