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The files used during our workshop session at LearningLive in Sept 2012


  • 1.for corporationsEssentials for an integrated and effective mLearning strategy

2. Agenda1. Welcome Who we are and what we do2. Mobile Overview Growth of mobile sector What this means for L&D3. Current Scenario for L&D Introduce limitations of mobile delivery to date Demo4. New Scenario for L&D Introduce new scenario for mobile delivery Demo5. New Content Partnership6. Conclusions7. Q&A 3. Introduction 01 4. 01 Introduction 15 years of experience and innovation in the e-learning sector Over 150 employees in a vertically integrated working environment Multimedia design, audiovisual Instructional design, pedagogical design and elaboration of storyboards Software engineering, consultancy and software development Complete learning community management Solutions for: Corporate Academic Publishing 5. 01 IntroductionTechnology ContentServicesInnovation e-learning Catalogue IT consulting Responsiveplatforms Custom Digital content Design Authoring Differentdistribution Multi-devicetoolsmultimedia servicesContent and Virtualformats LearningSW Dev.Classroom community TinCan APImanagement Web 3.0 6. Growth of Mobility02 7. 01 Intro: m-market figures 8. 01 Intro: m-market figures STOP PRESS: 4G launched in 16 UK cities by the end of 2012 9. 01 Intro: the post-PC era 10. 01 post-PC era How many of you are using iPads for work?Particularly compelling is We expect the Apple, for example,that companies can customize consumerisation of IT willannounced in October 11tablets by developingfurther accelerate enterprise that 93 % of Fortune 500function-specific apps to meet tablet sales as well. companies wereworkers needs. deploying or testing iPads.What apps are you using? 11. 01 So is mLearning a reality?* Good Practice The Learning Trends Index, Survey Report 5 (Aug 2012) 12. Current ScenarioDesktop Learning03 13. AUTHORING LIMITED:TOOLS AGILE CONTENT..RESPONSIVE DESIGN MULTI-DEVICE.. CONTENT PROVIDERSSCORMSCORM LMS NO UNPLUGGEDEMPLOYEE NO OFF-LINE LEARNING COFFEE APP 1SCORM APP 2EMPLOYEE APP 3 ADMINISTRATOR LIMITED or NO TRACKING CURRENT SCENARIO DESKTOP LEARNING SCENARIO 14. UnpluggedmLearning 04 15. 04 The new scenario for L&DAt theA LearningofficeCoffeeNew L & D Scenario At home TravellingAt home 16. 04 from Flash to HTML5To date, most of our eLearningcourses are largely developedusing Flash but iPad, iPhone and Android do not support flashHTML5 is the newest and most advanced version of HTML. It is a bigdeal for different reasons:1. It is a cross-platform technology and cheaper2. HTML5 promises to make content and/or the web as rich and interactive as flash and/or native apps. 17. 04 Responsive DesignAllows designers to build onceand deploy across device typesReduce time to get content tousersReduce costs associated withdeveloping content 18. 04 a new concept in content designMobile offers users a new way to getcontent, at point of needContent no longer needs to be courseswith sequential navigationResource based mLearning that allowsthe learner to chose how they consumethe information plucking! 19. LEARNING COFFEEMOBILERESPONSIVE DESIGNCONTENT BACKOFFICE CMS MULTI DEVICERAPIDLEARNINGPLAYER PERMISSIONSSCORM /TINCAN LC MAKERAUTHDOWNLOADRETRIEVE CATALOGAUTHORING+ TINCAN SETTINGSTOOLS (END POINT)ARTICULATE LOGINCATALOGLCUSERNAMESCORMTINCANPASSWORD TRACKING (ONLINE) LRS LMS CONTENT Scorm PROVIDERS LOGIN CloudEMPLOYEETINCAN TRACKING(OFFLINE) SCORM TINCAN TRACKING (OFFLINE)SCORMADMINISTRATOR EMPLOYEEAPP - STOREGOOGLE PLAY BLACKBERRY MICROSOFTSTORE STORELC MOBILELC MOBILE LC MOBILELC MOBILENEW SCENARIOIOS ANDROIDBLACKBERRY WINDOWS MOBILEUNPLUGGED MOBILE LEARNING 20. 04 a new concept in trackingFrustrated by the restrictionsof SCORM?TinCan opens up a world of possibilites when it comes to tracking learning activitieswithin your organisation.Content no longer has to be limited to activities inside the LMS - TinCan allows youto report on any activity, taken online or offline:Mobile learning, simulations, virtual worlds, serious games,real-world activities, experiential learning, social learning,offline learning, and collaborative learning 21. 04 What is TinCan? 22. 04 Activities vs SCOsContent will no longer just be limited to SCOs, and in this respect contentbecomes part of a larger superset that we call activities. Content creatorswill be more like activity providers.The way that content communicates with LMSs changes, as well. The LMSdoesnt need to know that the content or the learner exist until thelearning experience (or other verb) is completed.Ref: 23. 04 LMS vs LRSLRS vs LMS This is a big separation from all traditional e-learning specs. An activitiy (content) lives on its own, outside of the LMS. It is launched outside of the LMS. In fact, an LMS becomes something more like a Learning Record Store (LRS.) LMSs will still play the critical roles that they do today, but content wont need to be delivered only the statement. No more back-and-forth from the content to the LMS, just send a statement to the LRS when the activity is completed. Ref: 24. Content Partnerships Video Arts05 25. 05 Content Partnerships Video Arts Video Arts produces great content, which connects with the users Netex have taken this content and integrated it into their Learning Coffeeconcept: Responsive Design Multi-device Additional Resources Great example of how we can transform existing learning content to meetthe needs of todays modern, mobile worker. 26 courses available by the end of 2012 26. 03 ConclusionEnd User Todays workers require freedom to access content anytime,anyplace multi-device capabilities Freedom to access resources even outside of the box (LMS) Assuming more responsibility on the user, who is now a more mature learner and navigator plucking Learning resources are available from multiple sources Mobile Player Richer and more meaningful learning experiences wich lead to - higher skilled and motivated worforce 27. 03 ConclusionL&D Professional Need to understand the new L&D Ecosystem and the partmLearning is going to play within this mLearning and social learning does not lead to informationgaps TinCan Need to consider as a relevant channel to deliver contentwhilst remaining aware of ID considerations HTML5 A combination of Custom and Off the Shelf mobile (responsivedesign) content is a powerful option to fullfill corporate needs Check LC posibilities Find a good mobile pilot project in your organisation and GOfor it!!