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Overview of civic engagement and civic problem solving model developed in Eau Claire through Clear Vision


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2. Eau Claire WI
Civic Action Teams
Building the Civic Problem-Solving Capacity of Community Residents
Mike Huggins, ICMA-CM
City Manager, City of Eau Claire, WI
67,000 residents
Located 90 miles east of Minneapolis
Council Manager form of government since 1949
11 member City Council
Regional business center
Below average per capita income
Lower unemployment
Growing university and hospital sectors
3. Local Governance Crisis
Wicked problems
Lack of political will
Declining civic problem-solving
The biggest problem facing Americans is not those issues that bombard us daily.The crisis is that weas a people dont know how to come together to solve these problems.
-Frances Moore Lappe and Paul Martin DuBois
4. Declining Civic Problem-Solving
Fragmented institutional decision-making
Citizens loss of effective problem-solving skills
Limited public space opportunities
Mystique of professional expertise
Formal citizenship paradigm
5. Clear Vision Eau Claire

  • 2007 citizen visioning initiative

6. $40,000 jointly funded 7. Facilitated by National Civic League 8. Partner w/Ctr. for Democracy/Citizenship 9. 6 performance goals/125 priority actions 10. Civic engagement as core strategy 11. Civic organizing framework