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Presentation by Ed Pippin of Eagle Eye Technology at the June 2014 NFC Forum Tap Into NFC Developer Event.


  • 1. NFC: Making Life Easier Ed Pippin (CEO) Eagle Eye Technology June 17, 2014| Edinburgh

2. We Are Eagle Eye Technology Strategic Software Systems Company Develop Bespoke Platforms for our Clients Use cutting edge technology to provide a competitive advantage Specialise in Mobile, NFC, Payments and Secure Content Distribution Work closely with MasterCard on conceptual demonstrations of NFC Payment Technology 3. Clear Channel NFC 4. Making Bus Stops Interactive Programme to make all Clear Channel bus stops interaction points for consumers Allow consumers to use mobile to access: Enhanced mobile advertising experience across devices Bus Times Third Party Content eg Metro, Amazon Local NFC and QR code make every bus stop interactive UK-wide roll-out completed early 2013 with additional cities added in Q2 2014 5. Skoot, Contactless Payment 6. Making Festivals Cashless NFC payment system for outdoor events On average 500,000 transacted through the system at each event Events are NFC wristband payment only no cash or card payments allowed at concessions Funds added to users account, stored centrally and on encrypted wristband. Secure system with transactions and live online reporting 7. What Next? The most successful services will use NFC to make an existing processes more simple People want everything easier. NFC can do that! BUT Just because you can do it doesnt mean you should Education is slow, solutions must be intuitive We need to remove barriers. We have the technology to give everyone a contactless payment solution on their phone but it still is not available to the general public 8. Thank You! Come and talk to me or my colleagues if you have any questions Ed Pippin (CEO) Email: Web: Tel: 01483 452626