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We are the manufacturer of packaging materials for pet food packaging and our packaging is air tight and high barrier and suitable for stand up pouches flexible dog food packaging resealable ziplock bags foil bags pharmaceutical packaging pet food packaging tea bags nuts whey protein packaging medical packaging protein powder packaging, coffee packaging sports nutrition packaging in many sizes, color and shapes.


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Author by: Dion Silva

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Apply the seal, and forget itThe flexible packaging is on the hype these days. In the market, where there is just flexible packaging ruling all over. The flexible packaging actually does not make use of the vacuum directly, it removes all the unwanted gases from the packet and then the packet is sealed. This packet at that moment does not contain any sort of unwanted or any outside gas which may affect the product packed in. This becomes its one of the advantage, and also the packed product is locked from the outside environment so the safety is completely made sure. Along with that, the packed product is very easily molded into various shapes easily, this is also one of the advantage of using such packaging.

There are cases, where the product got punchered due to excessive molding or due to the extra weight over it, but the same accident cannot take place in case of flexible packaging. This packaging makes sure of everything, either it be safety or freshness value or even the attractive look, everything is taken care off. All this qualities makes it a very best and comfortable packaging method that can be employed. These days, either it be tea or coffee, sugar or salt, beans or nuts, everything is packed using the same technique. Till now, no major complain has reported but still research is going on to make it even more advanced and successful technique.

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The other most widely accepted packaging technique is making use of the resealable bags. These bags are either made up of plastic or paper or any polymer based product, anything it would be the only major attraction is such bags is the presence of a sealing line on the neck of the bags. These bags actually have the properties of both plastic and paper. If the plastic is used then the same flexibility, high durability and great carrying capacity, while if there is paper then same resistance, biodegradability and many more.

The only thing extra which is only found in such bags is the advantage of locking the product packed inside it immediately after the use. This maintains its freshness, taste and nutrients level in the product, if edible one, and so it can be used precisely till its last spoon or drop. Such resealable bags are also gaining more popularity among the crowd and so the seal is being applied throughout the market also.

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Make a window for bettermentThe world is getting small day by day. Speaking this line does not mean that the world is shrinking or getting rally small in size, it means that the people are covering the areas on land, the area is getting smaller as compared to the population of the crowd. People are not having home or any place, and every where we see is just crowd. Looking at this, the tall buildings and flats concept was inculcated. However, the people are also passing through the recession period also, they are lacking lots of money as the prize of every small item is also touching the sky. Either it be financial problem or the area problem, the reduction is seen everywhere. In simple words, this is the hard time to survive but keeping in mind that adjustment can solve any problem, this problem of recession can also be solved easily.

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The great and biggest affect of recession is seen on the market. The quantity of every edible or non edible item is reduced but the prize has increased almost double. But, when it comes for the packaging, then also the problem is seen widely. The problem such as that is storing and adjusting the big packets

in the small kitchen. This makes the kitchen congested and even not so appreciated by the consumers. Thus, the stand up bags came up with a great appreciation.

This consumes very less space and also is very attractive. The stand up bags can be placed or easily stored in the smallest corner of the kitchen also which completely matches the recession time problem. The people have accepted it with open arms and nowadays, even the liquid products are packed in such pouches. These days, such pouches with slight a bit changes are coming into the market and being experimented.

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One of such experiment was, stand up pouches with oval window. Such pouches also gave a very nice appreciation as the consumers were easily able to see through the packet with the help of that small oval window and check out the packed item. All complains and insecurity regarding the unknown item packed inside the packet was solved by this small window. People were able to check the size,

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color, shape and quality of the item packed inside it very easily. Just with a single peak, all the problems were solved and the same technique is now being used in the medicinal field also.

Coffee needs careThe people have realized the importance of coffee. They have really learned that every sip of the coffee is not just as easy as it seems, every sip is to be earned. And there is nothing wrong even when we say in a laymen language, as coffee is high costing so respecting it along with the care is but natural.

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The coffee manufacturing actually begins from the plant. The fresh seeds of coffee is collected and then processed so that the coffee beans become slight resistant towards the microbial attack and also humidity ratio gets lower. These processed or roasted coffee beans are then moved further on to the packaging department where actually the major role is to be played. The roasted beans actually release carbon dioxide for the maximum time, and if they are packed as it is, then it will be even dangerous. For this purpose, the one way degassing valve was used which allows the fresh air to enter in, along with the removal of unwanted and harmful gases. But, the problem does not end here only.

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There are chances that the coffee packet may get puncher due to any mechanical error or excessive pressure or any other way. This may also lead to the loss and degradation of the fresh coffee. This is the reason that the strong specially made coffee bags are used for the proper and safe packaging of the coffee. These coffee bags are either made of foils, which are very thick and strong, or polymer based product which are also equally strong and efficient. These bags are specially made for the purpose of packaging of coffee only. These days, the coffee is also found to be packed inside the stand up pouches. These pouches are occupying less space and also very attractive but equally very safe and resistant.

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The coffee plants are available in various species and every species has its own specialty, taste, aroma and quality. These are certain species of plants whose beans are found to release the carbon dioxide even after passing through all the necessary steps of packaging. Looking at this, a very essential invention was made by creating the stand up pouches with valves. Such valves not only helped in keeping such beans safe, but also maintained the required environment inside the pouch. All such new inventions are taken for the sake of the consumer requirement and better living; we must encourage such efforts and welcome all the new inventions with open arms.

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