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<ul><li><p>Marathon Freedom Fund SP Fund Fact Sheet Class A - January 2015</p><p>Cumulative performance % (in denominated currency) </p><p> 1 month 3 months 1 year 3 years Since launch Launch date CLASS A 0.00 0.00 -11.59 - 109.71 May 2013 </p><p>Calendar year performance % (in denominated currency) </p><p> 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 YTD CLASS A - - - - -2.82 -1.61 </p><p>Top five holdings (as at 31 January 2015) </p><p> Holdings Sector Region Arch Financial Financial Services UK Apple Consumer Goods Global Wells Fargo &amp; Co Financial US Union Pacific Services US Facebook Inc Technology US </p><p>0</p><p>50</p><p>100</p><p>150</p><p>200</p><p>250</p><p>300</p><p>CLASS A: Investment performance since inception in May 2013</p><p>Minimum Subscription: USD 25,000 Subsequent Investment Minimum: USD 1,000Initial Fee: Up to 5%Annual Management Fee: 2%Performance Fee: 25% (hurdle rate 5%)Dealing Restriction: Experienced InvestorsAsset Manager: Pathway Asset Management Administrator: Trust Admin UKCustodian: JP MorganLegal Advisor: Harneys CaymanAuditors: PKF (Cayman) LtdDealing/ Pricing: MonthlyDealing Day: 1st day of the monthLaunch Date: May 2013Date: 30 November 2014Denominated currency &amp; NAV per unit: USD 220.54SEDOL/ISIN code: KYG674931251</p><p>Fund details and data at a glance</p><p>Olympic Wealth Fund SPC</p><p>050</p><p>100150200</p><p>Jul -</p><p>11O</p><p>ct-1</p><p>1De</p><p>c-11</p><p>Feb-</p><p>12Ap</p><p>r-12</p><p>Jun-</p><p>12Au</p><p>g-12</p><p>Oct</p><p>-12</p><p>Dec-</p><p>12Fe</p><p>b-13</p><p>Apr-</p><p>13Ju</p><p>n-13</p><p>Aug-</p><p>13O</p><p>ct-1</p><p>3De</p><p>c-13</p><p>Feb-</p><p>14Ap</p><p>r-14</p><p>Jun-</p><p>14Ju</p><p>l-14</p><p>Oct</p><p>-14</p><p>Nov</p><p>-14</p><p>CLASS A: Investment performance since inception in July 2011</p><p>NAV (USD)</p><p>22%</p><p>20%</p><p>18%</p><p>11%</p><p>11%</p><p>6%</p><p>6%6% Apple Inc</p><p>Wells Fargo &amp; Co</p><p>Union Pacific Corp</p><p>Facebook Inc</p><p>Avis Budget Group Inc</p><p>Schlumberger Ltd</p><p>Johnson &amp; Johnson</p><p>Micron Technology Inc</p><p>Quoted Equity holdings Private Equity holdings</p><p>73%</p><p>27%</p><p>Arch Financial </p><p>Property</p><p>Portfolio ReviewJanuary was quiet for the fund but the advantage of the fund being a balance portfolio is that whilst some stocks may perform poorly, others are busy and shine. The focus in January for the markets was still the Eurozone and the Greece bailout and what will be the likely outcome of further austerity measures or an outright default. Also weighing heavily on global markets was whether to pursue further sanctions on the Russian economy as a result of tensions in eastern Ukraine. </p><p>There was no trading activity for the month as we played the waiting game. We monitored the earnings season attentively but we did not identify any attractive purchases to be had based on the funds stock selection parameters. That said, Apple continues to be our top performer surpassing the 40% growth barrier. We expect Apple to show significant growth in 2015 as they look to release the iWatch towards the end of March just in time for their 2nd Quarter earnings report. iPhone sales were fantastic over the Christmas season and that momentum is also projected to continue in 2015. </p><p>Over the next quarter we will continue to monitor the global economies along with oil prices. The US stopping its bond buy back and increasing interest rates should have a positive effect on the markets as their economy continues to grow. We will watch the outcome of Greece and their inability to pay back their debt which seems impossible at this stage but also, whether they will continue to be part of the European Union. Oil doesnt seem to be stabilizing just yet, however we know the reason for this decline is excess supply. Therefore in the short term these low prices will always benefit the tax structure of a country that is an importer of oil which is then passed on to the consumer. More disposable income doesnt always lead to increased investment into the markets but it sure boosts the bottom lines of the consumer companies who are poised to take advantage. </p><p>Olympic Wealth Fund SPC is an open-ended segregated portfolio company incorporated in the Cayman Islands, registered number 252081.</p><p>Marathon Freedom Fund SP is a cell company of the Olympic Wealth Company SPC.</p><p>Asset Manager: Pathway Asset ManagementDirect Line: +44 (0) 203 755 3457Dealing Fax: +44 (0) 207 170 4001Email: enquiries@pathwayam.pro Address: Winchester House 259-269 Old Marleybone Rd, London, NWI 5RA</p><p>This fact sheet and the information it contains has been produced by Olympic Wealth Management in conjunction with the Fund Manager, Pathway Asset Management with the aim of providing information to current and prospective investors to the Fund. </p><p>It should be noted that this fact sheet itself, does not represent an offering and should be read in conjunction with the Funds Offering Memorandum which provides detailed information on the Fund including investment type, investment strategy and leverage limits. Please note that past performance does not guarantee future payments and that the value of the income derived from investments may fluctuate up or down and investors into the Fund may not get back their original investment.</p><p>Further information regarding Marathon Freedom Fund SP can be obtained from the Offering Memorandum document available on our website: www.olympicwealth.com</p><p>Investment Objective Marathon Freedom Fund SP is a global, multi-asset Fund that seeks to offer clients the benefits from investment techniques which are typically exclusive to large investment Funds.</p><p>The Fund is a medium risk Fund that aims to provide our clients with capital growth but in a balanced manner.</p><p>This involves the assets being invested in a combination of fixed income securities, mutual funds and selected stocks. The focus is currently on the global market where we believe more opportunities exist with a broader mandate.</p><p>Disclaimer</p><p>Class A: Investment performance since inception in May 2013 </p></li></ul>