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Slides from a presentation about the No Plastic Bags in New Zealand campaign.


Page 1: No Plastic Bags


No Plastic Bags

Page 2: No Plastic Bags

So what’s the problem

Our society is fundamentally broken

Not enough people are trying to fix it

Page 3: No Plastic Bags

Our Principles

Lots of people doing a little bit of work

Collaborative and Inclusive

Fun and Social

Page 4: No Plastic Bags

Why plastic bags?

Harmful and Unnecessary

Widespread and Visible


Capacity Building

Page 5: No Plastic Bags

The US uses 60,000 bags every 5 seconds

Page 6: No Plastic Bags

Not so good for wildlife

Page 7: No Plastic Bags
Page 8: No Plastic Bags

A few facts

New Zealand uses a billion plastic bags a year

Plastic bags are the second most common marine debris found on beaches.

1/3 of all leather back turtle necropsies since 1968 found ingested plastic bags

Page 9: No Plastic Bags

What we do - Stalls

Page 10: No Plastic Bags


Page 11: No Plastic Bags

Craft Days

Page 12: No Plastic Bags


Page 13: No Plastic Bags

Exciting times

Warehouse to start charging for plastic bags

Page 14: No Plastic Bags

Go Bob Harvey!

Page 15: No Plastic Bags

National day of action

Late April 2009

Stickers, petitions and surveys

Direct pressure on big retailers to charge for bags and give the profits away

Call for government (local & national) to pass ‘no free plastic bags’ legislation

Page 16: No Plastic Bags

Get Involved

Facebook – search ‘no plastic bags in new zealand’

Page 17: No Plastic Bags

A mountain climbers approach

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”-Sir Edmund Hilary

Keep the end goal in site

Break the project into manageable chunks

Knock the bastard off