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Obhoyaronno Brochure 2012


Bangladesh Animal Welfare Foundation


ContentsAbout Us What is Obhoyaronno? Mission & Goals Programmes & Services CNVR Community Awareness Humane Education Obhoyaronno Saturday Pet Clinic Rescue & Rehabilitation 12 14 17 19 23 6 9

Obhoyaronno Team


About Us...

What is Obhoyaronno? Obhoyaronno - Bangladesh Animal Welfare Foundation, a registered non-profit organization is the first and currently the only animal welfare organization in Bangladesh. Since 2009, Obhoyaronno has been fighting animal cruelty and working to create a more peaceful society by widening mankinds circle of compassion. Obhoyaronno believes that animal welfare is imperative to human welfare and should be included in the countrys development agenda. Vision Obhoyaronno envisions a Bangladesh where people recognize the intrinsic value of animals and consistently make choices that demonstrate respect and compassion.




Mission We strive to establish ourselves as a credible and nationally recognized organization, comprised of committed and compassionate individuals and institutions that understand and recognize the importance of animal welfare as part of human welfare and support initiatives that promote that belief. Our 5 year Goals 1. Establish Bangladesh as a no-cull nation by 2015 2. Expand education on animal welfare and rabies prevention program in all divisional cities 3. Implement humane dog population management programs in all 7 divisional cities as a means to control rabies 4. To enable responsible pet ownership through provision of affordable veterinary care 5. To support the government to implement legislation and systems which prevent animal cruelty9


& Services

CNVR (Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return) Programme for Free Roaming Dogs in Dhaka For decades, Dhaka City Corporation killed thousands of dogs all over the city using metal tongs and lethal injections in a vain attempt to control Rabies and dog population. According to the World Health Organization the most effective way to control Rabies is to secure a rabies free dog population through vaccination and sterilization. CNVR refers to the mechanism of Collecting free roaming dogs, Neutering them to control population, Vaccinating them against Rabies and then Returning them to their original location. The treated dogs are marked with an ear notch and permanent tattoo which tell people which dogs have gone through the programme. The aim is to cover at least 70% of the dogs in one ward before moving to the next.


Obhoyaronno set up its first CNVR clinic in Dhaka in January, 2012 with help from Humane Society International, FAO and Dhaka City Corporation. The clinic is equipped with modern surgical equipments, expert staff, trained on modern sterilization surgery from Jaipur, India and loving volunteers. The programme has been well received by the community, especially by those who are from the low income groups and own dogs, but cannot afford vaccination or sterilization.


Community Awareness & Humane Education Community Awareness Decades of mass killing of dogs had a terrible impact on the community. On one hand, many residents of Dhaka still expect the dogs to be removed/killed if there is an incident of dog bite, excessive barking in their area and on the other most are weary of seeing the abuse that their beloved community and pet dogs suffer. Our community awareness programme teaches people the benefits of vaccination and sterilization in terms of preventing Rabies and controlling dog population, engages the existing pet owners to encourage others to adopt street dogs for sustained vaccination and teaches pet owners about responsible ownership.




Humane EducationAccording to government data, of the 2000 people that die from Rabies every year, 65% of victims in Bangladesh are children of 15 and under. These children often unintentionally provoke dog bites and do not seek treatment if bitten. Obhoyaronno is working hard to reverse statistics like these in our community by teaching children how to act safely around dogs and what procedures to follow if bitten. We run frequent education sessions in schools and drop in centres for street and working children - the group that is vulnerable to dog bites and rabies. A typical session includes a powerpoint presentation, puppet shows, a colouring session with a takehome poster, distribution of brochures and a petting session with a friendly Obhoyaronno dog.



Obhoyaronno Saturday Pet Clinic Obhoyaronnos CNVR clinic stays open every Saturday for pet owners to bring in their pets. Our expert veterinarians give special attention and time to each and every patient. Our low cost vaccination, sterilization and treatment attract pet owners from all paths of life and we take special pride in being able to send out the message that owning a pet and veterinary care does not need to be expensive. All income from the clinic goes back to helping the street animals.



Rescue & Rehabilitation Animals fall victim to accidents, injuries and abuse just like humans do. It is our moral duty to extend help to alleviate their suffering as much as we can. We treat and rehabilitate cats and dogs in suffering by providing them with necessary veterinary and foster care and placing them in homes, when possible.

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One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a child is to kill or torture an animal and get away with it. --Anthropologist, Margaret Mead


Obhoyaronno T eam

Obhoyaronno Board of Trustees Founder and Chairman Rubaiya AhmadExecutive Director Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice and Helpcentre (BYEAH), Dhaka, Bangladesh

Vice Chairman Jagdish DuttManaging Director Multitech Advertising Ltd, Dhaka Bangladesh

Treasurer Mahrukh Mohiuddin

Director University Press Limited (UPL), Dhaka Bangladesh

Members Dr. Ajmal Sobhan

Mehnaz FaisalArchitect/Co-founder Khayal & Barakat Ltd

Retired Surgeon, Virginia, USA

Razima Selim Chowdhury

Deputy Director, Senior Lecturer IUB Bangla Language Institute28

Musa Mohammad

Managing Director Subaru International Ltd.

Our CNVR Team Veterinary SurgeonsDr. Abdullah Al Mujahid Dr. Samiul Hoque Dr. Mahmudur Rahman

Para vets

Rabbi, Hasan. Amin, Shorib

Animal Handlers :

Habib, Shojib, Shombhu

Our Paw Soldiers: Rishad Habib - graphics & design I Saiqa Chowdhury - graphics & design II Nabila Basher - cat rescue & rehabilitation Naziha Amin - fine arts & merchandising Antor Dhor - community engagement & childrens education Lusana Anika Masrur - photography, partnering & networking Samayita Khan - government advocacy Soraya Auer - Survey Coordination & Print Media Representation Farzan Mitu - Youth Mobilization.


Our Partners FAO Humane Society International (HSI) Dhaka North and South City Corporation

Our Supporters and Collaboratos World Health Organization Bangladesh UNICEF, Bangladesh Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR), DGHS Department of Disease Control, DGHS Department of Livestock Services Central Veterinary Hospital, Dhaka Advance Animal Science Ltd Ain O Salish Kendro Bitopi Advertising Ltd



Obhoyaronno, Bangladesh Animal Welfare Foundation 780/24 Boshila Road Mohammadpur, Dhaka. e-mail: obhoyaronno@yahoo.com phone: 01718643497 website: www.obhoyaronno.org To Donate, please visit the above location or refer to the bank information below: Account Name: Obhoyaronno Bangladesh Animal Welfare Foundation Account Number: 13211010019616 Swift Code: PRBLBDDH020 Prime Bank Ltd. Banani Branch Address: House No. 62, Block E, Kemal Atarturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka 1213Designed By Saiqa Chowdhury Photography Copyright, Obhoyaronno 2012