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  • What youll find inside: 1. Membership Basics 2. Business Support 3. FAQ (Space use, bookings, membership model, etc.) 4. Meet the Team 5. Link to our Communication Channels 6. Contact Us


    Congratulations, you are now a Hubber!

    40+ local #ChangeMakers in the

    Twin Cities and 85 Impact Hubs globally

    with over 13,000 Hubbers.

    For a Radically Better World

  • hubbers are entrepreneurs, creatives, activists, artists, innovators, professionals,

    advisors, campaigners, investors, students,

    executives, intrapreneurs, leaders, disrupters, thinkers,

    makers, and doers

  • MEMBER-SHIP BASICSWelcome to Impact Hub Minneapolis - St. Paul. Your membership gives you access to all Impact Hubs

    across the globe so get ready to start connecting!

    Locally, Impact Hub is dedicated to co-creating (y)our experience, development, and space. Do you want to organize a peer-to-peer learning group, invite in a thought leader to come share their latest insights or have input for what type of events you want to see in the space? Great, because thats all possible!

  • LETS GOOUR MEMBER WALL + In our entry way, we have a member wall. Get added to our wall in two steps:

    1. Have a host take a photo of you 2. Finish the following statement on the label they will provide you: I am passionate about

    ORIENTATION + Attend an orientation with our hosts to learn where things go, who you can ask for help, and how to take advantage of our community.

    CO-CREATE OUR SPACE + Everything in our space is a product of or informed by our members. Is there something you need? Have a suggestion for how to make the space better? Let us know!


    What tools can you use to create your impact? WORKBENCH: HUB CONNECTORS Every other WEDNESDAY you can join our peer to peer learning group, HUB CONNECTORS. Offering a diverse, need based session where you will get answers to your burning questions, solve a business problem, or explore partnerships and cross-promotional activities, with help from your peers. Email Tom to sign up tom@eckleburgconsulting.com

    WORKBENCH: MENTORS CIRCLE Once a month you can participate in a workbench session, where experts in a variety of fields (legal, finance, funding, impact measurement) support you with more complex questions so you can immediately take next steps to grow your venture fast and efficiently.

    HUB MASTERCLASSES Regular courses offering professional development that works. Designed with the day to day realities of the nonprofit/business sectors in mind, our classes with your busy schedule, maximize the impact of your learning investment, build your network, and focus on the topics you need.


    What tools can you use to create your Impact?

    #CONNECT4IMPACT Monthly events designed to help you network, meet your fellow #hubbers, visit with entrepreneurs and discover new collaborative opportunities. Currently, you can meet members at Sexy Salad, our members lunch at noon the first Wednesday of each month.

    COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE (CoP) Each month we host CoPs at Impact Hub. These are communities convened around a topic/idea with the intention of improving practices, finding solutions, or creatively collaborating. These events include pitch parties, entrepreneurial challenge sharing, panel discussions, and round table discussions. Watch our events calendar to learn more and sign up.



    We believe all voices and perspectives must be invited to the conversation in order to create a thriving and resilient


    RESPECT We honor each others special gifts and

    differences and keep sacred our physical and emotional space.

    RECIPROCITY We value the opportunity to give to our

    community and receive from it.

    TRUST We do what we say we will do. We may

    have different approaches, but we share an underlying positive intention and set

    of values.

    COLLABORATION We believe creative cooperation and collaboration are key to innovative

    solutions and peacemaking.

    AUTHENTICITY We invite the whole person into our

    space and create a supportive environment that allows our true selves

    to emerge.


  • SPACEHow do we use space? {Y}OUR OFFICE + Impact Hub is (y)our office, so you can treat it as such. Together as a community we hold each other accountable to keeping our office representable. Our community hosts are there to support us and show us how everything works.

    + Radical welcoming- help make everyone who walks into the space feel welcome. Its great for your good karma bank!

    GUESTS + Want to show off your new office? Great! Feel free to bring in a guest for a meeting at one of our tables or couches, remember that you are their host and responsible for them in our space. If you would like to offer your guest coffee/tea, donations are appreciated.

    + If you have more than 2 guests or your guest stays more than two hours, we ask you (or your guest) buy a day pass or rent the conference room.

    + Want to bring a guest to work with you for a day? Even better! Members (excluding Connect) can bring a guest for free for up to two hours. You can buy a day pass from the experience curators for $10 for 4 hours or $15 a day should your guest wish to stay longer.


    Want to introduce a potential member? For every new member that you refer, you will receive 10% off your next months membership dues.

    Get 10% off one months membership in 3 easy steps:

    1. Invite a friend to cowork with you one day. Their first 4 hours coworking are free. 2. If they sign up for membership, have them put your name in the referred by section of the form. 3. Sit back and reap the rewards of your good deed. We check referrals and apply rewards on the first of each month.

    Email info@socialimpact.mn if you have any questions.



    CHATTY VS QUIET SPACE When our Red Brick Room isnt used for trainings, we invite members who are looking for a quiet environment to use that space. This is also our dog free zone should you wish to escape our friendly, office dog.

    Our Skyline Room is set up to be more collaborative and is the perfect space for meetings, new connections, and hard work. It is also home to our winners bell.

    Land a new client? Meet a goal? Take a moment to celebrate your achievement with us by ringing the bell!

    PHONE/SKYPE CALLS We are currently planning to build a Skype/phone booth so that members can have quiet, private calls. Until then, we request that you practice self-awareness in your phone calls. If you tend to raise your volume, prefer a speaker phone, or notice members around you are disturbed, youre invited to step into the hall or an empty space to finish your call.


    Space to Rent (member rates) CONFERENCE ROOM Capacity: Up to 12 Some hours are included in our memberships (excluding Connect). Additional hours over your allotment are $15 per hour.

    RED BRICK ROOM* Capacity: Workshops seating 30; Standing room 70 $75 per hour

    SKYLINE ROOM* Capacity: Workshop seating 50; Up to 100 theatre style $200 per hour (after 5pm only and includes fee for hosting)

    *Your room rental includes 30 minutes before and after your event for set up and clean up. Hosts are included in your events until closing time. You may also reserve a projector, and one pump pot of fresh Peace Coffee.

    Reserve a room or inquire about bookings by emailing info@socialimpact.mn.

    We rent our space to non-members as well. Refer a

    friend to rent space and we will give you 10% off your next

    months membership.




    Were excited to start launching a series of perks just for Impact Hub members. We are working hard to add new perks regularly, so stay tuned and check out new perks on this page.

    HOURCAR: A locally based car sharing service.

    Try HOURCAR and get the application fees waived plus $45 of free use for individual memberships.

    Other benefits include: Low rates ($7.50/hour, capped at $40/workday for business members) Fuel and comprehensive insurance included Convenience and flexibility of advance booking 24/7 vehicle availability Trucks, vans, hatchbacks and sedans for one low price

    Email HOURCAR if you have any questions.

    Use Promo code

    impact when you sign up


  • PAYMENTS & CANCELATIONPayment Schedule

    Membership fees for each month are collected on the dayof that month you sign up for membership. Meeting room rentals and other resources are billed upon reservation. Impact Hub may terminate your membership if you do not pay fees or any other chargesdue for your membership, or if you do not abide by any term of the member agreement.

    Refund Policy

    Refunds are up to the discretion of Impact Hub. Unfortunately, Impact Hub does not grant refunds for unused membership hours. Also, be advised that in order to receive a refund in the case that you choose to change your membership level, or if you cancel your membership, Impact Hub requires notice the month before you wish to enact the change. Otherwise, there may be an accidental charge to your account!

    Changing orCanceling Membership

    Please note, all membership level change and membership cancellation requests must be received by the end of the monthprio


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