overcoming reentry barriers

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Presented by: Jon Cordeiro New Name Ministries

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Overcoming Reentry barriers. Presented by: Jon Cordeiro New Name Ministries. ORB’s. Overcoming. Conquer Problem transitive verb to struggle successfully against a difficulty or disadvantage. reentry. Entering again the act of entering again Repossession of land - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Presented by:Jon CordeiroNew Name Ministries

  • Conquer Problemtransitive verb to struggle successfully against a difficulty or disadvantage

  • Entering againthe act of entering againRepossession of landcommercial law: the repossession of land or other real-estate property under the terms of a previous agreement, e.g. where the terms of a lease have not been complied withTaking of lead in card gamecard games: in some card games such as bridge, the regaining of control by taking a trick, or the card played to take the trick

  • Structure blocking accessa structure such as a fence that is intended to prevent access or keep one place separate from anotherSomething that obstructssomething that obstructs or separates, often by emphasizing differencesImpatience can act as a barrier to learning.Limit or standardsomething considered to be a limit, standard, or boundary

  • Like it or not, your in a raceThe time to prepare for the race is before, not after the gate opens

  • Get a vision and run with itKeep your eye on the goal ahead of you

  • Dont look back, it slows you down Breath, relax, pace yourselfEnjoy the journeyCelebrate dailyBe Thankful

  • By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Ben Franklin

    Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning. Gloria Steinem

  • Your Success is Your Responsibility

    Dont wait for others to tell you what to doAsk questionsTake initiativeTurn obstacles into opportunitiesStop blaming others Remember, good is enemy of bestSurround yourself with positives

  • With Order Comes Increase!

    Make your plan and work it!Log your activities, including time spentKeep track of all contacts names, dates, notate discussions, ideas and results

  • Who you know is sometimes more valuable than what you know

    Reach out to old contacts and newFocus on areas of interest and abilities

  • Persistence overcomes resistance!

    Often the greatest resistance we meet is within ourselves.Any progress toward the goal is still measurable and meaningful to results

  • Throughout the process review plans, activities and progress regularlyconsider an accountability partner for outside insights and reality checksTweak as needed

  • Temporary arrangements can make a permanent differenceLocation can make a big differenceWho you hang with can help you out or hang you out to dryConsider all possibilities and their impactDont let lack of funds keep you from applying - better to apply early than later

  • Caution! Emotional mines and ambushes Standing on your own doesnt mean being aloneYour kids need you stabilized firstRejected? You can start or join a new familyRelationship prior to restoration is dangerousKeep your priorities straightGive others time to see and accept new youFriends are the family you get to pick

  • Locate close to alternative/public transportation this might limit job opportunities but, getting a job is a startCreate a working budget for starting and future transportation needs think economyFind someone knowledgeable to help with the process of selecting and purchasing a vehicle. Always have a reputable mechanic look it over before negotiating or buyingMake it legal include uninsured motorist coverage and renters insurance

  • If you took one-tenth the energy you put into complaining and applied it to solving the problem, you'd be surprised by how well things can work out... Complaining does not work as a strategy. We all have finite time and energy. Any time we spend whining is unlikely to help us achieve our goals. And it won't make us happier. Randy PauschA positive attitude from you tends to produce a positive attitude toward you. Deborah Day

  • PerspectivesYoure not alone others competingTurn failures into valuable life lessonsPromote loyalty as reward for opportunityTurn set backs into comebacks Let employers know you have less time to put in for retirement no time to fool aroundEvery no is one less closer to your YES!Always thank employers for their time and consideration, ask for referral to another job

  • PreparationUtilize reentry services case managers Create multiple target resumesInclude all employment skills (even prison)Minimize employment gaps with related activities (prison jobs, education, etc)Do mock face to face interviews and callsTarget areas with multiple opportunities for making applications and getting interviewsConsider transportation issues

  • ProcessUtilize old and new networks (registries too)Maintain tracking for follow up and sharingPursue face to face contacts first, on line later, unless requested by potential employerDress for success, firm handshake, make eye contact, use contacts name in conversationShow up early and ready to go to work (daily)Target small businesses for easier accessRemember your past hasnt defined you, its refined you!

  • Your job, until you find a job, is to find a jobYour job is not who you are, its what you doFind a job you love, youll never work againYour job is the best resource for a new job

    "It is never too late to be what you might have been. George Elliot

    ORBs - Overcoming Reentry Barriers, This picture highlights several important elements related to the process of reentry. The mountain in the background represents past experiences that are behind you and that can now be viewed with different eyes and understanding, offering a vantage point for future exploits. Previous endeavors become a foundation for building a foundation for the future and creating victorious strategies.*I hate running, but the analogy of running a race, a marathon if you will, is pretty close to the endeavors of real life. We are in a dress rehearsal for our destiny and need to practice and pay attention to our part. *What you focus on is what youll gravitate to in time. The more focused, the more likely to achieve victory! Those who write their goals out are far more likely to succeed or exceed their goals.*Looking back over your shoulder while running can take you out of the race in a hurry. If you are doing your best then it doesnt matter where others are in their race. *The best way to keep God laughing is by making plans! Dont let what you cant do get in the way of what you can do. If you say its impossible, your probably right, for you.*Put yourself on a negativity fast for two weeks and see if others notice, better yet, see if you notice! Finding yourself surrounded by negativity, seek out positives: good books, journaling, reentry planning/development, networking you can do it!*Excell can be a great tool for tracking. If unable to use Excell get a notebook with sections and set it up accordingly. You can never over prepare!*Contacts use discretion on old contacts, sometimes general inquires to organizations and agencies that serve the community one is returning to can create a bridge to resources not publically known. Relationships start when we reach out and connect. Dont focus on those who chose to reject your invitation to engage, celebrate the ones that do. When you get out, be sure to call them and visit them personally if possible. Dont over kill contacting folks but be consistant so your name is familiar enough that when you call upon release your not a complete stranger.*Daily progress can often seem miniscule and meaningless, every piece to the puzzle counts in the end.*Unfortunately anyone who has been incarcerated has some form of institutionalism thats taken place. Having the help of someone who is oriented and processing free world matters without the prison culture filters will prove to be beneficial.*Dont listen to prison fairy tales about government money paying for your rent. If dealing with residency restrictions be hones with landlords, use registry to locate addresses where other registrants are living (clusters). Lower middle class neighborhoods less likely to be NIMBY oriented.*Returning to familiar faces and surroundings can be comforting but they can also be triggers leading to relapse or enabling of unchanged areas of our life needing to develop. You can include your family in your reentry process from a distance and have the best of both worlds.*In the beginning its better to save money using public transport at a lower paying starter job then going in to debt for a vehicle with the stress of making payments. Starter jobs are the vehicle that show your dependable and trustworthy and lead to The Job where you can afford the nice wheels and the added pressure of debt if necessary.*"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not." Author Unknown*Complaining is a cop out its saying you dont want to be responsible and need to treated like a child and not an adult. It not only sucks the life out of you, but everyone else around you. Practice being and looking for positives in everything and everyone, its a lot more fun for everyone.*The only bad mistake is the one we dont learn from. Ex offenders can have clearer line of vision related to consequences for poor choices; using their past to propel them toward overcoming and making good changes been there done that!*Case managers can hook you up with resources for numerous needs, benefits and job leads. Consider industrial and business parks on a bus line to utilize time and travel issues.*Sex Offender Registries often will list place of employment indicating openness to all offenders. Be sure when creating a tracking system that you note which resume you submitted. On line applications need to be followed up, repeatedly with calls to the companies HR department.*You can overcome, its your choice!*