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2. Headquartered in redwood city, California Second largest software maker by revenue after Microsoft Founders- Larry Ellison, Bob Miner, Ed Oates. Products include hardware systems, Database management systems, and enterprise software products. 3. Revenue 2013-37.18 billion us$ Founded- 16th June 1977 Employees-122,458 Notable Acquisitions People Soft Sun Microsystems I flex 4. Data Base Products Applicatio n Based Products 5. Oracle Database appliances Data Warehousing Storage Management Database Security Database Cloud Big Data 6. Financials Project Portfolio Management Procurement Government Risk and compliance Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud Oracle E- Business Suite Primavera Oracle financial cloud Oracle E- Business suite Oracle Fusion financial Peoples Soft Financial Managemen JD Edwards Enterprise One Supply Management PeopleSoft Supplier Relationship Management Risk & Financial governance Performance & Operational Controls Access & Segregation of Duties Controls 7. Known for :- Major implementation solutions to manufacturing companies. Open/Proprietary:- Its based on ABAP. It is difficult to maintain/get or retain an ABAP resource. Product Architecture:- There is a architectural changes in R/3,Business one & All in One. The up gradation from either of the one version is not possible. In case of migration the customer has to buy new licenses & re-implement it. Product upgrades:- Upgrade from 4.6 to 6.0 is not free. Licensing:- SAP offers license with respect to professional users, limited professional users, employee users, developer users. Known for :- Major implementations done in service industries, BFSI etc. Open/Proprietary:- Oracle follows open standards-JAVA. There are lot more JAVA workers then ABAP. Hence TCO Is lower here. Product Architecture:- Only one version is available to the customers , its Oracle Ebusiness Suite. Product upgrades:- Product upgrades are free. Licensing:- It offers only Named user type licenses in bundled form. 8. Product Bundling:- Only core modules are offered. Databases would be extra. Database support:- It supports Oracle, DB-2, Max-DB, MS SQL and other database versions. Middleware:- Its middleware is called NetWeaver. Accelerators( Fasten the effort & reduces timelines and effort):- SAP offers All In One Fast Start. BI:- SAP offers Business objects & SAP AP NetWeaver Business Intelligence. Product Bundling:- Oracle 11g Database comes bundled with the Oracle apps licenses. Database support:- It works on Oracle database and up to some extent on Microsoft SQL. Middleware:- Its middleware is called as fusion middleware. Accelerators (Fasten the effort & reduces timelines & effort):- Oracle offers Oracle Business Accelerators. BI:- Oracle offers DBI (Daily Business Intelligence), OBIEE, BI apps & oracle hyperion. 9. STRENGTH Best of the breed product suite through various acquisitions Strong talent pool Monopoly in enterprise databases Technological Innovation WEAKNESS Even after so many acquisitions, oracle is still perceived as a database and tools company and not an applications/ERP company by many Highly Leveraged from acquisitions Longest implementation duration OPPORTUNITY Highest selection rate when short-listed Fast growing market of ERP. THREATS Integration issues due to aggressive acquisitions 10. Enterprise Resource Planning The Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud is an integrated suite that transforms your back office into a collaborative, efficient, and intuitive hub. Supply Chain Management Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud offers a unique, information-driven approach that helps companies achieve value chain transformation. Applications Product Lines Oracle offers more than ten product lines, including Oracle -E-Business Suite, - Primavera, - PeopleSoft, - Eloqua. Each product line is designed to meet specific business needs such as sales, enterprise resource planning, and commerce. 11. Enterprise Performance Management Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud gives finance and planning executives cloud-based performance management systems composed of best-in-class, enterprise-grade applications. Human Capital Management Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud helps you realize the full potential of your employees by providing the essentials of talent management, social relationship management, and global human resource functions. Industry Applications Oracle's industry solutions are best-in-class products that address complex business processes relevant to a wide range of industries. Oracle's solutions speed time to market while reducing costs. 12. Oracle Corporation has played an integral role in the movement, offering low-cost database management and aims to capture over 90 percent of the database market in 2020. 2008 Oracle 14m provides inter-instance sharing of RAM resources. All Oracle instances become self-managing. 2010 Oracle 16ss introduces solid-state, non-disk database management. 2011 Oracles Larry Elision finances the Worldwide Internet Identification Database, requiring non-anonymous access and reducing cybercrime. Ellison receives the Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian efforts. 2016 Oracle 17-3d introduces the time dimension to database management, allowing three-dimensional data representation. 2018 Oracle starts manufacturing IAs for $50 each, replacing PCs and making the Internet available everywhere in the world. Elision becomes the worlds first trillionaire.