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Combat Basics Use weapon without Talent: -20 BS/WS; without Bracing: -30 if weapon requires Bracing ; 2-handed in 1 hand: -20 BS / WS. Pistols may be used in Close Combat, but has no bonuses or penalties for range or targeting.

Actions You can take 1 Full Action or 2 Half Actions, and 1 Reaction per Round. Half Actions must be different.

Attack Actions Standard Attack: Half Make one melee (WS +10) or ranged attack. All Out Attack: Full +20 to WS, cannot Dodge or Parry. Charge: Full Must move 4 metres, +10 to WS. Defensive Stance: Full Enemies -20 WS, one extra reaction. Feint: Half Opposed WS Test, if you win, next attack cannot be Dodged/Parried. Grapple: Full Make a Grapple attack (p. 197). Guarded Attack: Full -10 WS attack, +10 Parry and Dodges. Knock-Down: Half Try and knock an opponent to the ground (p. 190). Multiple Attacks: Full Use Swift Attack, Lightning Attack, others. Stun: Full Try and Stun an opponent. Full Auto Burst: Full Linear AoE, additional hit for every 2 degrees of enemy failure. Semi-Auto Burst: Full Additional hit for every degree of success. Overwatch: Varies Shoot targets coming into a set kill zone, targets suffer -20 to Pinning Test (p. 190). Suppressing Fire: Full Force opponents to take cover, -20 to BS (p. 191)

Move Actions Disengage: Full Break off from melee and make Half move. Manoeuvre: Half Opposed WS Test, if you win, move enemy 1 metre; you may advance too. Move: Half/Full Move up to your movement as a Half Action / twice your Movement as a Full Action. Run: Full Triple movement, enemies -20 BS and +20 WS. Stand/Mount: Half Stand up or mount a riding animal. Tactical Advance: Full Move from cover to cover, gaining benefit of cover throughout.

Miscellaneous Actions Aim: Half/Full +10/+20 bonus to hit on your next attack. Only applies to first shot on Bursts. Delay: Half Before your next turn take any Half Action. Dodge: Reaction Test Dodge to negate a hit. Focus Power: Varies Use a Psychic Power. Jump/Leap: Half/Full Leap or Jump (see page 214). Parry: Reaction Test WS to negate a melee hit. Ready: Half Ready a weapon or item. Reload: Varies Reload a ranged weapon. Use Skill: Varies You may use a Skill.

Attack Modifiers Called Shots: -30 BS / WS Head; -20 Arms/Legs; +0 Body. Melee attack:+10 WS. Acting while Prone:-10 WS / -20 Dodge. Target is Prone:+10 WS / -10 BS or +0 BS at point-blank range (normal range mods applies) Shooting into Melee: -20 BS, 2+ degrees of failure = hit random other Combatant.

Range modifiers Point Blank:3m* or closer, + 30 BS (*2m or closer with weapons with a Short Range of less than 3m) Short Range: point blank up to Standard Range, +10 BS. Medium Range:short range up to long range including Standard Range, +0 BS. Long Range:short range up to 2X Standard Range, -10 BS. Extreme Range:long range up to 3X Standard Range, -30 BS. Telescopic Sight:ignores penalties for Extreme and Long Range if a Full Aim action is taken.

Wielding Two Weapons No Talents: -20 BS on main hand / -40 BS on off-hand. Ambidextrous / Gunslinger (only pistols): +10 on MH & OH. TWW: +20 on OH.

Cover Acts as extra Armor in covered locations.

Primitive Weapons/ArmorNormal Armor x1 vs Primitive Weapons // Primitive Armor vs Normal Weapons

Critical Hits 1) If you roll a 10 on Damage, roll to hit again.2) If successful, roll an extra 1d10 for Damage.3) Any further 10? Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Weapon Jams Any roll of 96-100 jams a Weapon. Reliable Weapon roll a D10, only Jams on a 10. Unreliable Weapons Jam on 91-100. Full Round action and test BS to clear a Jam. You lose one ammo unit.

AoE Attacks (Grenades, Full-Auto attacks, etc.) Succesful dodge test moves PC to the edge of the area of effect (max Agi Bonus in metres; if it isnt possible, you cant Dodge).

Flame Weapons (adds to AoE attack rules)1. No To hit roll -> Target test AGI roll to not be hit (+30 if attacker is unskilled). This attack may be Dodged, as any other attack.2. If hit, ignore cover and receive damage, and Second AGI roll to avoid catching on fire.3. On fire deals 1d10 Damage straight to wounds and 1 Level of Fatigue.4. Full Round action -20 AGI test to put out the fire. Ranged Weapon Attachments/Special Rounds Dum Dum Bullets: +2 Damage, Armor Points counts x2. Hot Shot Charge +1 Dam, +4 PEN, roll 2 dice and pick Higher, clip is reduced to only 1 shot. Inferno Shells: If hit, target must test AGI or catch fire. Laser Sight: +10 BS (only on single shots). Man Stopper Rounds: +3 PEN. Overcharge Pack: +1 Damage, Clip Size.

Melee Weapon Special Qualities Balanced: +10 to Parry. Unbalanced: -10 to Parry. Defensive:-10 to Attack +15 to Parry. Flexible: Cannot be parried nor used to parry. Mono-Edge: +2 PEN, not primitive any more. Shock: Toughness test (at +10/point of armor); failure = stunned for damage rounds. Tearing: Roll 2 Dice for Damage, pick highest. Power Weapons: 75% to destroy any non-power weapon.


SKILLINCLUYESKILLINCLUYEAcrobatics*ContortionistAwareness-Blather-Charm GamblingChem-use-Climb-Command-CommerceBarter, EvaluateDeceive-Demolitions*-Disguise-Dodge-InquiryInterrogationIntimidateInterrogationInvocation-Linguistics* Literacy & Speak LanguageLogicGamblingLore Common* (see list)Lore Scholastic*(see list)Medicae-Navigation*-Operate*Drive, Pilot (see list)Psyniscience*-Scrutiny-SearchFriskSecurity*-Sleight of Hand-Stealth/ConcealmentConcealment, Silent MoveSurvival*-Trade(see list)Swim-Tame*Wrangling & other usesTech-Use*-Toughness^Carouse

* Advanced // Se puede pagar como basic ( XP) // ^ El atributo, no un skill // Grupos de skills.

Tame: Domar y montar animales, sirve para darles rdenes tambin.

Grupos de Skills

Lingistics High Gothic Hive Dialect Low Gothic Ship Dialect Tribal DialectLore - Common Adeptus Arbites Adeptus Mechanicus Administratum Ecclesiarchy Imperial Creed Imperial Guard Imperium Tech Underworld WarLore - Scholastic Archaic Astromancy Beasts Bureaucracy Chemistry Cryptology Heraldry Imperial Creed Judgement Legend Numerology Occult PhilosophyOperate Ground Vehicle Hover Vehicle Walker Civilian Craft Military Craft SpacecraftNavigate Surface StellarTradeAgri (S) Apothecary (Int) Armourer (S) Artist (Ag) Cartographer (Ag) Cook (Int) Copyist (Int) Dancer (Agi) Embalmer (Int) Mason (Ag) Merchant (Fel) Miner (S) Musician (Fel) Prospector (S) Scrimshawer (Ag) Singer (Fel) Smith (S) Soothsayer (Fel) Storyteller (Fel) Tanner (S) Technomat (Int) Valet (Fel) Wright (Int)

TALENTOSAlgunos skills ya no existen y otros ahora son usos de skills que se ganan pagando talentos y tienen prerrequisitos. stos se pagan al precio de antes pero salen 50XP ms barato. As, si quers tener Ciphers (Underworld) necesits Lore Common (Underworld) de requisito, y el precio es de 50 XP para un Arbitrator y de 150 XP para un Assassin.

Carouse +10/+20: req T 30 [mismo precio] Funciona igual al Carouse original, pero se tira con Thoughness.

Ciphers / Secret Tongue: req Lore relacionado [(precio orig) 50 XP] Acolyte-AdministratumLore Common (Administratum)EcclesiarchyLore Common (Ecclesiarchy)GutterLore Common (Underworld)OccultLore Scholastic (Occult)Secret SocietyLore Common (Underworld)TechLore Common (Machine Cult)UnderworldLore Common (Underworld)War CantLore Common (War)Otros-

Forbidden Lore: req Lore relacionado [(precio orig) 50 XP] Adeptus MechanicusLore Common (Machine Cult)ArcheotechLore Common (Archaic / Legend) CultsLore Common (Occult)Daemonology Lore Common (Imperial Creed)HeresyLore Scholastic (Imperial Creed)InquisitionLore Common (Ecclesiarchy)MutantsLore Scholastic (Imperial Creed)OrdosLore Common (Ecclesiarchy)PsykersLore Scholastic (Occult / Underworld)The Black LibraryLore Scholastic (Astromancy)WarpLore Scholastic (Occult)XenosLore Scholastic (Astromancy / Imperium) Otros-

Lip Reading: req Awareness [(precio orig) 50 XP]

Parry: req Avances de WS de 100 XP [50 XP; si tu carrera tiene el primer avance de WS de 250 XP, entonces parry te sale 100 XP. Si tens de 500, no pertenece a tu carrera]Te permite usar WS para hacer parry (normalmente no se puede).

Shadowing: req Concealment [(precio orig) 50 XP]

Track: req Search [(precio orig) 50 XP](Especial: Los Feral pueden chequear como si tuvieran Search Bsico.)


Si no tens adonde correr (o no te da el movimiento), como alternativa a salir del AoE de un ataque para safar dao pods elegir Esquivar tirndote al suelo. Si lo hacs, recibs dao del arma que impacta en lugar de todo el dao.

Ataque anunciadoCuando se recibe dao crtico tras un ataque anunciado, el dao se va sumando en un TOTAL y en un DAO LOCALIZADO. As, si estando en 0 recibs 3 de dao en una pierna y despus 4 en una mano, recibs el efecto de 3 en la pierna y el de 4 en la mano (en vez de el de 7), y ests efectivamente en -7. El personaje muere cuando recibe un efecto que lo mata o cuando llega a -9 de TOTAL acumulado.

Curacin por Fate Points No pueden usarse ms de 1 vez por evento (combate, desafo, etc.) para curarse. Pueden usarse para curar heridas crticas TOTALES pero NO remueven efectos crticos.Acciones de Ataque de Rango> Single shot (Standard attack) Half Action. Permite ataques anunciados, el uso de miras, y otros elementos que aumenten la precisin Permite apuntar puntos especficos de un objetivo.

> Semi-Auto Burst Full action (pods elegir moverte tu movimiento como parte de la accin pero recibs -20 BS). Mximo alcance de tiro 1/2 rango normal del arma. No permite ataques anunciados ni apuntar. Cada grado de xito suma 1 tiro.

> Full Auto Burst Full Action. AoE en una lneahasta un mximo de 1/2 rango normal del arma. Todos en la lnea de fuego tienen que chequear Agi para safar como si de un flamer se tratase. El orden de chequeos se da por cer