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The designers also have a set of responsibility themselves. That’s also applied to Manufacturers and Suppliers. That is to carry out or arrange for the carrying out of such testing and examination as may be necessary for the performance of the duty imposed on him; and to take such steps as are necessary to ensure that there will be available adequate information about the results of any relevant test which has been carried out on and about any condition necessary to ensure that it will be safe and without risk to health when properly used. Note that a penalty will be implemented if a person wronged the provisions and a fine at maximum RM 20,000 or imprisonment less than 2 years


Hazard in an engineering definition is a substance that is likelihood to cause an injury in a certain environment or situation. Hazard is a potential of substance to cause damageSafety in simple terms means freedom from the occurrence of risk or injury or loss. Industrial safety refers to the protection of workers from the danger of industrial accidents.For the Industrial hazards instead, may be defined as any condition or substance created by industries that may cause injury or death to personnel or loss of product or property.Risk is measure of probability that harm will occur under defined conditions of exposure hazard.In some industrial plants, by the nature of their activities and the substances they use, constitute hazards which are all the greater when they are located to residential areas for these and their residents are particularly exposed in the events for accidents.


The wires are not placed correctly and also scattered wire will cause some person to trip and fall down. This will injure the person because depending on where the tripping will happen people will somehow broke their wrist or damage their body because one will never know where the tripping will happenedImprovementThe wires must be kept tidy at all times

Sometimes the fire extinguisher was placed under the table. This is happened because some workers there paid no attention about fire extinguisher and place them anywhere they feel comfortableIt also has no proper ventilation of air around it and obstruct the passageway and gangwayImprovementPlace the object near the wall

The place was also crowded and the trash was everywhere. When they cut something the unused part were thrown away nearby. There is no proper place to throw the trash. The trash were everywhere.

ImprovementPlace every trash into a proper place

One of the things is that the parts are not placed in the right way. For example the tray for bolts ae sometimes used for another. Some even put their mobile phone one of those tray and leave it there.

ImprovementsUse space given efficiently to maximize comfort

One of the hazard is the placement of future on higher level than personnel. Thus making another potential accident to the worker. It would be devastating if those chair falls

ImprovementsAn obstruction at the end of the walkway must be installed

In some places the hazard is completely nonexistent. It also have proper lighting and air conditioning

It`s also noted that the air conditioning, some of them are, not cleaned and way past their maintenance date. Some of the fan also collected dust that is also a hazard

ImprovementsUse of periodic maintenance to the air conditioner

Next is hazard that come from a ceiling. The picture shows an unassembled ceiling. It has happened a long time ago but might happened when those ceiling might falling down due to is defect and it`s unable to lock those never assembled back. The accident ceiling together

ImprovementsThe ceiling must be closed without regards to saving companies budgets

The higher level of workspace can be also a hazard and there no way for personnel to hold on to something in case of a situation where people have difficulty balancing themselves and fell on level higher.

A case of another unkempt workplace in the factory. Those sharp edges of the pair of steel that hold the barrel together can be a hazard.Combined with those wires on the floor the potential damage done can be greater

ImprovementsRemove the sharp object or displace them somewhere else

On the left is also a serious case of unkempt workplaces. The chair that used like desk and table. These workers here dont have a proper table and a lot of things were assembled here like mineral bottle, cans and glue.

ImprovementsExtra effort needed to maintain tidiness

This factory also never paid enough attention to a defect in notice sign. The adhesive part of a sign has worn off as shown and it might fall at any time. Its also makes it harder to read and the companies polices of caring for its workers can be questioned

ImprovementsThe sign must properly glued

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