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Overview of civic engagement and civic problem solving model developed in Eau Claire through Clear Vision


<ul><li>1. </li></ul> <p>2. Eau Claire WI<br />Civic Action Teams<br /> Building the Civic Problem-Solving Capacity of Community Residents<br />Mike Huggins, ICMA-CM<br />City Manager, City of Eau Claire, WI<br />67,000 residents<br />Located 90 miles east of Minneapolis<br />Council Manager form of government since 1949<br />11 member City Council<br />Regional business center<br />Below average per capita income<br />Lower unemployment<br />Growing university and hospital sectors<br />3. Local Governance Crisis<br />Wicked problems<br />Lack of political will<br />Declining civic problem-solving<br />The biggest problem facing Americans is not those issues that bombard us daily.The crisis is that weas a people dont know how to come together to solve these problems.<br />-Frances Moore Lappe and Paul Martin DuBois<br />4. Declining Civic Problem-Solving<br />Fragmented institutional decision-making<br />Citizens loss of effective problem-solving skills<br />Limited public space opportunities<br />Mystique of professional expertise<br />Formal citizenship paradigm<br />5. Clear Vision Eau Claire<br /></p> <ul><li>2007 citizen visioning initiative </li></ul> <p>6. $40,000 jointly funded 7. Facilitated by National Civic League 8. Partner w/Ctr. for Democracy/Citizenship 9. 6 performance goals/125 priority actions 10. Civic engagement as core strategy 11. Civic organizing framework</p>