nonprofit insights: the brave new world of engaging skilled volunteers

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In today's connected world, new ways of involving volunteers in your organization's work are popping up all the time. Have you thought about how volunteers with specific skills could help your nonprofit? Join VolunteerMatch and LinkedIn for this Nonprofit Insights webinar about the benefits of engaging skilled volunteers, and best practices for setting up a skilled volunteering program in a strategic way. With 300+ million potential skilled volunteers on LinkedIn alone, connecting with the help you need doesn't have to be time-consuming or scary. We show you how to make the most of the unique partnership between VolunteerMatch and LinkedIn, including real-world examples of how other nonprofits have successfully connected with skilled volunteers via LinkedIn.


  • 1. The Brave New World ofEngaging SkilledVolunteersNovember 19, 2014#vmlearn

2. Who are we?2#vmlearnAlison DorseySocial Impact ManagerLinkedIn@LinkedIn4Goodlinkedin.comShari TishmanDirector, 3. Agenda3#vmlearn Why skilled volunteers? LinkedIn and connecting withvolunteers Working with skilled volunteers Q&A 4. Why skilled volunteers?4#vmlearnImagine what you could doIf time and skills were not an issue 5. Why skilled volunteers?5#vmlearnEngage busy peopleAnd get busy peopleMORE engaged. 6. Preparing for skilled volunteers6#vmlearn1. Make the case internally2. Define needs3. Design project4. Prepare the team 7. Make the case internally7#vmlearnIdentify stakeholders andchampionsCommunicate potential benefits 8. Define needs8#vmlearnWHAT must/should/couldbe done?For WHOM are youlooking? 9. Design project9 Measurable Autonomous Clear expectations!#vmlearnStart small 10. Prepare the team#vmlearn10Train relevant staffManageexpectationsVolunteers are NOTfree! 11. Want more info?#vmlearn11 12. LinkedIn 13. LinkedIn Members 14. First Steps for Nonprofits on LinkedIn1. Create a strong profile2. Build your network3. Create a strong Company Page 15. 151. ProfileAdding a photo makes your profile 7xmore likely to be viewedDescribe who you are andthe goals youre workingtowards at your organization 16. Why connections matter6452. Network110,0001st Degree2nd Degree3rd Degree4,000,000 17. 173. Company PageOver 200k nonprofits have acompany page on LinkedIn 18. LinkedIns Volunteer Marketplace 19. Connecting your VolunteerMatchaccount with LinkedIn Add skills Connect your company page 20. Professionals will see yourpostings through LinkedIn job20recommendationsYour opportunities are sent to interestedmembers through email campaigns and theJobs you may be interested in feature 21. Interested candidates will applyon VolunteerMatch 22. Working with skilled volunteers#vmlearn22 Screening Onboarding And beyond! 23. Screening#vmlearn23Pretend theyre paid.Clear expectations!No means No. 24. Onboarding#vmlearn24MOU/Letter ofagreementSet check-ins andevaluationsFull orientation 25. And beyond!#vmlearn25Track and illustrateimpactShow appreciationCultivate leaders 26. Questions?#vmlearn26Alison DorseySocial Impact ManagerLinkedIn@LinkedIn4Goodlinkedin.comShari TishmanDirector, 27. Next Webinar:How to Socialize YourVolunteer Recruitment withGoogle Ad Grants 3, 2014

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